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Website Design Styles highlights the features of websites, particularly how it feels and looks. Over the years, website design Styles pushed towards excessive creativity—forgoing the usual stock photos and grid for lively illustrations, asymmetrical layouts, and bold colors.

Also, technology has made websites to become more active. As a result, 2019 website design styles will see all these merge together like never before.

In no particular n order, here are the top website design styles for 2019.

1. Combination

Source: https://www.jotform.com/

This involves combining various design style. But it shouldn’t be more than three styles else the website will look like it’s being pieced together by different people. Indeed, this website design style takes a long time to complete. For best results, don’t hire a web design team, do it inhouse.

2. Freehand Drawing

Source: https://www.jotform.com/

This is another fascinating and innovative website design style. Freehand drawing had gained a lot of attention over the years, thanks to technology advancement. With tools like iPad Pro and Surface Pro, designers can now draw on the screen effortlessly. What’s more, this design is unique and includes a mix of flat design and realism. But the disadvantage is that it can get a bit untidy sometimes.

3. Minimalist

Source: https://speckyboy.com/

The name says it all! The design doesn’t include elaborate designs and fonts. Although it looks like a simple site, the process behind building it is not simple! A minimalist web-design style seeks to streamline interfaces by removing unimportant contents or elements that don’t support user tasks. Some of its features include limited color schemes, flat design, few user interface elements, dramatic typography, and negative space.

4. Isometric

Source: https://speckyboy.com/

Isometric is a new Website Design Style. Although it looks appears like a Flat Design website. But it’s a 3-dimensional style and same dimension all through. Further, this website design style can difficult to create since it involves a lot of graphics in the process. Even though it takes some time to build, it’s a unique style and indicates your identity.

5. Fonts

Source: https://speckyboy.com/

This website design style makes use of different fonts to highlight it features. Also, the style works by blending accent, color gradients. But there is a catch. To use this website design style, you must know which word to use. You need to get it right

6. Flat Design

Source: http://develop-a-website.com/

This Web Design Style is also popular. The designs are often Flat graphics and images in 2D. However, they can be layered sometimes. One amazing feature of flat design is that it lasts for a long time. Also, it is simple to design since the icons are readily available.

7. Realism Web Design Style

Source: https://www.webdesign-inspiration.com/

A lot of website developers make use of realism. In actuality, it is preferred since it makes use of photos as its primary focus. If your services include fashion, food, or photography, you can use the Realism Web Design Style to convey your products. In essence, what you see on the website is what you get.


Let’s Discuss Your Project