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Headless Commerce: How to Create Unique User Experiences with Your Ecommerce Platform?

With the rapid evolution of eCommerce, online business owners have an almost boundless number of ways to cultivate long-term customer relationships. And since online sales are expected to grow by 16.1% by 2022, there's no better time than now.

Over the past few years, headless commerce has become a hot topic in the IT community. It offers superior website performance, improved technological integration, and enhanced omnichannel customization for your online business.

However, many eCommerce businesses are still unsure how a headless system impacts their consumers and their user experience.

What is Headless eCommerce?

Headless commerce separates the customer-facing front end from the backend business logic and commerce functionality. The decoupled architecture uses APIs to help developers, marketing, and business teams to build better purchasing experiences for customers.

These experiences are crucial for online sales. Many retailers believe that enhancing digital customer experiences can help offset increased customer acquisition expenses. Headless commerce systems are an economical means of accomplishing this.

Personalization is Made Easier with Headless Commerce

Even if you're operating on a large scale, you can still create personalized digital experiences with the aid of headless commerce, which involves separating the backend processing and service provision from the frontend content delivery.

Separating e-two commerce's components allows online businesses more freedom and flexibility in how they engage their customers.

As your business grows, you'll have to deal with multiple customer segments. Headless eCommerce allows you to experiment with different setups for each customer segment. It also allows you to keep experiences new and engaging no matter how many people visit your site.

How To Create Unique User Experiences

Use Headless for Faster and Improved Personalization

With headless eCommerce, you are given a chance to swiftly react to changing technologies and realign your strategies to fit your customer's demands and preferences.

Personalization is made simpler for businesses in several ways with headless eCommerce. For instance, it allows you to easily integrate new preferred payment methods without having to re-platform, disrupt existing payment systems, or waiting for your eCommerce platform to include additional gateways.

Furthermore, because your backend system is linked to numerous channels and devices, you can provide more targeted suggestions to your consumers based on previous purchases and subscriptions they've made on other platforms.

You may leverage backend data to tailor offers and frontend features to better fit a repeat customer’s preferences, profile, and transaction history, resulting in a better customer experience.

Use Omnichannel Strategies to Grow Your Customers

We've established that online shoppers use many channels. This is because they could have seen a product through a digital ad, or an email newsletter, or sponsored post before deciding to go to the website itself.

Your organization has to become omnichannel as your customers do. You need to determine the channels frequented by your target or present customers to develop strong visibility in them.

Headless commerce allows your company to distribute content, promote, and sell on new channels using APIs. You may, for example, incorporate voice assistants, smartwatches, and home gadgets in addition to your website, applications, social media channels, and third-party platforms. With this architecture, your company just needs to create customer experiences for emerging channels while collecting product and customer information from a unified backend.

An omnichannel approach puts your brand in your target audience's minds and stimulates their curiosity until they're ready to buy from you. In addition, it provides you with many options for staying in touch with and providing offers to past and current customers.

Going omnichannel retail is great for customers too. This way, they can easily purchase your products or services through the channel they're using without going to another platform. If you link your system with popular payment ways in their country, you also allow them to select their preferred gateway instead of established platforms, making it easier for them to convert.

Provide consistent branding and CX across channels

To develop a better visual branding across channels and yet maintain a consistent customer experience (CX), you need to go beyond just using the same colors, fonts, and designs.

Providing a seamless user experience also involves providing consistent functionality. For instance, features such as search and content navigation have to be the same on any device a visitor uses to access your website. 

This consistency helps your audience explore your content and product pages more easily or feel more at ease browsing your store. This helps boost the amount of time they spend on your site and the likelihood that they will purchase from you.

With headless commerce, you won't have to worry about disrupting or risking your existing eCommerce infrastructure to update your user interface features and storefronts with the most current visuals. It lets you update your user interface and shops to fit new brand campaigns or requirements without affecting the rest of your eCommerce setup.


Choosing to switch to headless eCommerce is a big decision as you will essentially be building your website from scratch. However, there are benefits to it, especially if your business is steady and making big profits.

If you choose to go for a headless Shopify store, choosing a team to work with can help ease the time and cost spent because you’ll be working with experts.

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