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5 Tips to Improve your Shopify Product Page Images

Though big brands usually appeal through the Five Senses, in eCommerce we are limited to one, the sense of sight. Anything we show on our Shopify store must be visually appealing since it plays such a large role. When you look at successful Shopify stores, you will notice that they have a professional website design and layout. And most of all, high quality product photos.

We have some tips here that we think are key in improving your product page images.

  1. Enticing main image

One of the best things you can do to help sales online is to showcase your product professionally and creatively, when you can. Ideally, your product should be the main focus so avoid including confusing items that might clash with it or grab attention. It’s also more appealing to have a white or light background, and to make sure that they are professionally taken, the product looks nice, there’s no unwanted dirt or glare, and that it is well lit.


Red Velvet NYC

  • Light and clean background
  • Product is the main focus
  • Packaging and presentation is clearly seen

Fresh Roasted Coffee

  • Plain white background
  • Used the actual product as main image rather than just the packaging
  • Photo is not messy as only the tea extracts can be seen
  1. Fitbit

So you got to make your customer click on your product because of the enticing main photo. The next thing they’ll want to see is more photos of your product. A few good ones to take note of are:

  • Photos of the product in different angles
  • Lifestyle images where the customer can visualize the product in use
  • Photos of the product against other images related to it


Red Velvet NYC

  • Gallery includes photos related to their DIY baking kit such as the garnish
  • Shows someone making the cupcakes, allowing the customer to visualize making it themselves
  • Photos are cohesive with the main photo, using the same background and lighting


  • Shein includes a lot of different angles and poses in the product gallery
  • They were able to include styling suggestions through accessories
  • Same light colored background across all photos
  1. Include actionable elements

Actionable elements on your product page encourages the Shopify site visitor to continue clicking or browsing through the gallery. These just make it easier for your customer to browse and improves their user experience. These can be in terms of arrows or an expand button that are visible yet cohesive with your product photo and layout.


  • Has arrows that make you want to click forward and back to see more photos of the product (bag)
  • Has an expand button on the lower right to show you a zoomed up version of the current photo
  • Buttons don’t grab attention away from the product but are clearly visible
  1. Mobile supported layout and gallery

Given that a high number of people looking to buy online are also on mobile, there is a good chance that they may be browsing through their phones. It’s important that your photos are high-resolution and are professionally taken as zooming on the phone can show all the details. It will also be helpful to have swiping through the gallery available.



  • All items are optimized for mobile
  • Users can easily see the category, product name, photo and short description
  • Arrows motivate you to click next or look back
  • Swiping on mobile is activated

If you need help optimizing your layout for mobile, your Shopify experts at Webinopoly are just a few clicks away.

  1. Include images for each product variant

While it might be tempting to just take and upload a single photo of all the variants of your product, it doesn’t help you or your customers. People buying online depend on your photos and accurate product descriptions before buying. They want to make sure that if they order a different variant, they know exactly what they’ll be getting when it arrives.



  • Michi includes all available colors for the product (flare legging) in the product description along with the color profile such as “Blaze” and “Black/White”
  • They include a gallery for each variant that shows the product in different angles and positions

We hope you find these tips helpful and if you’d like to get started on your website, contact your Shopify experts at Webinopoly here.

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