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Exploring the Linkpop Shopify App: Pricing, Features, and User Reviews


What exactly is LinkPop?

In-Depth Overview of the Linkpop Shopify App Features

Advanced Analytics Feature

Exploring the Pricing and Setup of Linkpop

Steps to Establish a LinkPop Page

Integrating Linkpop with Instagram and TikTok

Detailed Analysis of Linkpop: Advantages and Limitations

Top 3 Shopify Stores Utilising Linkpop

Comparative Analysis: Linkpop vs Linktree for Bio-Link Optimisation

Final Reflection

Navigating the limitations of having only a single link to your store in the bio sections of social media profiles can be challenging. This constraint hampers sales potential and limits your ability to guide customers effectively to various products or pages with just one click.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of the Linkpop Shopify app. We'll explore how Shopify store owners have leveraged this free link-in-bio tool to dramatically increase sales from social media channels—in some instances, by as much as 600%. Additionally, we'll delve into strategies for utilising LinkPop to maximise the impact of your social media traffic, thereby enhancing your online store's performance and customer engagement.

What exactly is LinkPop?

Linkpop emerges as a revolutionary, free offering by Shopify, specifically crafted to empower creators and business owners. It transforms the traditional 'link in bio' into a dynamic, shoppable feature. This tool seamlessly integrates social media profiles, store pages, and product displays, enabling customers to effortlessly browse and purchase directly within Instagram or TikTok without the need to visit an external website.

In-Depth Overview of the Linkpop Shopify App Features

  1. Streamlined Checkout Process

Linkpop utilises Shopify's renowned quick and secure checkout process, ensuring a smooth transaction experience for customers.

  1. One Unified Shareable Link

This feature allows you to create a single, shareable link that can be embedded in social media bios across various platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

In addition to links to websites, articles, and videos, Linkpop enables the inclusion of shoppable links. These shoppable links synchronise with a merchant's product catalogue to provide comprehensive information necessary for customer purchases. Each retailer using Linkpop can showcase up to 200 links on their account.

  1. Product Links and Browsing

A notable feature is the 'Browse Products' button on shoppable links. This button reveals the products listed in your store. By clicking on a product in the sales channel, it gets automatically added to the LinkPop page. Users can then rearrange the list of items and links as desired by simply clicking and dragging.

Merchants have the option to upload custom images for each product link, allowing for a more personalised and visually appealing display.

  1. Customization of Styles

Linkpop offers customization options under the 'Style' tab. Here, merchants can modify the background colour or upload a unique background image. Additional customization options include altering the logo, font style, and other elements of the Linkpop page, although the range of customization is somewhat more limited compared to other bio-link services.

  1. Bio Details Customization

By accessing the 'Bio' tab, users can upload a logo, enter a store name and description, and add social media handles. This feature allows for further personalisation of the LinkPop page.

Advanced Analytics Feature

One of Linkpop's standout features is its free Analytics Tool, which is pivotal in tracking engagement. This tool allows merchants to test the performance of their content and products, providing insights into which links garner the most clicks and what sells on specific days. Merchants can monitor the performance of each link, including the number of visits to the page and individual link clicks.

The analytics functionality is an essential aspect of any biolink tool. It aids in identifying high-performing links and those that may need removal or adjustment, facilitating informed decisions about promotion strategies. Linkpop’s integration with Shopify Analytics is particularly advantageous, offering insights into how shoppable links impact conversions and sales, thereby providing a comprehensive view of online store performance.

Designed with a mobile-first approach, Linkpop is user-friendly and caters to the modern shopper's needs. It acts as a centralised hub, linking users to a carefully curated collection of their various sales channels and social media platforms. By incorporating shoppable links, users can effectively convert their followers into customers. For Shopify store owners, this integration is a game-changer. It allows them to showcase their products more engagingly, reach a wider audience, and significantly boost their sales figures.

Recent data from Shopify highlights the success of Linkpop, with users witnessing a doubling in their checkout rates and selling over 100,000 products through their crafted links. This impressive milestone translates to millions in sales, showcasing the tool's effectiveness in driving revenue.

Linkpop's functionality extends beyond just redirecting visitors to a single page. It enables the creation of a landing page containing multiple links to various pages, enhancing the scope of customer engagement. Users can exhibit a range of products, link to other social media accounts, or guide visitors to other critical areas of their website. Whether it's highlighting a recent blog post, showcasing the latest collections, or promoting upcoming events, Linkpop facilitates a multi-faceted approach to online marketing.

This tool simplifies the purchasing process for followers by minimising the number of clicks required and keeping them within their prefered social media app. Linkpop's ease of use and intuitive design make it an essential tool for modern businesses looking to capitalise on their social media presence and turn engagement into tangible sales.

Exploring the Pricing and Setup of Linkpop

Understanding Linkpop's Cost Linkpop is accessible at no cost and is available to anyone with a Shopify account. This means that Linkpop is completely free to use. For those who don't have a Shopify account, the process will prompt them to create one. Existing Shopify users can simply log in with their current account details.

Steps to Establish a LinkPop Page

The initial step to utilise Linkpop involves installing the Linkpop app from the Shopify app store.

Initial Setup of Your Linkpop Landing Page

After installing the app, you’ll need to input specific details about your store and your preferences. This information can either be automatically synced from your existing Shopify account or manually entered. Key details to include are:

  • The name and bio of your store
  • Your chosen colour scheme
  • Your social media links
  • Any recently added products.

Choosing Your Linkpop URL

The next phase is selecting your unique Linkpop URL, which follows the format: linkpop.com/[your_chosen_link]. It's advisable to use your brand name in the URL for enhanced brand recognition and trust.

Once this step is completed, your page will go live. You can then add more essential information by accessing the "Bio" tab in the Linkpop dashboard.

Adding Social Media and Profile Details

In this section, you can incorporate your social media handles and links, along with your profile picture and a brief description. This allows these elements to be featured on your landing page.

Creating Your Linkpop Landing Page

This crucial step involves crafting the actual landing page that visitors will see when they click on your bio link. The design should be appealing, incorporating your brand colours and all the individual links and pages you wish to feature. This process can be divided into two main actions:

Adding Various Types of Links:


Product Link: Add products from your store for direct purchase on the page. You can edit the displayed product name.


Media Link: Embed media from Spotify or YouTube.


General Link: Include links to other pages like blog posts, collection pages, or external websites.


Affiliate Link: For influencers and content creators, this will be useful once Shopify launches "Shopify Collabs."


Amazon Affiliate Link: If you’re promoting Amazon affiliate products, add these links to your bio page.

Styling Your Landing Page:


  • Choose between a solid colour or an image for the background.
  • Customise the card colour, which forms the backdrop for each link.
  • Decide on the shape (round or rectangular) and colour of the links.
  • Adjust font style, colour, and opacity of the text.
  • Remember to keep the design simple and user-friendly, avoiding overwhelming visitors with too many links or details.

Integrating Linkpop with Instagram and TikTok

To maximise your store’s presence, adding 

Link-popping to Instagram and TikTok is essential.

For Instagram:


  • Log into your Instagram account.
  • Go to your profile and select 'edit profile.'
  • Add your LinkPop URL in the 'website' field.

For TikTok:


  • Tap on 'Edit profile.'
  • Choose 'Add your website.'
  • Input your LinkPop URL and save the changes.

Utilising LinkPop on these platforms allows you to direct traffic effectively to multiple pages and products with a single link, enhancing your marketing and sales strategy on social media.

Detailed Analysis of Linkpop: Advantages and Limitations

Advantages of Using Linkpop

Shoppable Links Creation: Linkpop enables users to create direct shopping links, allowing customers to purchase and checkout within the same interface.


Completely Free with Full Access: All features of Linkpop are available at no cost, with unlimited access to its functionalities.


User-Friendly Setup: The setup process for Linkpop is straightforward and requires just a few simple clicks.


Seamless Shopify Integration: The tool integrates effortlessly with your Shopify store, ensuring a cohesive user experience.


Retains Visitors on the Bio Page: Linkpop is designed to keep visitors engaged on the link-in-bio page without redirecting them elsewhere.

Limitations of Linkpop

Restricted Variety of Blocks: Compared to other biolink tools such as Linktree or Linkin.bio, Linkpop has a limited range of block types. For instance, it doesn’t support the addition of an email subscription form or collections feature.


Limited Profile Customization Options: The scope for customising the user profile on Linkpop is somewhat restricted.

Top 3 Shopify Stores Utilising Linkpop

  1. Blume


About: Blume focuses on elevating everyday rituals with their unique superfood-infused lattes, which are crafted to align with wellness goals without compromising on taste.


Linkpop Usage: Their primary link leads directly to their main website, facilitating easy access for customers.

  1. Long hair, Pretty Nails


About: A self-taught nail enthusiast who explores a variety of enjoyable and difficult nail designs runs this YouTube channel, which boasts over 1.59 million subscribers.


Linkpop Integration: Her Shopify-powered online shop utilises Linkpop as a primary sales channel page, enhancing her digital presence and sales strategy.

  1. Press Publish


Colin and Samir are Los Angeles-based YouTube creators with a background in creating content around YouTube news and culture. They began with The Lacrosse Network, a dedicated YouTube sports network for lacrosse.


Linkpop Application: Their sales channel, where they sell various products, is integrated with Linkpop, showcasing their commitment to leveraging digital tools for e-commerce.

These examples illustrate the diverse applications of Linkpop across different niches, highlighting its effectiveness in enhancing online sales and marketing strategies.

Comparative Analysis: Linkpop vs Linktree for Bio-Link Optimisation

When it comes to biolink tools, Linkpop and Linktree stand out as popular choices, each with unique features and advantages.

Link pop: A Cost-Effective, E-Commerce-Focused Tool

Completely Free: Linkpop offers its services entirely free of charge, making it an ideal option for small businesses or individuals operating on a limited budget.


Unrestricted Features: Unlike some other tools, Linkpop provides unrestricted access to all its features, ensuring great value.


Shopify Integration: As a product developed by Shopify, one of the leading e-commerce platforms, Linkpop is finely tuned for e-commerce stores. Its seamless integration with Shopify stores is a significant plus.


Analytics Integration: The integration with Shopify analytics is a major benefit, enabling store owners to efficiently track the performance of their links.

Linktree: Offering Customization and Advanced Analytics

Customization Flexibility: One of Linktree's key strengths is the ability to customise the appearance of the bio link page. It offers greater design flexibility compared to Linkpop, which has certain limitations in this area. This feature is particularly advantageous for businesses aiming to create a unique, branded look for their bio link page.


Advanced Analytics: Linktree excels in offering sophisticated analytics capabilities, such as tracking clicks and conversions on specific links. This can be incredibly useful for businesses focused on optimising their bio link page's performance.

Choosing the Right Tool

Ultimately, the choice between Linkpop and Linktree depends on the specific needs and goals of each business.

Linkpop: Ideal for those with a tight budget seeking an efficient, e-commerce-focused link in a bio tool, particularly beneficial for Shopify store owners.


Linktree is best suited for businesses that prioritise advanced customization options and in-depth analytics to fine-tune their social media strategy.

Both tools offer distinct advantages, and the decision will hinge on whether a business prioritises cost-effectiveness and e-commerce integration (Linkpop) or desires more robust customization and analytical tools (Linktree).

Final Reflection

As a Shopify store owner aiming to amplify your social media traffic and sales, you will find Linkpop to be an exceptional tool. For those seeking to create uncomplicated yet effective landing pages to showcase products, Linkpop stands out with its completely free shoppable links, a feature not commonly found in other bio link tools. This tool is particularly well-suited for e-commerce-focused Shopify stores, offering an array of impressive features through a user-friendly, easily navigable dashboard that seamlessly integrates with your store.

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