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PSD TO SHOPIFY: Convert Your PSD Files into a functional Shopify Website

Have you created a web-store design in Photoshop? One that shows everything you want and how it should look but aren’t able to convert this design you worked so hard on to Shopify’s platform? Our team of Shopify Experts here at Webinopoly can help you convert your design from PSD to Shopify so don’t worry.

Shopify remains to be one of the most popular and most used eCommerce platforms for small and big businesses looking to set up online stores. It makes setting up an eCommerce store easy and lessens the hassle of complicated web development by providing everything you might need for a monthly fee.

There are a lot of free and paid designs available on Shopify but to really stand out from all the other brands out there, it is better to create a custom design that suits and represents your brand.

You can convert your PSD files to Shopify with a couple of steps but you’ll need some knowledge in Photoshop, CSS/HTML, and Shopify’s customization settings.

How to Convert Your PSD to Shopify:

  • Begin by slicing your PSD design into smaller pieces
  • You’ll want to separate your designs into sections such as “header”, “sidebar” and “footer” so you don’t get lost and also so that it will be easier to code. Draw rectangles around the elements accordingly.

  • Save your files as JPEG or JPG in the highest resolution
  • Select File > Save for Web > Choose the highest resolution > Save in JPG

  • Save your PSD file as a HTML file
  • Using the complete version of your Photoshop file, save it as a .html file

  • Use Shopify’s customizable CSS
  • You will need to upload the new .html and image files to Shopify. You can do so by looking for a theme that matches your design. You can find themes from the Theme Store. Once you find once install it and customize it to match your PSD’s requirements in Theme Manager which will take you to the Theme Editor. Here is where you can modify and preview everything as well as start coding. Editing these theme files and replacing the images with your relevant sliced images, you can make your Shopify theme look exactly like you want it to.

    Why Choose Webinopoly to Convert PSD to Shopify?

    Converting PSD files into a fully functional Shopify website takes learned skills and knowledge in HTML and CSS which new eCommerce explorers may not be used to or do not have the time to learn. If you’d like to learn and create everything yourself, you can do so as it is an investment and will give you web design experience and skills that can help you when you start scaling your business in the future.

    However, for those who do not have the time to learn or do not have a team of developers at hand, your team of Shopify Experts here at Webinopoly can do it for you. Our team has been living, eating, and breathing Shopify for a while now so we know its kinks and quirks. We will be able to provide you with a professional-looking website that will attract customers and save you time and effort.

    About our PSD to Shopify service

    Webinopoly’s Certified Shopify Designers and Developers ensure that your Shopify website follows your brand vision and is aligned with your goals while driving conversions

    • You will get a fully-optimized, high-quality, and mobile-friendly website
    • Customize  each page on your website according to your PDF and other needs
    • Provide you with UNLIMITED design changes for free
    • We can optimize your website for SEO
    • You will get a dedicated project manager to walk you through everything and update you
    • We can work to fit your budget and deliver whatever you need

    Webinopoly’s team of experts have helped hundreds of businesses launch their stores online with beautifully crafted custom Shopify designs. Because of this, we continue to gain insights on eCommerce and Shopify developments that we apply to websites to gain more traffic and generate more conversions.

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