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Migrate From Wix to Shopify

While there's nothing wrong with Wix, it's not exactly tailored to meet the needs of businesses that plan to scale in the long run. As a result, you're likely to find your site slowly starting to buckle under the weight of new customers and sales as you grow. As you see, Wix may be a great option for any business that's just starting out, but it's not a viable option if you want to grow into a bigger business.

So if you're seeing steady growth and are realizing that Wix is about to buckle under pressure, then you may be considering making a switch from Wix to Shopify. In this article, we'll walk you through everything there is to know about. migrating from Wix to Shopify.

Comparing Wix vs Shopify

The first thing you need to know is that Shopify and Wix are two very different platforms. Wix has a focus on ease of use and convenience; it's simple to create a store there, but then you're stuck with everything they have pre-built. By contrast, Shopify provides you with the tools and features that are necessary to build a successful online store.

While Shopify 100% allows for DIY installation, there is nothing easier than using their smart, responsive themes to customize the appearance of your store. However, if you want to create a truly unique on-brand experience for your customers, then you should consider creating your own theme or hiring someone like the Shopify experts at Webinopoly to do it for you!

For instance, our Shopify theme experts like Webinopoly have in-depth knowledge of everything there is to know about Shopify themes. We can tell you all about the pros and cons of using existing themes or developing your own, as well as get you started with your project, guiding you through each step of the way.

The bottom line is that both Wix and Shopify have their benefits. Ultimately, choosing one over the other comes down to what your business needs at this point in time. Let's compare those features and benefits below.

Ease of Use

There's no denying that Wix is one of the most accessible platforms to use for running a business. However, the challenge comes when you think about implementing an eCommerce solution with your business. On the other hand, Shopify takes a bit to set up but is an excellent option for companies that want to grow into serious brands.

That said, Shopify's not really that difficult to use or set up either. Despite its robust features, you can get a site up and running in no time. However, if you want your site to look far from generic, then as mentioned before you should consider developing your own theme or hiring a Shopify agency like Webinopoly to help you.

We understand that not everyone has the capacity to design their own theme. However, our Shopify theme experts have years of experience creating customized themes for our clients and can do the same thing for you.

Template Design and Customization

The next thing you need to know is that Wix templates are pretty generic and out of the box. If you want non-boring, customized templates for your eCommerce site, you need to hire a designer or a branding agency  who can make that happen for you.

If you're interested in hiring a Shopify theme designer, then look no further than our team. We have experience working with a wide range of clients and can create a custom Shopify themes that gives your store a unique, on-brand look.

We've created tons of Shopify themes for our clients, both big and small. Take a look at our portfolio  to review  some of the sites we've made in the past.

Ultimately, knowing what you want before you even start designing can make things a lot easier for you. But, of course, we recommend that you have a clear picture of what you want from the beginning so that there are no surprises later on.

With that said, our experts do offer free consultations so that you can get to know us better before you sign on the dotted line or hire us on a one-off basis. If you want to discuss your project with us, then please don't hesitate to contact our team today.

Unique Functionality

Since Wix is meant for anyone looking to open an online store, it comes with prebuilt features that might not be in line with what your business actually needs. That said, you can always get rid of these features and replace them with your own.

Shopify, on the other hand, is a customizable content management system. This means that you can design your site exactly how you want it to look and feel. And the best part is that if you wish specific functionality to be included on your site, you can add it yourself by using some of their apps from their ecosystem or hire a Shopify developer to customize it for you!

This is where our team comes in again. We have experience with custom themes that come with a wide range of features. So we can guide you through the decisions you need to make regarding which features will be included on your site and how they'll work.

As Shopify experts, we can tell you everything there is to know about various platforms, including Magento, Woocommerce and more. If you're interested in learning more about our expertise, then don't hesitate to reach out.


If your business is just starting out, you may not want to deal with security concerns at an early stage. However, as your business grows, you'll need a platform that can keep up with the pace of growth. We have access to the features that are included in our themes. However, we also have the expertise to custom-build a theme that works perfectly for your business and looks impressive.

Thus, if you're looking for a Shopify expert who can custom-build a theme that matches your needs exactly, then look no further than our team.

Pricing and Costs

While the pricing differences that you'll see between Wix and Shopify can certainly be attributed to the size of your business, you can also attribute them to the sophistication of your marketing strategy.

For example, Wix gives you a free domain name. However, it's important to remember that hosting is included in the price of whatever plan you're on. This means that once you register for an account with them, there's nothing more to pay for.

Then, you need to think about how much you'll spend on a Shopify theme. If your business is just starting out and doesn't have much to spend on a theme, then just know that you're going to get what you pay for. However, it is a big commitment. But we always like to stress that scaling your business isn't cheap. And if you do find a cheap solution, then you likely won't be able to experience the full potential of what your business has to offer.

Costs are important because they directly relate to the features available on your site. If there are features that you don't need on your site, then you may be better off with Wix. After all, it's free and comes with more accessibility options than Shopify.

eCommerce Capabilities

Shopify comes with more complex benefits because it's a fully-fledged eCommerce platform. However, if you're just starting out and don't have a lot to spend, then Wix is a fantastic option for you. While these platforms require some investment up front, you'll be able to see your business grow thanks to greater accessibility.

Of course, it's also important to understand that Wix doesn't have the same capabilities as Shopify when it comes to creating an eCommerce site.

Thus, if you're looking for a more professional platform that's able to scale with your business needs, then Shopify is your best option. If you're interested in learning how it works and what it can do for your business, then we encourage you to take a look at our Shopify theme page today.

They say that knowledge is power, and we agree 100%! At Webinopoly, there are no secrets between our team and our customers. We're here to help you achieve your eCommerce goals, and we're always here to answer any questions that you may have.

Payment Options

Shopify offers much more in terms of payment options compared to Wix. This means you'll be able to give your customers more options for how they can pay for their purchases.

While Wix does have payment options, it's important to note that you don't have access to the most advanced payment gateways. This means you may find yourself dealing with different payment gateways depending on the country of your customers.

But Shopify has all the most popular options available to integrate, like PayPal and Stripe. This means that you'll be able to handle things like deposits and withdrawals by hand without having to worry about payment gateways.

If you want something more convenient, Shopify also has Shopify Pay, which significantly cuts down the cost of payment transactions.

Shipping Options

Shipping your products to your customers can be difficult. However, if you're just starting out and don't have the budget to pay for shipping options, then this is something you should think about.

While there may be some integrations available for Wix's shipping options, you'll need to rely on external tools if you want to ship products from your site. This can be a hassle if you're trying to scale your business without spending money on shipping options included with Shopify's themes.

However, if you're only selling digital products (like an e-book or even an online course), then Shopify's shipping options aren't as important.

Shopify has a handy feature that integrates with shipping apps to give you accurate shipping estimates right from the dashboard. But, again, this is something that you won't find with Wix themes.

Marketing Features

If you don't want to spend money on marketing tools, then Wix may be a good fit for your eCommerce site. However, if you want to scale your business with marketing features and mobile apps, Shopify is a better option.

Shopify has a robust list of plugins you can use to supercharge your eCommerce site with subscriber sign-up forms, social media buttons, and even more. This allows you to market your business in the best way possible, which will help you attract more customers and make more sales.

Beyond that, Shopify also gives you access to tons of marketing tools like its robust analytics dashboard. This will help you better understand customer behavior, track marketing, and measure everything that's going on with your business.

Security Is Key

If you're concerned about your eCommerce site's security, Shopify is a much more secure platform than Wix.

There are some billing emails that you can't control. But this isn't something that you should be worried about with Shopify since it protects all of your customer information and keeps it safe from hackers.

This goes for everything from purchases to keeping your customer data secure. After all, Shopify is much more secure and will help you avoid situations where fraud can occur. This means you won't have to be as concerned about situations that could put your business at risk.

Besides that, Shopify provides multiple security options to help you keep your site secure no matter what. But, again, this is something that you don't have with Wix themes.

Shopify also has access to a broader range of payment gateways than Wix themes. This includes things like cryptocurrency and various other payment methods that your customers will find much easier to use than using a bank account or credit card.

But beyond that, Shopify also offers two-factor authentication which gives you an extra layer of security. This helps you keep your site safe, and it's an option that's usually only given to high-scale eCommerce sites.

The App Store

This is one of the most powerful features that Shopify offers that Wix does not.

Shopify's App Store is great for eCommerce purposes since it allows you to build your site around apps that are tailored to your business needs. This includes things like being able to customize shipping options, being able to work with multiple payment gateways, and even more.

While you can use some of the apps that are available for free with Wix themes, Shopify is much more powerful and will give you access to tools that can truly supercharge your business.

Customer Support

When you're running a business, you don't have time to waste. If there are problems with your eCommerce platform, then you want to know that you can get them resolved as soon as possible.

While Wix does have customer support, some of the staff don't have a lot of experience with eCommerce sites. This means that whether you're dealing with support staff or developers, solving issues may take longer than what's ideal for your business.

With Shopify, you have access to a large number of experts and developers who are available 24/7 to solve any issues that you may have. This means that you'll have access to more experienced staff who can help you get things fixed as soon as possible.

Wix does have help available for users who are on a limited budget. However, if you're looking for more options and features for your eCommerce site, then Shopify is a much better option.

While there isn't an extra benefit to using Shopify's themes, the company's staff is unmatched when it comes to the software they've built.

Shopify has plenty of programmers and designers on staff who will work behind the scenes to provide you with access to everything you need.

Google Vitals

Another important aspect of online success is search engine optimization. A search engine-friendly online store can assist you in being found for the right keywords and attracting the right customers to your website.

Shopify offers you a few different SEO tools and options that can help you optimize your online store for search engines. This can help you increase your online voice and attract more traffic to your website.

However, if you're trying to build a genuinely SEO-friendly site, then it's best to use Shopify themes that are made with SEO in mind. Keep in mind that not all Shopify themes are SEO-friendly, so you may need to hire someone who can help you achieve this goal.

For example, our Shopify website experts at Skeo Design offer Shopify SEO services to ensure your website gets found by search engines.

How to Choose Between Wix and Shopify

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when deciding on whether to use Wix or Shopify. As a rule, here are a few reasons why you should choose Wix over Shopify:

You're not looking to build a site that looks great - Wix is good for creating fundamental websites and sites with a low budget.

You're looking to create a simple site that doesn't need too much customization - If you don't need any customization and just want a different way of displaying products and details, then Wix is probably a good choice.

You don't have a lot of money - Wix is an excellent option for those who are looking for something that is cheap and easy to use.

Now, here are some reasons why you should choose Shopify over Wix:

  • First, you need more customization options - Shopify offers hundreds of design options and templates to allow you to create a unique online store. This is why it's an excellent platform for anyone who needs more customization options.
  • You're looking to build a more advanced site - If you want to create a site that's more complex and needs more customization, then Shopify is the best option for you.
  • You want to build a complex eCommerce website - If you want to develop a truly advanced and custom eCommerce store, then Shopify is the best choice for you.
  • You want something that's search engine optimized - Wix is great for creating basic and easy-to-use sites. However, if you're hoping to make your site more search engine-friendly and SEO-ready, Shopify is the way.

Both Wix and Shopify can help you create beautiful and powerful eCommerce sites when it comes down to it. The key is to look at your needs and what you plan to build with each platform.

Shopify is best for anyone who wants something very customizable or wants to build a truly advanced eCommerce site.

How to Migrate from Wix to Shopify

If you're currently using Wix for your eCommerce business, switching over to Shopify can be complicated. However, there are some steps that you can take to make the process easier and quicker.

Here is a guide that will show you how to migrate from Wix to Shopify:

Step 1: Create a Shopify Website

The first thing you need to do is create a website on Shopify. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Create a Shopify Account - If you're using a Wix website, then you'll need to sign up for an account on Shopify. Here is how to do this:
  2. Signing up for a free Shopify account is easy and only takes a few minutes of your time.
  3. Tailor Your Home Page - After you sign up for an account, you'll need to customize your Shopify store's home page. You can choose from a premade layout or create a completely unique home page for your online store.
  4. Add New Pages - To add new pages to your Shopify store, you can use the Add New Page feature. Here is how to do this for your online store:
  5. Import Your Data - Next, you'll need to import your Wix data to Shopify. If you have data on your Wix site, then you'll need to transfer it over to Shopify. If you want to earn sales from your Shopify site, you must transfer your content correctly from your Wix store. You may also utilize the sidebar to manually add the content, specifications, price, and SEO variables for your products. This technique is appropriate if you have a restricted amount of goods.
  6. Take a Look at Your Results - To check that the export was successful, look over each page one by one and ensure that all of the information was delivered. Fill out more detailed product descriptions, ensure that all product fields are fully stated, and replace any that are missing. Spend some time here. Using an application, you may keep track of your online store's product availability and supply.

Step 2: Transfer Your Domain Name

Next, you'll need to transfer your domain name. Ideally, this step should take less than 15 minutes. Here's how to do it:

Transferring Wix Domain to Shopify

If you're using a Wix website, then you'll need to transfer your domain name to Shopify. Here's how to do it:

In this guide, you'll learn how to move your Wix domain name to Shopify without sacrificing your search engine rankings. 

  • Make sure you're logged into Wix. Then, go to the "My Domains" page. 
  • Click on "Advanced," then click on the "Transfer away from Wix" tab. If you own more than one domain, choose the one you want to move. 
  • e-mail the EPP code to yourself. Remember that if you bought your domain name from Wix less than 60 days ago, you won't be able to move it to Shopify. 
  • Specify how the Shopify domain will be transferred. After you send an inquiry, the migration will be done in 7 days. 
  • Before you start selling through your Shopify store, make sure that all of the settings are correct. They deal with payment, shipping, and tax options. You can check them in the Shopify dashboard.

Transferring Your Own Domain Name to Shopify

If you bought your own domain name outside of Wix, you can either move it to Shopify or link it to your new account so that it moves to your new website. To move your own domain to Shopify, follow the steps below. 

  • Before you start the process of moving your domain name, check your domain name provider's policy. 
  • You can do this in the settings of your domain name provider account. 
  • You'll get a code that you can use to move the domain name.
  • Make sure you're in the "Online Stores" section of the Shopify admin panel. Then, click on the "Domains" tab. 
  • Select "Transfer in your domain" from the drop-down menu under "Connect an existing domain," and then click "OK." 
  • When you're done, click the "Next" button. Once you get the "Domain unlocked" message, your domain name can be moved. Finally, click "Next." 
  • There should be a confirmation message in your email. Then, you're done! To buy and move your domain name, click "Buy and Transfer." Then, enter the EPP authorization number you got from your domain name provider. Check your email one more time to make sure that the money was sent. 

If you follow the instructions above, the transfer will be done in about 20 days. Shopify will send you an email when the process is done.

Connecting a Personal Domain to Shopify

If you want to use your domain name with Shopify, you don't have to move it to a new place first. You'll be able to set up your domain name, renew it, and pay for it this way. Here are the steps you need to follow to link your Shopify domain name to your account. 

  • Your customers will be able to find your Shopify store if you add your own web address to it. Make sure you are in the "Online Store" section of the Shopify admin panel. Then choose the "Domains" tab from the drop-down menu and click it. "Connect an existing domain" can be chosen and then clicked to start. 
  • If you bought the domain name from someone else, you'll have to change the DNS settings. Also, change the A record so that it refers to a Shopify IP address. Email forwarding may change as a result of what you do. 
  • Domain management and DNS settings are in the DNS settings section of your domain provider account. You can find them by going into your account. 
  • Save: Change the A record to Shopify's IP address, then click "save," and your changes will be saved. 
  • You need to look for the www.CNAME record in the DNS settings and change it so that it points to the myshopify.com address for shops. In order to make sure that the domain name is connected, save the CNAME record and activate the confirmation email from Shopify. 

Keep an eye on your new Shopify website to see if everything is working right. As long as you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask a person who knows Shopify.

Data That Webinopoly Can Migrate From Wix to Shopify

Our Shopify experts are well-versed in making sure your migration is as seamless as possible. Here are the data types that we can migrate from your Wix site to Shopify!


  • Name, SKUs, and complete product descriptions
  • Meta Information
  • Quantities
  • Custom Prices
  • Product Images + Alt-text
  • Weight information

Product Categories

  • Name
  • Category Status


  • All Order Information (Date, Status, Products, Tax Values, Product Prices, Names, SKUs, Subtotals, Discounts, Shipping Price, Total Sum
  • Shipping Addresses
  • Customer Information (Billing Adress, Email, Contact Information)


  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address


  • Blog Title
  • SEO Metadata (URL slugs, meta title, and meta description)

Blog Posts

  • SEO Metadata (Meta titles, URL slugs, Full and short descriptions, meta descriptions, tags, author blog IDs)
  • Comments
  • Images and alt-texts

Migrate From Wix to Shopify with Webinopoly

There are a few ways to transfer your Wix store to Shopify. However, as you can see above it can be a long and tedious process. To help make things easier for you, our experts at Webinopoly are ready and eager to help you migrate from Wix to Shopify successfully. Not only are we dedicated to making the process as simple and quick for you, but we also make it a point to ensure that you retain the same level of traffic and sales.

Here are some other services we offer to help you successfully migrate your site from Wix to Shopify:

Web Design

With custom design templates and all the advice you need, our team has been able to create a Shopify site that looks like no one else's. We want your new site to be able to stand out and be seen by everyone.

Dealing with the task of transferring websites can be a difficult thing; however, it doesn't have to be. With Webinopoly, we are happy to set up any services of your choosing for you.

Web Development

This is what we do best. When it comes to web development, you need to make sure you're choosing someone who knows what they are doing. Webinopoly's team of experts with years of experience in developing websites will be able to take your idea and turn it into a reality.

Web Hosting

Managing a website can be time-consuming and difficult for some people to do on their own. With that in mind, Webinopoly has taken on the task of managing all of your hosting needs for you. From hosting and website management to server setup, we have you covered.

Complete Migration

From orders to products to customers to your pages and the content of your pages, our team is able to migrate it all for you without losing any of the valuable data that you have acquired. Furthermore, we can set up your new Shopify store to work as much like your Wix store as possible.

We'd be more than happy to assist you in the migration of your site from Wix to Shopify! Contact us today for a free consultation.

Key Takeaways: Migrating From Wix to Shopify With Webinopoly

Migrating from Wix to Shopify can be done easily, but depending on the size of the website and whether or not you have any backup, it can take some time. In order to save you time and money, Webinopoly is available to assist you in the transfer of your Shopify presence with us.

We have been able to migrate many shops successfully and are happy to show off our own successes as well as your success. We will be able to perform the following services for you so that you can move forward quickly:

  • Backup files are an important part of saving stored data on your website. For instance, if you need to transfer a blog post, the way that it was originally written is crucial. You need to make sure that you have a full backup of your site so that nothing gets lost in the process. 
  • Next, shop your products. Please note that the first thing we do is verify each and every page that you have and make sure to check for broken links. Broken links can cause problems during the transfer process and slow it down significantly.
  • It's worth noting that you should have your product titles, descriptions, and pricing all ready before you begin to transfer. We can transfer your Shopify orders over to your new website, as well as your customers. This way, when they visit their account on the new site, they will already be logged in and have access to their previous orders and saved information.
  • Some of the types of data that we can migrate to Shopify include details about products, images, and blog posts—basically everything on your previous site!

You're about to make one of the most important decisions of your entrepreneurial career – you want to migrate your Wix store to Shopify. You want to keep your current customers, ensure genuine SEO rankings, and increase your conversion rates. Trust our experts at Webinopoly for the best results today!


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