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Migrating Magento Username & Password to Shopify

Are you trying to migrate your Magento store to Shopify but got stuck on how to move or migrate your current customers' accounts (users & passwords)? Well, you are not the only one facing this issue, hundreds of Magento users are afraid to take the migration step because they don't want to ask their customers to create new accounts on Shopify or reinvite them to create new accounts.

Luckily, Webinopoly engineers figured our a solution and here is how it works step by step:

1- We will create a private app for your new Shopify store.

2- We will load all your Magento users (Name, Emails) into the private app database. 

 3- We will code the Shopify login page in a way where if the user exists in the database we created in step 2 (basically if the user is an old Magento user) we will automatically send them an email to reset their password and activate their Shopify password. This way, the user will only reset his password which happens on most of the sites and doesn't show red flags. 

4- Once the user activates their account we flag their account on the private app database (step 2) this way the next time they come to Shopify and sign in they are recognized already as a Shopify user. 

5- If a customer is a new user & their user/pass doesn't exist in the private app database (step 2) then we are pushing them to register directly, this basically means that the customer is new & they were not on Magento before. 


Right now most of the store owners who migrate to Shopify from Magento sends a mass email asking their customers to create new passwords on the new Shopify website, which shows a lot of red flags because customers will think that the website has been hacked and their passwords were compromised. 

The benefits of this private app are it allows Magento users to sign in to Shopify without noticing that the Store has done a migration from Magento to Shopify and it is on a customer to customer basis, so it works only if the customer comes to the website and tries to sign in. 

For more info, please feel free to call us at 713-805-5888 or request a free consultation and we will be more than happy to explain this in more details. 


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