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Examples of How to Build a Soon-to-Be Shopify Page (2023)

Today's world demands an online presence, and Shopify is the clear winner when it comes to building an e-commerce store. But how can you make your Shopify page stand out from the crowd? Fear not, for we have the ultimate guide to building a Shopify page that will make your rivals green with envy. From eye-catching designs to seamless navigation, we'll walk you through every step of the process with examples that will help.

Do you require a coming soon page and what does it precisely entail?

Ah, the tantalizing "Coming Soon" page is so mysterious.

One of these bad boys has caught your attention throughout your web explorations.

Yet, what precisely is a coming soon page?

Moreover, do you need one?

A coming soon page is like a digital sneak peek of your website, my inquisitive friend.

It serves as a placeholder for your soon-to-be-launched website, offering just enough details to peak visitors' interest without giving everything away just yet.

The ability to gather leads and generate talk for your company makes it similar to an enticing teaser for a forthcoming film.

Yet, is one necessary?

Indeed, without a doubt is the quick response.

A coming soon page may be an effective tool for creating anticipation, generating leads, and giving your brand a polished appearance.

Also, it allows you an opportunity to iron out any bugs and get feedback before the launch of your website.

Are you prepared to design a coming soon page that will have your visitors counting down the minutes till the launch?

Do this now!

How to market effectively with a coming soon page

Well, congratulations on creating a coming soon page!

Then what?

How can you effectively sell your brand on this website and generate interest for your approaching launch?

We've got you covered with this tried-and-true advice, so don't worry:

make use of your coming soon page to tease your future launch with alluring language, visuals, and even sneak glimpses of what's to come.

The use of interactive elements and countdown timers, create interest and keep visitors interested.

Get email addresses: The greatest time to begin growing your email list is on your coming soon page.

Provide visitors with special material, discounts, or prizes to get them to sign up for your newsletter or receive information about your launch.

Use social media to your advantage by sharing your upcoming page there and using targeted ads to attract the people you want to see it.

To create buzz and promote user-generated content, use a hashtag.

Provide incentives: To encourage visitors to convert to devoted customers, use your coming soon page to promote early bird discounts, freebies, or other special benefits.

Optimize for SEO: By using pertinent keywords and meta tags, you can ensure that your coming soon page is optimized for search engines.

This will increase traffic to your page and help your website become more visible.

You can create excitement, create anticipation, and ultimately boost sales for your approaching launch by employing a coming soon page for marketing success.

So go ahead and put these suggestions into practice; your clients will appreciate it!

How to make a Shopify coming soon page

There's no need to worry if your e-commerce venture is set to debut but you're not quite ready to go live since Shopify has you covered with their amazing coming soon page alternatives!

On Shopify, there are two excellent ways to build a coming soon website that will keep your audience interested and anticipating your launch:

  1. Launch a password-protected landing page

Let's start with the incredibly quick way to use the password page.

This enables you to create an easy-to-use placeholder page that can gather email addresses and include social sharing buttons.

Additionally, because it is password-protected, you can invite a small group of people to preview your unfinished work, giving them VIP access to your development process.

  1. Make a "coming soon" announcement for your theme.

Publishing a "coming soon" version of your theme is the second choice.

Using this method, you may construct a fully working page with product photographs, explanation videos, and other pre-launch objectives like increasing your social media following or receiving funding from Kickstarter.

You may design a gorgeous, captivating, and aesthetically pleasing page that will keep your visitors hooked with the large selection of customizable templates and tools offered by Shopify.

Hence, Shopify has the tools you need to design a jaw-dropping coming-soon Website, whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro.

You may quickly design your page using their simple drag-and-drop interface and wide range of customization options.

Why then wait?

Create your coming soon page right now to entice customers to your major launch.

How to successfully take down the coming soon page

Oh, the time has come to say goodbye to your dependable coming soon page and launch your fully functional website.

But hold on, how can you remove it quickly and effectively?

Do not worry, my dear online shopper; I have the advice you require to make this procedure simple.

Let's start by discussing the significance of a spectacular exit.

Via your coming soon page, you've invested numerous hours in creating interest, gathering email sign-ups, and interacting with your audience.

It's time to part ways in style now!

How about a sincere thank you note to your devoted fans or a preview of what's to come?

Your opportunity to leave a lasting impression and leave your audience wanting more is now.

It's time to take apart the technical components next.

Simply navigate to your preferences and turn off the password protection if you utilize the password-protected page technique.

Your website is now operational, voilà!

It's time to return to your default theme if you chose the "coming soon" variation of your choice.

By going to the theme editor and choosing your original theme, you may do this quickly.

Yet, there's still more!

Remember to use those crucial redirects.

A redirect to your new website should be made for any links or bookmarks that your followers have saved to your coming soon page.

Via the Shopify dashboard, you can easily accomplish this.

Simply choose "Navigation" under the "Online Shop" option.

You may then make a fresh redirect and point it at your new website from there.

Finally, it's time to have a party!

Celebrate the launch of your brand-new website by popping the champagne, dancing a little, and enjoying the glory.

It's time to enjoy the benefits of all your hard work.

Now go ahead, bow, and take pleasure in the results of your labor.

In summary, deleting your coming soon page is an essential step in starting your e-commerce firm.

You'll be well on your way to developing a successful online presence by saying goodbye in style, taking down the technological components, rerouting links, and acknowledging your accomplishments.

So go forth and rule the internet world, my lovely entrepreneur!

10 samples of coming soon pages

It's time for you to get set to be amazed by these 10 incredible examples of coming soon pages, which will make you itch to click the "purchase" button!

  1. Simple Email Registration Page: This style of coming soon page is uncomplicated and uncomplicated, with a prominent email signup form that invites visitors to join your mailing list.

For companies that want to concentrate on growing their email list before launching their website or product, this is a fantastic alternative.

Before establishing its website, The Hustle, a daily newsletter, used a straightforward email signup form to grow its subscriber list.

  1. A countdown timer page creates anticipation for your debut by showing a timer that shows how many days, hours, and minutes are left before your website or product launches.

Visitors feel a sense of urgency and excitement when they see this kind of coming soon page.

For instance, Apple created excitement and expectation among its devoted fans by using a countdown timer page to promote the release of its Apple Watch.

  1. Product Preview Page: This page provides a sneak preview of your next product or service by highlighting its features, advantages, and differentiators.

Businesses who want to create buzz and excitement around their new product or service can use this style of a coming soon page.

For instance, Tesla showcased their impending electric truck on a product preview page, creating a lot of excitement and expectation among their devoted customers.

  1. An interesting and amusing short film is used on a video teaser page to tease your upcoming product or service while showcasing its key features and advantages.

Businesses who want to develop an emotional bond with their audience and create hype around their debut can use this style of a coming soon page.

For instance, Dollar Shave Club developed a video teaser website to advertise their subscription-based razor service, connecting with their target audience through fun and wit.

  1. Interactive Quiz Page: An interactive quiz page engages visitors by posing several inquiries about your forthcoming good or service, and then offers them tailored suggestions based on their answers.

Businesses that wish to give their customers an interactive and interesting experience should use this kind of coming soon page.

To help their customers select the ideal meal kit for their requirements, Blue Apron, for instance, created an interactive quiz website to offer recipes to their visitors.

  1. Social Proof Page: Visitors are more likely to believe a social proof page when it has recommendations, reviews, and testimonials from pleased customers.

Businesses who wish to establish themselves as renowned and reliable brands should use this kind of coming soon page.

As an illustration, Airbnb developed a social proof page to highlight their favorable reviews and ratings, increasing their credibility and trust with potential consumers.

  1. Storytelling Page: A narrative page presents the backstory of your company while emphasizing your vision, core principles, and differentiators engagingly and memorably.

Businesses who wish to stand out from their rivals and establish an emotional connection with their audience can use this style of coming soon page.

For instance, Warby Parker highlighted their distinctive approach to eyewear by using a storytelling page to communicate their objective of offering everyone access to fashionable, affordable glasses.

  1. A gamification page encourages visitors to interact with your brand freshly and excitingly by bringing a sense of fun and playfulness to your coming soon website.

Businesses that want to give their customers an engaging and memorable experience should use this style of coming soon page.

For instance, McDonald's advertised its Monopoly game on a gamified webpage, encouraging users to play a computerized version of the classic game and win prizes.

  1. Limited Access Page: To access your upcoming product or service, visitors must enter their email address or social network account on a limited access page.

Such a coming-soon website gives visitors who want to be the first to try out your new product a feeling of exclusivity and develops anticipation.

For instance, the social media app Clubhouse employed a limited access page to generate buzz about its invite-only platform, increasing demand from potential subscribers.

  1. Partnership Page: To generate excitement and buzz for your future launch, a partnership page displays your upcoming cooperation or partnership with another company or influencer.

Businesses who wish to use the audiences of other brands or influencers to reach new clients will do well with this kind of coming soon website.

As an illustration, H&M used a partnership website to advertise their future relationship with fashion designer Alexander Wang, creating buzz and anticipation among those who were anxious to get their hands on the limited-edition collection.

In conclusion, each of these examples of coming soon pages might be successful in generating interest and anticipation for your impending launch, depending on the particular requirements and objectives of your company.

You can create a memorable and engaging experience for your audience that leaves them excitedly expecting your launch by employing eye-catching and captivating language and design, as well as highlighting your unique value proposition.

Final Words

In conclusion, setting up a Shopify page for your new product or service can be an enjoyable and exciting process that helps raise awareness of it.

You can construct a coming soon page that engages your audience, engenders a sense of urgency, and fosters confidence and credibility with your potential clients by using the appropriate strategy.

The key is to be imaginative, captivating, and memorable, regardless of whether you select a straightforward email signup page, a countdown timer page, a product preview page, a video teaser page, an interactive quiz page, a social proof page, a storytelling page, a gamification page, or a combination of these options.

You can establish the groundwork for a successful launch and position yourself for long-term success by taking the time to create a well-designed and enticing coming soon page.

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