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Highly Performing Free Shopify Image Resizer Tools for 2023

The e-commerce platform is consistently evolving, and this is shifting the way consumers shop. One of the greatest popular e-commerce platforms is Shopify, which has 1.75 million active stores  globally.

There are numerous Shopify stores out there, so it's important to make yours stand out. 

You might not know much about graphic design. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry because dozens of free Shopify image resizer tools are available online.

One of the most crucial tools for your business is the existence of clear photos, especially if you need people to trust you and make more sales. In addition, according to one study, up to 91% of consumers prefer visual material compared to text-based content.

That is why it is very essential to use dazzling, high-quality photos that are of the perfect size for your site and social networking platforms.

A tool for resizing images will make it possible for you to create outstanding product photos with just your phone.

You can as well acquire more images and make extra money if you utilize them correctly. However, if you misuse them, your sales will equally suffer the consequences.

It is our sincere hope that the tools discussed in this post will help you to create the right images for your digital properties.

We’ll go over the top 12 free internet Shopify tools for resizing images. You can use these well-researched resources to photograph your products for in-store listings, blog images, social network profile images, and postings, as well as other locations.

Never forget that you can only use a single image online if you resize it. For instance, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have different unique guidelines for image size.

However, it is pretty simple to change the size of an image using these tools.

What is the importance of resizing an image?

When we base our discussion on Shopify stores, resizing images is a crucial consideration; and as such, merchants have placed their focus on Shopify product image resizing. It has various significances including:

  • Enhances the capacity to optimize Shopify page loading. It is a proven venture that big image files slow down page loading as they consume resources. As such, more people may leave your Shopify store due to extreme time consumption. Research has shown that up to 67% of visitors will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Shopify recommends using 2048 x 2048 pixels for standard square images.
  • Automatic resizing has the ability to discard vital sections of an image; in case the image is too big or too small for the Shopify store theme being used, the app will readily change it on its end, which may result in crucial parts of the image being cut off.
  •  Images that are not resized affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Properly sized image files will boost the search engine performance of your Shopify store.
  •  Resized images make the store appear to be of a more established brand; when it has the appealing and correct size image, it gives the first impression that it is a well-established and professionally firm store.
  •  Properly resizing your images makes your products look more accurate and good-looking to potential customers.

Main Features to Look For Before Settling on a Shopify Image Resizer

Seeking a Shopify Image Resizer that's easy and convenient to use? Below are some key features to look for, in order to resize your images without any hassle. Always have these features in mind when deciding on a Shopify Image Resizer to use, and you'll be sure to find the perfect one for your needs:

  •  The automatic resizing feature is appealing for files or images with unique formats. It can also be useful when you resize your Shopify images for other platforms’ product catalogs like Whatsapp.
  •  Make sure your images are optimized for SEO to help your website receive a higher ranking on Google Search.
  •  The bulk resizing feature on the Shopify resizing app should be a great time saver if you've got thousands of photos to upload.

Ways to Resize Images Without Losing Quality Online

When you make use of free tools to resize an image, the image’s quality may be realized. This is especially critical when a photo becomes fuzzy, pixelated, or warped.

However, the tool you use has to maintain the image’s quality. If not,  the performance of your store may be interfered with.

Most of the free tools available online will prioritize quality. This is especially evident in some of the tools we covered. The choice is yours. You can select the final image quality on a scale ranging from “poor” to “high” or up to 100%.

For instance, the free image resizer B.I.R.M.E. offers a “quality setting” option that lets you produce images with 100% quality.

We recommend making use of this option for smaller files. The Internet has a wide range of image-resizing tools too which can be of great help to you. 

For instance, the free I Love IMG, and Simple Image resizer tools can neatly compress an image and give the desired outcome.  Optimizilla and Compressor.io are other excellent online image compression tools to use.

Whereas Compressor.io can only compress one image at a time, Optimizilla lets you compress many images simultaneously.

Top 12 Highly Performing Free Shopify Image Resizer Tools.

  1. Photo Resize -Shopify image resizer

One of the most-reviewed Shopify image resizer applications, Photo Resize by Pixc, has about 2,000 ratings and users.

It takes a look at all the photos on your site at once, identifies ones that are of the wrong size, and informs you of which ones need to be changed.

Moreover, Photo-resize makes it possible for you to adjust the size and position of your images, as well as the ability to modify the background color to fit the aesthetic of your shop (square, portrait, or landscape).

As if that is not enough, you have full control over the file size of your photograph by using your own provided criteria.

This way, all your pictures will be of the right size. In addition, Pixc offers super-fast loading times. The flipper side of this Shopify application is that it has a free version.

You have to possess Pay-as-you-go pricing to unlock particular premium features.

Its Key Features include:

  • It automatically resizes all of your original images.
  • It functions in the background and carefully compresses picture file sizes without interfering with image quality when images are submitted.
  • It is super-fast and relatively easy to navigate with its interface.
  • It makes a choice of backdrop color for the resized and compressed pictures.

Has a customer rating of 4.7/5

Price: Start at $4 per month (Free plan is also available).

  1. TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

Being freely available, Shopify users often take advantage of TinyIMG, an image resizer, and an optimizer tool. It makes it relatively easy to resize your images and maintain their consistency across all channels.

Immediately after you’ve installed the plugin, you are at will to use image optimization across all of your sales channels, and it will sync automatically with your Shopify shop.

It is also arrayed with picture editing capabilities.

When you feed a picture to TinyIMG, it will momentarily be resized and compressed.

It, therefore, helps you in minimizing picture file size while at the same time maintaining the same aspect ratio for all photographs.

Better still this amazing tool also allows you to adjust the information associated with your images for search engine optimization.

In case you’re just getting started, you'll be thrilled with the fact that TinyIMG is free for up to 50 photographs every month.

However, if you are hoping to resize and compress more than 50 images per month, TinyIMG has affordable plans with prices that are easy on the wallet.

Customer Ratings: 5/5

Price: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

  1. VanceAI Image Resizer

Shopify image resizer

VanceAI is a trending platform of quality-oriented tools to edit and effectively manage images in the best appropriate way possible. VanceAl  Image Recizer is still another dynamic tool of the company that permits its users to resize images for free. These resized images can be used for a website, blog, or other social media platforms to create a better page speed.

Its pricing: Free

VanceAI Image Resizer is fitted with a scale for dimensions. This feature is perhaps one of our favorites because it allows the user to set the dimensions according to his/her liking.


  • It is free to Use.
  • It has One-Click Access.
  • It keeps the requirements.
  • It has a size Adjustable Scale.


  •  No problems found yet.
  1. GloodAI - Image Resizer

GloodAl is a plugin application that you can easily install to your Shopify store and let it perform the work required for you. The user can worry less, relax and enjoy a cup of tea while all of the work is done by the software. GloodAl-Image resizer application evaluates all the pictures present in your store and resizes them to perfection for excellent performance.

Pricing: $4 to $79 Per Month ( Depending on Plan) 

This highly coveted tool saves valuable time, looks more professional, and automatically performs all the needful requirements.


  • Performs bulky Order Work
  • It maintains Requirements
  • It is automatic
  • Provides first 50 images for free


  •  Could limit the number of images
  1. Reputon

This is another excellent application and alternative to GloodAI.

It has similar features with a relatively more robust and professional outlook. All the images are automatically converted into a similar size, adding alt attributes and renaming images for an enhanced SEO score. Reputon Image Resizer makes it a no-brainer to boost the SEO of the Shopify store and generate more traffic to the webpage.

Pricing: $5 Per Month

Mobile and smart devices will create a better and more prompt loading interface for the user after installing this application. All the resizing will be operating in the background to make it possible to efficiently multitask.


  • It allows Bulk Order Work
  •  It permits Running in the Background
  •  It is automatic  
  •  It is cost efficient


  •   It changes all images to the same sizes.
  •     No Size Adjustable scale.
  1. BeFunky

This image resizer is one of its kind since it has the shape of a new and advanced framework. You can seamlessly manage, edit, touch up, put effects, and use several editing options on this BeFunky application. Its resize, and modifiable dimensions are very flexible in terms of what size is needed.

Its Pricing: $9.99 Per Month

Befunky Online Image resizer is fitted with a flat option of modifiable X and Y scales or simply locks the aspect ratio for the general photo size.


  • Has multiple options online Software
  • Has low price plans
  • Has the ability to maintain requirements
  • It also has Size Adjustable Scale 


  • Editing knowledge required.
  1. Image Resizer by Imageresizer.com

This is a free online image resizer tool generated by the same name company, enabling users to get quick results and bulk resizing features. To ensure efficient delivery of its services, this tool allows the use of drag and drop features as well as the upload image button that is available on the screen.

Pricing: Free

All your images can be resized on this platform with only single-click access. In addition, it's simple, flexible, and free; what more could you seek?


  • It is free to use
  • It has One-Click Access
  • It maintains Requirements
  • Makes use ofSize Adjustable Scale


  • Its quality might drain with time.
  1. Spur IT Image Resizer

There also exists an amazing tool by the name, of SPUR IT, which has been for a long time making high-standard tools to support people online in their businesses and works. This image Resizer is one of the most ideal choices to resize and optimize images in a single go. One of the major problems that Shopify store owners undergo is an unaligned product feature image; nevertheless, Spur IT makes all the images squared up and immaculately visible to the buyer.

Pricing: Free to Get

Users can readily and directly install the application to their Shopify store by easily clicking on the ‘Get App’ button and then entering their shop's URL.


  • Provides Bulk Order Work
  • It also Maintains Requirements
  •  It is automatic Automatic


  • It could limit the number of images
  1. LoyaltyHarbour Image optimizer - easily & automatically optimize site images

Image Optimizer by Loyalty Harbour possesses all the basic image optimization features that a beginner may need. The app provides automatic compression, alt tag templates, image conversion from PNG to JPG, and image backup in case you want to restore your pictures.

You can boost Google Image Search rankings by optimizing image file names and alt tags. All of the app's features will assist you in improving site speed and search engine rankings.

Shopify rating: 4.8

Pricing: from $4.99/month

             It also has a free plan

   Its features:

  • Offers Automatic or manual image compression
  •   Enables shifting from PNG to JPEG for smaller image file size
  • It regularly scans new images & optimizes them

The free plan entails image optimization for up to 50 images a month, auto or manual compression, alt text, and filename optimization, PNG to JPG conversion, and a full 30-day backup. Paid plans provide all the similar features, except for further images per month.


  • It is perfect for beginners
  • It also offers all the basic image optimization features
  •  It has an original image backup


  •  There is no advanced SEO optimization features, such as analytics
  1. Avada - easy and flexible product image resizing & optimization

Avada provides simple image resizing for all of your Shopify store’s images, including but not limited to product photos. By a simple resizing of your images, you can massively improve site speed which not only boosts user experience but also assists with search engine rankings.

In addition to resizing, Avada constricts your images, optimizes alt tags, JSON-LD, and meta tags, and typically boosts your page’s speed performance score with useful SEO tools.

Shopify rating: 4.9

Pricing: $34.95/month

            It has a free plan

Avada features:

  • It allows for resizing all images on your site.
  • It compresses images without changing their quality
  • To navigate the page easily, it provides an HTML sitemap.
  • Can be integrated with Google Search Console for page analytics


  • Has impressive features for SEO optimization.
  • It effectively Automatically stores optimization.
  • Offers detailed SEO analysis


  • There is a limitation in the free plan.
  1. Photo Resize by Pixc - analyze & automatically bulk resize images

Photo Resize by Pixc evaluates all images on your website and automatically resizes them in reference to Shopify’s design guidelines. You can at any time alter your image aspect ratio into a square, portrait, or landscape mode. Better still, in case you change your mind, you can restore your original photos at any time.

Shopify rating: 4.7

Pricing:  from $4/month

               It also has a free plan

Its Features

  •  It evaluates and resizes all images
  • It allows you to choose from 3 aspect ratios
  • It makes it possible for you to restore original photos at any time

The app gives room to resize the first 50 images for free. Thereafter, the monthly fee fluctuates from $4 to $79 based on your needs.


  • It has the ability to readily detect updated or newly uploaded images and optimizes them
  • Offers quick automatic resizing
  • It is relatively easy and quick to install


  • In case you’re on a pay-as-you-go plan, the original pictures will only be stored for seven days, which isn't enough for fully convincing your customers
  1. Hextom - provides your site with a professional look with similar size images

Hexom provides bulk image editing by resizing your images to maintain stability across the whole website. You are free to bulk square, resize, crop, rotate, frame, trim, and watermark your images with no difficulty. The app also makes it possible for you to change image alt tags and file names.

Its Shopify rating is 4.8

Pricing: is from $9.99/month

             It also has a free plan

Its Key features:

  • It ensures bulk image resizing for stability across the website
  • Beautify all images by putting watermarks on them.
  • Assists in uploading and downloading images for backup.
  •  It allows you to restore to original photos at any time

The app features four pocket-friendly subscription plans. The Starter plan is absolutely free with permission to edit  50 images per month. The Basic plan costs $9.99 and gives room for watermark features, with 1000 image edits every month. Professional and Advanced plans charge $19.99 and $49.99 respectively and offer even more image edits, as well as other lucrative features.


  • Its paid plans have a watermark function.
  • It makes it possible for one to update alt text in bulk.
  • All its plans have picture backup.


  • The free plan is somehow limited and as such, doesn’t offer enough exceptional features

Final Thoughts

Ensuring your customers have a great shopping experience on Shopify should be your number one priority if you are looking forward to getting repeat orders, and loyal customers. Formatting images to resonate with your expectations is a no-brainer step that can help uplift your marketing efforts to amplify the user experience and brand availability on the platform. Always remain watchful on the key features to enjoy the benefits of resizer tools that will enhance the growth of your business 

Want to make your Shopify store immaculately stunning and able to stand out among your competitors? Well, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our Webinopoly team is always at your beck and call, and will readily offer you the support you may need.


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