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A Quick Guide to Building Your Shopify Website's Credibility

If there’s one thing you need to do to get conversions, it is building your Shopify website’s credibility. This revolves around extending your brand’s credibility through your site by focusing on these 3 factors: Trustworthiness, expertise and attractiveness. 


This is to what extent your brand is considered a reliable source of information. This means that customers believe your brand will deliver on what you have promised. Say if you were selling a “sturdy” wooden table, anything you present must make your customers believe that they indeed will be getting a sturdy table upon purchasing from you, and not a wobbly, plastic one.

One of the ways to make your brand believable is by using testimonials and reviews. Testimonials are usually handpicked by the business from customers they have a good relationship with. These are people who are satisfied and happy with what you offered and agree to go on record. Putting testimonials lets other potential customers imagine what it would feel like to be your customer. Reading about your past customer’s good experience puts them at ease.

In the same way, reviews can help boost this feeling. Reviews are more open and can include both good and negative experiences. Since brands aren’t able to filter or delete bad reviews, this allows you to interact immediately with your consumer to fix the problem. Commenting to rectify the problem shows you have good customer service, which other potential customers can see. Good reviews can affect potential customer’s perception and may help in their decision process. If you need to add testimonials or a review app on your Shopify site, our Webinopoly team can help you out.

Additionally, with scams going rampant as more and more e-commerce sites launch, investing in website security puts your customer’s minds at ease. Most of them will be looking out for that “https” instead of “http”. This security, makes their overall buying process worry-free, and can even encourage them to do a repeat purchase. 


This is the extent to which your brand has good knowledge and skills with regards to your product. It implies that your brand is believed capable of delivering the promises.

Your brand should be able to show how it solves the customer’s problem. Your brand should show great insight and be able to justify your claims. Extensive product descriptions complete with all the necessary information (types, variations, sizes, measurements, usage, advice, and instructions) your customer might ask can help with this. If you are selling apparel, sizing, material and high quality photos is crucial. Without these, customers won’t be looking to buy from you and look at the next shop that can provide it. If you’re looking to get started on professional product descriptions, our experts at Webinopoly can craft them for you.

Another way to get more customers believing your brand can deliver is by getting experts or influencers in your market segment to endorse your product and review it. This is most helpful if you are selling high-ticket items like gadgets. These experts are able to provide a thorough runthrough of your product, inspecting all of its specs and comparing any claims you’ve made to the actual thing they received. As these people are already deemed an expert in their field due to their established status, their credibility adds to yours. A good review or recommendation coming from them heightens potential customer’s belief in your brand. 


This is to what extent a brand is evaluated in term of personality determinants, or basically how likeable your brand is to your customer.

In line with your branding, a professionally designed website gives them a good impression of your product. This would include everything they see—your logo, photos, copy, even your URL. If you’re selling safety locks with a URL like “beautifulstore.com”, there already is a quick disconnect from the product and the URL plus the fact that it’s not creative, easy to remember or well thought of can put customers off. A Shopify site that doesn’t function properly can also make potential customers leave right away. With so many other sites out there, we want to keep them on ours. Features like quick checkouts, easy navigation, and a good-looking website can go a long way. Check out some award-winning stuff our Webinopoly team has come up recently here.

Well written copies, professional product photos, and a good website design, gives customers an impression that the product must be professionally made as well. In the same way that a poorly made website can give off the impression that the product is cheap, fake or unreliable. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to buy from a website that has too many typographical errors, or only has low-res product photos. 

These few changes and additions to your website can definitely boost your Shopify store’s credibility, and Webinopoly is equipped to help and support you from web design, development, and marketing. Our team consists of Shopify experts who can configure and set-up your store for you, provide high-quality designs,  and provide support.

If you’re ready to launch, or boost your Shopify site, drop us a message here.


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