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Is Shipping Insurance and Warranty Shopify App Worth it? Comprehensive Analysis (2023)

Security of your customers' goods is one of the basic fundamental tools every business owner needs to possess. No matter what you sell, shipping insurance can provide that needed extra layer of protection when you send products to customers. As e-commerce sales continue to grow, so is the rise in package theft, loss, and damage.

Our painstakingly conducted research provides clear evidence that 1 in 10 packages in the US arrives damaged as one out of three Americans have had their package stolen

Did you know that in most cases when a package is stolen, lost, or damaged then the blame and burden lies solely on the business to either issue a refund or replace the product(s)? When this happens, you not only lose money on customer support and replacement shipments but also potential future purchases from a buyer who has experienced negative delivery.

For customers, it can be a moment of great frustration contacting the carrier (in case the business charges the shipping carrier with the mandate to offer reimbursement) and awaiting reimbursement via a standard claim process, which is very tedious and time-consuming. The worrying part of it is that it can damage the repeat purchase potential.

" About 40% of customers are unlikely to give retailers a second chance after a poor delivery experience."

Needless to say, a large volume of packages are being shipped around the world daily, and chances are that even if it is yet to happen, one day, a customer's number will come up with a lost or damaged package. Don't wait for this time bomb which is likely to explode anytime as you will have to deal with disgruntled customers, a damaged reputation, and high chances that the customer will never return to your store to buy anything again.

To help you address these unpleasant to-the-ear issues, we have got some good news for the business owner on Shopify and their customers.

Offering shipping insurance makes claims for losses simple, and immediately takes away your sleepless nights as a result of being worried about the whereabouts of the products being shipped. There are plenty of powerful apps to help Shopify owners ensure effective services to their clients. 

They provide added peace of mind for customers who are at ease about items going missing or getting damaged in transit. They also boost customers' trust in your brand and enhance confidence in them buying from your store because they feel that their purchases are guaranteed. The result is a higher conversion rate. 

Let's begin by quickly looking at the reasons why Shipping insurance is crucial generally.

  • Offers stress-free shipping and delivery. You need not worry about anything that may happen to your goods in transit or upon delivery as they are fully covered for theft, damage, and loss.
  • Save time and money meant for replacement. If a shipment needs to be replaced, you can just simply recoup the value of the original merchandise damaged, stolen, or lost, plus the shipping cost.
  • You are assured of a better buying experience for your customers.
  • It communicates your shipping insurance coverage to help reassure, and convert customers. This is done through your site's FAQS, product, shipping, and return pages just to mention a few. It also cut the process of dealing with shipping carriers to submit and wait for reimbursements.

  • It enhances your repeat sales
  • With simple, but more comprehensive shipping insurance coverage, you can automatically pass on the efficiency and shipment protection to your customers—which drastically improves their trust and loyalty to your business.

    The following is a comprehensive rundown of one of the best shipping insurance apps for Shopify:Insurify app.

    An Overview of Shipping and Protection Warranty

    This is one the most powerful Insurance Shipping Shopify apps developed by a highly-qualified team at  Webinopoly, which delivers several crucial Shopify apps.

    Insurify, which is its other name, permits merchants just like you to offer insurance protection on the product or services you sell. Besides, with this app, business owners can self-insure products by selling their protection plans to customers, allowing them to obtain coverage for lost, stolen, or broken products.

    This is a long-awaited savior for those store owners and customers who spend several sleepless nights as their goods are in transit. They no longer have to worry about the possibility of expensive claims/settlements of heavy penalties directed to them by customers whose goods have ended up being either stolen, lost, or damaged.

    In addition, this highly coveted app increases customers’ confidence at a very crucial point in the purchase process, leading to increased conversions. Shoppers can make their purchases with increased confidence since they are aware that their purchase is guaranteed.

    The Shipping and Protection Warranty app can increase your Average Order Value as your brand gains customer trust.

    This app is super simple and user-friendly. It allows merchants to create a customer plan a with free trial for up to 14 days, then thereafter, for all your insurances, you only pay $24.99 monthly. It can be added directly to the cart page of the store, and it would immediately operate like an upsell.

    You should know that the Insurify app is not an insurance company, but a highly-modified facilitator that assists merchants to possess their custom insurance plans based on their cart value.

    Price: $24.99/month

    Free trial? Yes– 14 days

    Average Shopify rating: 4.9 of 5 stars (with 135 reviews)

    Its Main Pros

    • It reinforces customer trust. Customers have a great feeling of relaxation as they are fully aware that their merchandise is in safe hands.
    • Self-insure products: they offer insurance protection plans on the cart or checkout pages.
    • Covers stolen, lost, or damaged items insured by customers.
    • Allows customers to promptly file claims and view claim status with ease from their end.
    • Very easy and convenient for customers to use.
    • No obstruction of the look or feel of your checkout page.
    • Provides effective one-click insurance cover at reasonable rates.
    • Offers a seamless workflow– use directly in Shopify admin.
    • Provides Up-to-date tech that conveniently works with all the latest Shopify themes.
    • Ensures there is no impact on page speed in your store. 
    • Proudly backed by Shopify experts.
    • Provides maximum support to its clients.
    • Has a configurable auto fulfillment insurance setting.
    • Exceptional user experience with easy sign-in and sign-out options.
    • Boosts your company revenue: it ensures that your company generates more revenue by gaining customer trust 
    • Offers comprehensive report: easily manage claims and track additional revenue through their dashboard analytics.
    • Existence of auto-fulfillment insurance option
    • Enable you to view images and descriptions of product claims
    • Can add email templates for each product request.

    Its existing cons

    • It doesn't have a free version
    • Existence of a few negative reviews from the users. Their team has however apologized for their shortcomings and assured the complainants that their issues will be addressed with immediate effect.
    • No ability to turn the insurance offer off to give room for digital items. 

    One important thing you need to take note of is that this app is becoming a force to reckon with as far as offering shipping insurance services is concerned. This is because of the massive yet positive reviews it has earned within a short duration of time. As compared to its competitors who have been in existence for a long period, this app was only launched in 2020.

    Wrap up 

    It doesn't need a rocket for it to be understood that customers are the most important asset of a Shopify store. This is because sales rely on them, and their perception means a lot to the reputation of your brand. I know the last thing you would dream of committing yourself to is to give your phone to a stranger. Online stores work similarly. If the consumers don't trust you, they will hardly choose your store to purchase whatever it is that they want.

    With trust, relationships are built, and it is always good if you give something to demonstrate credibility (that which translates into consistent sales.) to buy whatever they want. If you could add shipping Insurance, you will gain customer trust, and increase your average Order Value on your Shopify store. You need not look further as the Insurify app has got you covered. Not only will it allow you to increase the average Order Value of your Shopify store, but it will also take away your customers' possible worries as they are fully valued and covered in case of emergency.

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