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Connect your Shopify Store with Square Payments.

Connect your Shopify Store with Square Payments.

One of the most important steps in the customer journey is the decision phase where potential customers have already decided to purchase, add to cart, and checkout. Everything at checkout must run smoothly to avoid having an abandoned cart. As the merchant, you want to provide customers with an easy and secure checkout experience. While at Webinopoly, we want to make YOU to experience an efficient, functional and overall awesome checkout app. Webinopoly is proud to introduce Checkout Republic.

Who is this app for?

  • Sellers who want to utilize Square payments as a payment gateway or processor 
  • Sellers who want to integrate the checkout page to Klaviyo 
  • Sellers who want to save money on unfair Shopify charges when using 3rd party gateways 
  • Sellers who want a customizable checkout page, enable restrictions and enjoy a hassle-free experience without upgrading to Shopify Plus
  • Sellers who are selling high risk products and are NOT approved by Shopify 

What can Checkout Republic do for you?

  • Square payments compatible
  • What started out as a small credit card reader has now become a million dollar fintech company with over  24 million users on its database. As a seller, Square provides POS and dashboard apps to make it easier for you to accept payments, learn about your buyers, and get real-time reports. While on the consumer side, they make sending and receiving money easy through Cash App. Right now, Square isn’t a payment gateway that Shopify can offer, and the only way to integrate would be to hire a developer. Since Checkout Republic is compatible with Square payments, it is now possible to seamlessly integrate Square’s payment gateway and use it on your checkout page.

  • Customizable checkout page

  • We retain the look and feel of Shopify’s checkout page UI/UX which is clean and easy to use, and has proven to be effective in conversions. While it may look like Shopify’s usual checkout page, it’s actually all done through Checkout Republic. This makes it stay user-friendly for your customers when checking out and for you, when customizing. Even though it is through Checkout Republic’s checkout page, the URL stays the same as your store’s, and the design is customizable to fit with the rest of your theme.

  • It will save you money

  • Shopify charges merchants who use Shopify Payments with transaction fees for credit card checkouts. These are online credit card charges with rates of about 2.4% to 2.9% + 30¢, and for in-person credit card purchases from 2.4% to 2.7%. Now if you choose to use a 3rd party payment gateway, you will get an additional 0.5 to 2.0% charge. That is a lot of additional fees just to sell your stuff. Checkout Republic doesn’t process payments on Shopify’s billing platform and is instead used as an external redirect checkout which allows you to avoid additional fees, and lessen the amount you have to pay. This feature also allows you to utilize Checkout Republic for items that may be under Shopify’s restricted product category and payments such as CBD and Functional Remedies as it does not go through the Shopify Payments’ checkout.

  • Allows subscription based payments

  • Subscriptions are one way to encourage customers to buy your product as it allows them to purchase at a lower price rather than a big amount all at once, and even though they may pay more over a period of time, they still get to use your product right away. Now, Shopify does not let you do recurring payments or subscriptions as of yet but through our app you can start offering subscriptions and recurring payments to your customers.

  • PCI Compliant and secure
  • Of course as merchants, we want to build trust starting with providing a safe and secure checkout for our customers. Checkout Republic follows a strict assessment that adheres to PCI data security standards. These help avoid any data breach which may result in distrust and ruin your store’s credibility as well as provide security.

  • Seamless sync with Shopify
  • We’ve made it hassle-free for you to sync important data from Shopify to our app including everything from Shopify inventory, orders, products and customers. All these details regularly sync from your store to our app, making sure that changes are reflected in real time.

  • Allows zip code restrictions
  • If you are unable to serve certain locations, or want to block customers from some areas, Checkout Republic allows you to do so by requiring customers to input their zip codes and disable checkout. 

    Once our app detects that the zip code placed by the customer is restricted by you, it will automatically disable checkout.

  • Allows integration to Klaviyo
  • Klaviyo, one of the most used eCommerce marketing automation platforms, has been helping Shopify merchants map the customer journey, do targeted campaigns, automate messages, while providing reports and analytics to track your growth. As Checkout Republic works externally from Shopify, and a lot of Shopify merchants manage a Klaviyo account, Webinopoly developers made it so that our app is compatible with theirs.

  • Feedback and Support
  • As with anything, our Webinopoly team offers their solution-oriented feedback and support. We make sure to accommodate your queries as long as they are Checkout Public related. If you need help removing any scripts or customizing the checkout page, just send us a message and a Shopify expert from the Webinopoly team will get back to you at the soonest.

    Our checkout page helps you achieve conversion goals by providing your customers with a hassle-free checkout experience, plus our integrations allow you to stay efficient and give you a better overall Shopify experience.

    If you have any questions about using Checkout Republic, feel free to contact us, OR if you’d like to learn more about Webinopoly please visit us here


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