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How to Add Live Chat App to Shopify Store

Do you want to add a live chat feature for your Shopify store? Awesome! You've come to the right place.

Live chat is an excellent method to engage with your consumers while also improving your business's revenue.

We understand that including a live chat feature on your website may appear to be a difficult process. However, implementing this functionality is really simple.

So, how do you go about it? We've got you. Using free tools, we'll show you how to integrate live chat into your Shopify store.

Introducing Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox makes it simple to integrate chat into your online store, allowing customers to write you messages as they shop. Customers can also send messages to your Inbox through other means, such as Facebook Messenger. You can access and react to these messages from your desktop or mobile device.

By integrating Shopify Inbox, merchants have the ability to boost their earnings even further, with features such as adding a chat app for real-time chats, as well as automating messages, and creating speedy checkout links.

Shopify Inbox aims to "convert browsers into buyers".  But it's more than that; it focuses on automation, conversions, and branding exclusively.

Benefits of Using Shopify Inbox

  • Shopify Inbox is absolutely free.
  • Installing the app just takes a few minutes. This includes activating branding and configuring messages.
  • It offers instant marketing and promotional features such as product sharing and discount vouchers.
  • Allows you to handle customer service chats from any device you choose.
  • When you are not available, you can send quick responses and automated messages that might be helpful to customers
  • Operating from your Shopify dashboard or even your email inbox, centralizes every part of your live conversations.
  • You can receive messages from other channels such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, or Twitter.

Overall, Shopify Inbox is a free, easy, and adaptable chat app. Most merchants enjoy its adaptability since it allows them to communicate on iOS and Android applications and lets buyers chat with them on their preferred social media channel.

How to Set Up Shopify Inbox for Your Online Store

It just takes a few seconds to get started then you’ll be able to tweak things like automatic responses, branding, and integrations.

First, go to your website on and sign in to the backend dashboard. There are various ways to add applications and sales channels, however, just adding Shopify Inbox as a Sales Channel takes less time than the other steps.

To add a channel, locate the Sales Channels heading and click the "+" symbol button.

Scroll down the list to locate Shopify Inbox. To install it, click the "+" button. After completing the installation processes, you will notice a new Inbox tab under Sales Channels. Go through the following menu items as you please:

  • Overview
  • Saved Responses
  • Appearance
  • Integrations

After the initial setup, your website's interface should now include a chat button, which is by default located in the bottom right corner. The customer can send you a message by clicking on it.


Shopify Inbox automates your chat box customer service by allowing for quick replies, FAQs, automated messaging, and appearance modifications. All of these options are available on the Shopify Inbox channel's Overview page.

Merchants can create follow-up messages that instantly acknowledge a customer's message. You can turn this on and use one of the message templates in Shopify Inbox. You should also find the preset templates that you can utilize.

It's also worth noting that the main Overview page for Shopify Inbox includes analytics such as new conversations, first-time answers, and sales chats. There is also a button for installing mobile apps.

Replying to messages

A dashboard notice will appear when a customer message is received. To reply, click the View Your Messages button.

The Shopify Inbox plugin works as a separate page in your browser and allows you to categorize messages based on customers and team members.

To respond faster, you could enable desktop alerts, which are also available in mobile apps.

Each new message is added to the Active inbox list, where you may reply or assign it to a specific customer service person.


We highly recommend visiting the Appearance tab in the Inbox. This is where you can customize the appearance of your inbox chat window, order status request, pre-chat form, and other features.

Changes to colors, chat button types, and locations are also possible.


The final step in establishing Shopify Inbox is to set up any necessary integrations. To do so, navigate to Sales Channels > Inbox > Integrations.

Facebook integration is probably the most popular one since it allows you to handle Facebook Messenger notifications in one place. Of course, there are other integrations available.

Overall, these integrations allow you to manage your customers' communications, connect to your Facebook Shop, and respond to messages from your iPhone or Android.

How Does It Look to the Customer?

A small button in the bottom right corner of your website will appear as soon as it is installed. It works like a widget that stays in view no matter where your customers go on your website. They will be able to ask specific inquiries about items without leaving those pages.

Within the Shopify Inbox conversation window, you may be able to talk to someone or receive an automatic answer, depending on how you set up your responses.

You can also provide frequently asked questions (FAQs) so customers can select the one that applies to them, which initiates a dialogue with the question and gives them an answer. These also mean fewer steps for the customer and less frustration.

You can also set up your automated responses so users can verify order statuses, product descriptions, and shipment schedules, providing a holistic shopping experience.


In the Shopify App Store, there are undoubtedly more powerful chat boxes. Nevertheless, the features that come standard with Shopify Inbox are sufficient for the vast majority of businesses. Not to mention the fact that it is offered at no cost whatsoever. There is thus not a more suitable alternative if what you need is a straightforward chat box that has preloaded responses, automatic responses, and some fundamental tools for brand management.


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