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3dcart: eCommerce Platform Review

Almost every article in the Webinopoly blog relates to Shopify in some way. This only makes sense. We consider ourselves experts on the solution and offer plenty of services for its users. Despite the impression that our focus may give, we must acknowledge something. There is more to the world of eCommerce than Shopify. For that matter, there is also more than BigCommerce, for which we also provide services.

People who want to start an online business have options for eCommerce platforms beyond Shopify and BigCommerce. One Shopify alternative that stands out, even in such a crowded market, is 3dcart. In a special break for our usual coverage, we want to highlight the qualities of this hosted software and share our thoughts as development professionals. This article will touch on the pros and cons, discuss some of 3dcart’s many features, and explain why it stands alongside titans in its field.

What Is 3dcart?

3dcart is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed for building and managing online shopping sites. Payment for a monthly or yearly subscription fee gives a user access to the software. The exact features that one can use varies based on the payment plan. While all of this is typical for such platforms, 3dcart is unusual in many ways, starting with its origin. It launched in 2000, making it among the oldest and longest-running eCommerce site builders on the internet. Development has been constant, and the team regularly makes updates. As of this writing, 3dcart is currently on Version 10.

The result of these two decades of consistent work is a platform that combines the best of old and new. Everything about it feels modern to the touch, as if it were created only yesterday. With that said, “everything” comprises an enormous collection of features twenty years in the making. The software is sophisticated, scalable, user-friendly, and refined for optimal results. For all these reasons and more, over 20,000 run their stores on 3dcart software.

3dcart Advantages

3dcart offers plenty of advantages to all types of businesses — B2C or B2B, big or small or in between, with or without prior technical experience. We will describe the most notable ones below:

  • Built-In Features — As we wrote before, 3dcart offers dozens of tools for eCommerce business owners. Even the cheapest price plans come bundled with many essentials and a few extras. Even more integrations are available on their massive app store, but such additional purchases are not necessary for achieving success with the solution.

  • Unlike certain other eCommerce platforms, 3dcart does not punish businesses for growing. Instead, the platform scales up with the site, offering a complete enterprise ecommerce solution, with more space and assistance along the way. Not charging transaction fees or hosting fees helps, as does providing unlimited bandwidth.

  • Flexibility 3dcart’s themes are built with a core that makes them highly flexible without losing functionality. eCommerce entrepreneurs can design their site to match their vision. Better still, the themes come with responsive design, allowing every store to be mobile-friendly from the jump.

  • Payment Gateways 3dcart offers over 100 different payment options that online stores can integrate to their checkout process. The selection, which includes international carriers and gateways that support high-risk industries, is greater than any other platform on the marketplace.

  • 24/7/365 Support3dcart’s in-house support team is available at any time on any day of the year. If clients experience trouble on nights, weekends, or holidays, they can easily and immediately reach the company’s experts via online chat or over the phone

  • Affordable Pricing3dcart’s five main monthly plans cost about the same or a little less than many of the other major eCommerce platforms. The true benefit is the number of features and amount of support one can receive, making them a bargain in comparison to most competing solutions.

3dcart Disadvantages

Nothing is perfect, and 3dcart has its share of common criticisms. A few potential disadvantages that potential 3dcart users must consider include the following:

  • Learning CurveA potential problem with the platform’s many tools and plug-ins is that users have a great deal to learn. 3dcart tries to lighten the load with a comprehensive Knowledge Base, as well as their content-rich blog and beginner-friendly “eCommerce University” articles.

  • Themes One aspect in which 3dcart shows its age is its selection of themes. As of this writing, some of them are dated in appearance, and the 100-plus number includes some padding. The team is phasing out the old with more vital replacements, but progress remains gradual.

  • Coding ExperienceSpeaking of themes, some of them do not function with the recently added site editor. To change certain aspects of them, users may need to edit from the backend or hire an outside tech expert. Again, this may change as new templates replace outmoded ones.

  • Phone Support The 24/7/365 customer hotline has received criticism online for lengthy wait times and even some unhelpfulness.

3dcart Competitors

BigCommerce and Shopify are two of 3dcart’s most significant competitors. A comparison can help hopeful entrepreneurs decide which is best for them.

3dcart vs. BigCommerce

BigCommerce may be big among eCommerce platforms, but 3dcart offers some advantages. The latter’s selection of built-in features is outstanding. Meanwhile, users of the former must shell out for high price plans or even apps to gain more than a few essentials. BigCommerce’s selection of payment plans is also quite limited, especially compared to 3dcart’s massive collection. Their themes store may offer more than 3dcart’s, but they only have a few available for free. As a result, 3dcart may be the more affordable solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs on a budget.

3dcart vs. Shopify

As with BigCommerce, 3dcart also stacks up nicely against Shopify in its large offering of built-in features. Shopify has a tendency to rely on third-party app developers, including for features that many store owners would consider must-haves. Another detail to consider is that 3dcart does not impose transaction fees at all. Its famed competitor, on the other hand, charges between 0.5 and 2% — small percentages that add up over time. API access is also more readily available on 3dcart, allowing developers to create their own apps with greater ease and fewer restrictions.

How Webinopoly Can Help

The Webinopoly team has a high opinion of 3dcart. Their software is friendly to both laypersons and tech professionals alike, and their benefits are truly impressive even compared to other major platforms. If you choose the platform as the foundation for your website, our design and development team can assist you in your eCommerce journey. Our services, combined with 3dcart’s own tools and perks, may be just what you need to succeed in the world of eCommerce. Reach out to us right away and we can give you a quote.


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