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It’s always cool to know about the latest trending products and also where to get them. So many sites promise to update readers on the latest trends but all they do is the copy from other sources without conducting individual research. In this article, I will tell you about 8 most important sites you need to know about for your current product trends.

Here are my 8 Most Important Sites You Need to Know about Current Product Trends


Just like its name, they hunt for the current product trends all over the world and update readers on a daily basis. Every day, Trend Hunter reviews different entrepreneurial ideas, fashion and latest news around the world of pop.


Just like its mission statement, spring wise aims at making positive impacts through innovation. There are over 20,000 publishers on the site from all over the world. This platform is a great source for keeping track of current global inventions and trends.


This site has been in existence since 2002, with offices across the world like London, Singapore, New York, Amsterdam, São Paulo and Lagos. The site helps business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in over 180 countries understand current product trends and also unlock new business potentials.


Ubercool or Ubercool Innovation renders pre-packaged current product trends in different sectors like entertainment, digital marketing, hospitality, packaged goods, real estate, restaurants, and technology.


The CoolHunter is the best place for people who want to know and stay ahead of the current product trends in many sectors. Her audience is mainly people with interests in architecture, design, style, fashion, and entertainment.


Cool Hunting is a platform that researchers and updates on the current product trends in design, style, technology, art, travel, and culture. The site features active original content which is aimed at informing its creative community that designing is the future.


PSFK educates its members on the current product trends through the latest trends across every major industry. At PSFK, members can research deeper into any trend or topic by making requests on the website.


Kickstarter is a large global community that features creativity at its peak. Here, you can find people of different professions and the latest trends in each profession. Over 10 million people, from different countries, have pledged to a Kickstarter project. On Kickstarter, people work together to make dreams a reality.

Having, listed the 8 awesome websites for people who want to know and stay ahead of current product trends, I hope you find what you are looking for. While most of the websites have paid memberships for better service delivery, they really contain lots of information on latest trends including blockchain technology.


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