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How to Fix Safari 13.0.4 Looping Cookies Shopify Admin Error

If you’ve received this message, "The application can’t be loaded with the current version of Safari, try clearing your cookies or using another browser”, don’t worry, we have the fix for you.

  1. On Rails 5.x, use the shopify_app setup instructions to set up the clean Shopify app.
  2. Using Ngrok, run the app and tunnel
  3. Open it on Chrome and check if the sample works.
  4. Next, open the Safari 13.0.4.
  5. Once on Safari, go to: Preferences -> Privacy -> Manage Website Data then clear all the data related to domains ngrok and myshopify.com.
  6. Make sure that that your Safari preferences is not blocking cookies and not preventing cross-site tracking. Check here:

  1. Open the app via Shopify Admin on Safari 13.0.4. 8. This should show you the full-screen page with the message: "Your browser needs to authenticate My Shopify App".

  1. Press the blue "Continue" button.
  2. Make sure that your browser loops the redirect 3 times. After that, Shopify Admin will show this message: The application can’t be loaded with the current version of Safari, try clearing your cookies or using another browser.

And, that should do it!

Shopify did release their own solution to this problem so if all else fails, you might want to check this:

v3.1.61 of koa-shopify-auth that should fix issues with Safari 13.1: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@shopify/koa-shopify-auth/v/3.1.61

Here’s the link to the Shopify thread.

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