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From Browsers into Buyers: What is Shopify Inbox?

If you're a Shopify merchant, you understand how important it is to convert visitors into sales - and the key to doing so is through excellent customer care. Merchants can now boost their return on investment by engaging in amazing dialogues with their consumers with Shopify Inbox.

Well, what is it?

Shopify Inbox is a chatbox you can install as an app to any Shopify website. It enables you to interact with customers in real-time, receives pings when shoppers have questions, and displays automated messages and FAQ information whenever necessary.

Giving your customers the ability to interact with your business in real-time can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

The software uses artificial intelligence to display answers to popular questions under certain circumstances. For example, if someone visits a product page but doesn't hit "add to cart" after a few seconds, the chat box will appear, inviting them to ask any questions about the item before making a purchase.

According to the company, the purpose of Shopify Inbox is to convert browsers into buyers.

What are its advantages?

  • Shopify Inbox is an entirely free service.
  • Easy and quick to install, enable brand elements, and configure messages.
  • It provides easy-to-use features like product sharing and discount vouchers as a marketing and promotional tool.
  • Use any device you want to handle customer support chats.
  • You can support your customers while you aren't around by sending short responses and automated messages.
  • You can centralize every part of your live conversations by operating from your Shopify dashboard or even your email inbox.
  • In addition to email, you can get messages from other channels, including Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Twitter.
  • A live chat can help you convert potential customers into buyers by answering their questions about your products or services on the spot.
  • Automated responses help save time on answering the same questions repeatedly.
  • When you can talk to the customer directly, you can resolve queries more quickly and improve their overall experience with your business.

This is a great way to improve the customer experience on your Shopify store instantly. When you make it easy for people to contact you, they're more likely to do so. This means that if they have a question about shipping or pricing, they're far more likely to get an answer than if they had to leave the site and call or email you.

It's also much easier to manage your communications with Shopify Inbox than when using email and phone calls. All of your conversations are kept in one place and organized by customers, making them easily searchable whenever needed.

How can it help your business?

Shopify Inbox helps you convert more sales and improve customer service. Here's how:

  • It provides a single location to help you manage conversations across Facebook Messenger, email, SMS, and other messaging channels.
  • It helps you increase sales by replying faster to potential customers who message you on social media.
  • It provides a seamless way to monitor customer conversations happening directly on your online store or email marketing campaigns so that you can respond immediately and convert more sales.

Inbox's powerful features help you save time, increase sales, and improve customer service by giving you the tools to manage all of your customer conversations from one convenient location.

There are several message types you can send through Shopify Inbox, including automated welcome messages, informational messages, cart recovery messages, order confirmation messages, and shipping update notifications:

With the Inbox's automated messages, businesses can alleviate customer concerns by providing real-time updates throughout the sales process. Think of this as an opportunity to educate customers on your policies and get them excited about the experience you'll offer them.

Alerting customers of their shipping status (and estimated delivery date) is just one example of an automated message that helps drive conversions and increase customer satisfaction. 

Whether you have a new subscriber or a new customer, a personalized welcome message is a great way to set the tone for future interactions with your brand. You can also offer exclusive introductions or incentives for first-time buyers/subscribers.

If your store has a unique feature or an important policy that customers should be aware of (e.g., free returns), creating an informational message can help educate customers about your brand and products.

How to set up Shopify Inbox

To get started with Shopify Inbox, you need to complete a few steps. The setup process only takes a few seconds. After that, you can customize elements like automated replies, branding, and integrations. Here's how:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Visit Shopify App Store.
  2. Click on the Inbox tab on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Click Install App.

After completing the installation process, you should see a new Inbox tab under Sales Channels.

By default, a chat button is displayed on the bottom right corner of your website's interface. The customer can send you a message by clicking on it.

When a customer sends you a message, you'll get a notification on your dashboard. To respond, click the View Your Messages button.

The Shopify Inbox module lets you arrange messages by customers or team members. You can turn on desktop notifications to respond faster or get them on your mobile apps.

Each new message appears in the Active inbox list, where you may reply or assign it to a specific customer service agent.

Quick replies and automated responses

Shopify Inbox allows for quick replies, FAQs, automated messaging, and cosmetic adjustments in addition to responding to messages. All of these options are available in the Shopify Inbox channel's Overview.

If, for example, a customer sends a message to a store, the store can send a follow-up message right away that acknowledges it.  You can turn this on and use one of the templates for Shopify's messages in its Inbox to send them. Everything from follow-up messages to saved responses comes with pre-made templates that you can use.


FAQs are another thing that can be done with Shopify Inbox. These are displayed as default message options for consumers to select and send. After that, the system responds with answers that you have set up.


You may customize the appearance of your inbox chat window, order status request, pre-chat form, and more on this page.

It also lets you make simple changes to match your brand's colors, as well as chat button formats and positions.

Setting up any integrations you might require is the final step in configuring Shopify Inbox. Just go to Sales Channels, Inbox, and then Integrations.

Installing the Facebook integration might be a good idea. It lets you manage Facebook Messenger notifications from the same place. There is also a link to see more integrations if you control more than one channel.

In addition, analytics like new conversations, first-time responses, and sales conversations are available.

Should you try it out?

Although it's not as powerful as other chat boxes available in the Shopify App Store, it is entirely free. It also comes pre-packaged with various functions for handling customer service inquiries.

If you've ever had to deal with email support for your company, you know how quickly it can spiral out of control. There's a reason so many companies are turning to live chat software solutions instead of traditional customer service methods.

It's important to note that Inbox isn't for everyone. It's a basic chat app suitable for small businesses that don't require more advanced features. So, if you're looking for functionality like lead scoring, automatic triggers, and multiple agent support, you'll want to look elsewhere.

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