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Design User Experience on Your Shopify Site with InVision

Shopify remains to be the top choice for an eCommerce platform among big and small businesses alike, and it’s not hard to see why. The eCommerce platform continues to update and innovate its services and functionality to keep up with emerging industry trends.

It’s a great way for businesses to manage a large inventory, get beautiful design options, and have access to apps that can increase their Shopify store’s features. Shopify’s platform lets business owners focus on the actual business by handling the technical aspects.

If you’ve decided to give eCommerce a try and have had a hand in designing your Shopify store’s look you might have heard of a tool called InVision, or other related software like Sketch and Figma which has tools and functions that let you create design prototypes for your website. These tools are mainly used for prototyping, an integral part of the design process. In this article, we’ll focus on Invision.

What is prototyping? Why is it important?

When creating your website, an important part of the design process is something called prototyping. This is where you or your designers create an interactive mockup of your Shopify store to check on the flow and usability of your website before pushing it into development. This is a key step because it allows your team to review your website and share feedback while it is still in the early stages. This step can save you from wasting invested time and money.

What is Invision?

InVision is a web-based prototyping tool that lets users create digital product designs in one place with tools for ideation, design, prototyping, and design management. It is where designers can create highly interactive mockups for websites and apps. It’s a helpful tool to help create that perfect user experience.

InVision syncs your Sketch or Photoshop files and uses its platform to add hotspots that transform them into a fully interactive mockup.

InVision features:

  • Facilitates workflow by including a preview mode, a build mode for hotspot creation, and an inspect mode where you can hand off assets to team members
  • Facilitates collaboration between teams and clients eliminating confusion and keeps everyone on track
  • Lets you comment and sync files easily
  • Has a variety of transition animations as well as mobile gestures to bring your design to life
  • Lets you add advanced interactivity such as drop-down menus and hover states for buttons
  • The Freehand tool lets teams co-draw to share sketches and rough ideas in real-time

An overview of how to use InVision:

  1. Create your design using Sketch or Photoshop. 

Read more details here: Prototyping with Photoshop, Sketch Prototyping

  1. Add designs into InVision. You can either drag and drop or sync via Dropbox or Invision Sync
  2. Add links from one file to the next to create user flows
  3. Get feedback from your team and stakeholders by providing them with a link or invite, and letting them comment directly on the designs
  4. Use LiveShare to present designs and gather feedback or to collaborate with your team
  5. Contact Shopify Developers at Webinopoly to fully develop your InVision design to a fully functional Shopify website

Convert InVision to Shopify with Webinopoly

InVision is a great tool that gives you the power to create an impressive user experience. It helps you visualize and test concepts and collaborate with teams. If you have an InDesign file you want to implement into a Shopify site, our team at Webinopoly can develop it for you.

Who is Webinopoly and what can we do for you?

Webinopoly is an Award-Winning Digital Agency and are experts in Design, Setup, Development, and Marketing. We house trusted and top-notch Shopify experts who can help entrepreneurs like you build your online business. Our services range from building your Shopify store to theme customization, website development, migration to Shopify, SEO, and marketing.

What is Figma to Shopify Conversion?

It is a service here at Webinopoly where our Shopify Experts convert your InVision file into a working, responsive, functional Shopify site to give you the real thing.

What If I Don’t Have an InVision concept yet?

Don’t worry, our Shopify Experts at Webinopoly can also create prototypes for your Shopify store using InVision. Get in touch with us and let us know what you need so our Shopify Designers can get started on your awesome website.

About our InVision to Shopify Service:

Fully functional Shopify Website: We create a fully functional website based on your design which will be completely manageable for you after.

High quality work: Our Shopify experts are always on their toes to provide their best work. We strive to always develop a pixel perfect Shopify website with Figma.

Branded design: If you don’t have a design yet, Webinopoly’s Shopify Designers can use InVision to work with you and create a prototype of your website’s design aligned with your brand before fully developing it

How can you work with Webinopoly Shopify experts? It’s easy!

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  • Just leave us a message, tell us a little something about yourself, and let us know what you need.

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  • We’d love to get to know you and your brand so we’ll schedule a meeting with you. Doing this helps us establish a better understanding of your brand. From here, we’ll go over everything discussed and come up with suggestions on what works best, and provide you with free costing.

  • You rest, we work
  • When all is settled, a project manager will be assigned to you and our team will start working on your website. It won’t be long until we provide you with our top-notch work and you can start using your website.

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