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Guide: Top 15 Landing Page Builder Apps on Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows anybody to establish an online store and sell items. It is being used by over 170,000 businesses globally.

Depending on the plan you select, you may have your store up and running in less than 30 minutes using the platform. There is a 14-day free trial as well as several monthly subscriptions with both hosted and SaaS options.

It's got great features and alternatives for when you need to increase your company's success. The problem is that default themes and templates are sometimes restricted. You can tailor-make your website with Shopify Builder applications, which offer you the tools you need to design it just the way you envision it.

When someone clicks on a link to your website, the first thing they see is your landing pages. According to specific case studies, increasing the number of landing pages in your business might result in a 55 percent boost in leads; however, they must be appropriately designed and optimized.

We’ll walk you through the basics, some of the top landing page builder applications, and why working with a Shopify Expert is even better.

What is A Shopify Landing Page?

Clothing brand maradji, highlighting their new collection on their landing page.

A Shopify landing page is basically any landing page meant to highlight your store, products, or brand. The ultimate objective of these Shopify landing pages is to give you conversions by enticing customers to do a specific action, such as filling out a form, making a purchase, or signing up for a subscription. To get these conversions, you will also need to drive traffic to it.

In short, it turns page visitors into leads or buyers. It’s what makes them stick around your website and persuades them to action.

You may confuse it for the homepage as there are many times the two have been used interchangeably.

The difference is in the objective.

The homepage is used for various objectives, from introducing a brand or product to featuring your best products and more. Landing pages are utilized for one goal only--to increase conversion rates for your store.

Example: Hubspot’s landing page which promotes particular offers with the goal of getting customers to sign up for the demo

Landing pages that look beautiful and provide a great user experience are essential to guarantee you keep up with your competitors. You can actually try to build a landing page on Shopify itself, but it’ll be a challenge. This is because Shopify wasn’t built to do this. If you want a good landing page, you'll need a good page builder app or developer.

What is a Shopify Page Builder?

Although page builders are often more associated with platforms like WordPress, Shopify does have them too. A Shopify page builder is usually a third-party plugin that allows you to create new web pages for your store. It will enable you to have more functionality than Shopify's default page builder and fewer limitations than the platform's pre-built themes. If you’re using a page builder app, it should let you drag and drop your own headers, pictures, buttons, and lists into the design you like.

A Shopify Page Builder can also be custom-made specifically for your business by a team of trusted developers.

If you need a team of developers, Webinopoly’s Shopify Experts and Developers can do landing page development and other Shopify solutions to help businesses like you.

Why Should You Use a Shopify Page Builder?

Whether you go for an app or a developer, Shopify page builders will help you create a storefront that best represents your business. It also gives you more room to market your products. When you adopt a template, there is a high chance that other brands are using it too, making your brand hard to distinguish from competitors.

The following reason is that it can increase your conversions. Improving even just your website’s design can increase conversions because over 40% of customers agree that website design is an essential part of any eCommerce store.

What are the types of Shopify Landing Pages?

Here are a few of the most common Shopify landing pages:

  • Discount page: Immediately gives your customers an offer that incentivizes them to share their contact details such as their email address, name, and number in exchange for a discount
  • Product page: If you want to highlight a particular product, this type of page lets customers add the item directly to their cart through a “buy now” button.
  • Product collections: Stores with huge seasonal collections or regular new releases may want to highlight the whole collection. This type of page usually redirects the visitor to view the whole thing.
  • Coming soon pages: For collections that aren’t out yet or brands that haven’t launched, a coming soon page can serve as both a teaser and a way to extract contact info from potential customers. You can add a “subscribe now” or “join the waitlist” type of Call-to-Action button to get customers excited.
  • Bundle pages: These are pages that can highlight your bundle promos. You can create special offers by bundling various products together. These work great on holidays and other special occasions.
  • Collaboration pages: This is a landing page dedicated to collaborations with other companies or individuals so potential customers can learn more and purchase. 
  • Seasonal pages: These are great for the holidays, so you can promote and highlight special collections while providing excitement or information about the current season.
  • Consultation pages: To help consumers choose the finest products, creating a consultation landing page might help you get more bookings if you give consultations.

How to Get Started with Shopify Landing Pages

We propose two routes: either utilize a proper Shopify landing page building app or engage a team of Shopify professionals to construct the customized landing pages.

  1. Work with a team of Shopify Experts.

Shopify experts are professionals who live and breathe Shopify.

Webinopoly’s Shopify Experts can help you create custom landing pages that best fit your brand. Because our team has years of experience, we can also provide you with insight and expertise that can help grow your business.

Whether you're putting out a standard campaign or launching a new product line, you've got tight deadlines to meet. This means you need professionally made landing pages that convert.

You can always opt to work on your website yourself by utilizing Liquid or Shopify Collections. But most business owners don’t have the luxury of time to do it themselves or have the team to do it for them.

Forget about trying to learn how to work an app or doing any of the custom codings yourself; Webinopoly has got you covered. Working with Shopify Experts here at Webinopoly does have its perks. We help businesses create, design, and build their dream online stores so they can stand out, maximize their time and get conversions.

We have a whole team who can get the job done so you can focus on other things and come back with functional, high-performing landing pages.

Why Work With Our Shopify Experts?

  • Webinopoly is an Award-Winning Digital Agency
  • We have a team of highly qualified Shopify experts who can assist you in growing your online business. Our services include customizing and developing Shopify stores, themes, applications, and any other eCommerce requirements, so you can be assured that when we create your landing page, we know what we’re doing.

  • Fully Optimized
  • Our Shopify Developers ensure that your landing pages are optimized for search engines, run at fast speeds, and get you conversions. We aren’t just here to design; we’re here to help you succeed.

  • Responsive and Tested for Mobile and Other Platforms
  • Our Shopify developers and designers produce landing pages that operate seamlessly across different platforms from mobile to tablet, resulting in greater engagement rates, a larger reach, and good conversions. We test the landing pages to ensure they are up to par.

  • Expert coding
  • Over the years, our Shopify designers and developers have gathered insights and developed practices that allow them to build outstanding and rock-solid code. All codes are tried and tested before being approved.

  • High Conversions
  • We value our clients' success. Our expert team of Shopify Experts has helped them convert over time. We aim to assist you in expanding your business as well as our own. Our objective is to boost your sales and conversions by delivering excellent service.

    1.           Use Shopify apps to create a landing page

    If you’re a beginner when it comes to website templates, or you simply don’t have the time to learn them or do not have the budget to work with a Shopify Expert to create custom landing pages for you, then an app may be the best way to go.

    These apps will make it easier for you to generate landing pages. Like with any Shopify apps, you can directly integrate it into your store. 

    Top 15 Best Landing Page Builder Apps on Shopify

    App name



    Shogun Landing Page Builder

    • Over 30 ready-made themes for various sectors are available
    • Drag and drop editor
    • Mobile optimized templates
    • Tracks webpage performance
    • Works with any Shopify theme
    • Easy to SEO-optimize pages



    • Includes 50 page templates
    • Drag and drop editor
    • Mobile optimized templates
    • Tracks webpage performance
    • Automatically saves your work
    • It’s free to use but with limitations


    Layout Hub

    • Has many templates available for use
    • Drag and drop editor
    • Mobile optimized templates
    • Free plan is available but with a limit of 3 standard pages, and the Layout Hub branding will be displayed on your website



    • Has many tools, including landing page builder
    • Drag and drop system
    • Provides reporting and analytics
    • Has A/B testing and split testing for “Plus” users



    • Customizable pages and landing page builder
    • Includes features like: Add to cart forms, videos, and images
    • SEO-friendly
    • Mobile-optimized



    • 80 widgets to choose from
    • 50+ premade templates available
    • Drag and drop system
    • LIVE preview mode



    • Drag & drop elements
    • Full control of all page types
    • Easy to use page builder
    • Responsive
    • Compatible with any themes



    • Easy-to-use Editor
    • UX/UI Optimized Templates
    • Supports all page types
    • Seo-Friendly
    • Mobile responsive


    Page Studio Builder

    • Premade templates are available for use
    • Easy and advanced editor available for beginners and developers
    • SEO friendly
    • Includes previews for different platforms: desktop, mobile, and tablet


    Page Builder

    • Easy to use interface - Drag & Drop elements
    • 50+ ready-to-use templates
    • Works well with desktops and mobile devices
    • Works with all themes
    • No coding skills needed


    SectionHub OS2 Page Builder

    • Drag and drop editor
    • Works with Shopify themes
    • Section library


    • Works with any theme
    • Drag and drop editor
    • Supports all themes
    • Add custom sections anywhere
    • Built-in analytics


    AZEXO Free Page Builder

    • 110 - page elements
    • Works with any theme
    • Drag and drop editor


    Profit Pages

    • 25+ handcrafted widgets
    • Includes many features like custom slideshows, galleries, hero blocks, and quote blocks
    • Built to blend with your theme



    • Drag and Drop Editor
    • 20+ elements and features
    • Integrates with Facebook pixel, Facebook messenger, and Google analytics


    So, should I hire a Shopify Expert or use an App?

    As you saw, there are many options to create a fantastic Shopify landing page. From apps to doing some coding yourself or hiring a Shopify developer.

    Our advice is to find the option that best fits your skill level and matches your deadlines.

    We still go by custom-coded pages, and we do recommend working with Webinopoly developers as it is a tried and tested method to get exactly what you want, plus you get to work with a fantastic team. We’ve worked with over 200+ happy clients now, and we’re happy to work with you.

    Of course, there are still the apps mentioned above that can also be helpful and may have the solutions you need. Just keep in mind that your landing page is made to convert no matter if it’s done by a developer, coded by you, or done thru a template with an app.

    If you’re still unsure, get in touch with our team to weigh your best options and get a free consultation.

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