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35 Trending Products in the US to Sell Online in 2021

Purchasing patterns all over the world have changed drastically. Consumers have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, changing their consumer behavior to buy products online, now, more than ever. With how easy it is to purchase products today, more and more consumers are succumbing to buying everything online from their groceries, their pet supplies, and even home decor. 

Online sales are anticipated to go above $4.9 trillion next year, so if you haven’t yet established your own online shop, the time is now.

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If you want to make it big in eCommerce, you will need 3 things: in-demand products, marketing skills, and a drive to succeed.

Being able to pick out what product it is that consumers want is a big factor. So if you want to know where to start looking, we have listed 35 trending products that we believe will still be in demand by 2022.

The items on this list are based on Google trends from the past 12 months and data pooled from Amazon and Shopify. A lot of these are best sellers and constantly appear on Google searches and social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

You might think that selling whatever is trending should be a no-go. But right now, the best products are trending products. It is because having these items at your store gives you more visibility as it can give your store more visits. This list should also be able to help you if you haven’t decided what category to focus on yet.

Electronics and devices

  1. Streaming devices like ROKU and Amazon Fire Stick

Since the start of the pandemic, streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have grown more popular, as consumers use the service to stay at home and watch as many of the latest shows as possible.

Less than half of Americans nowadays are said to use cable or satellite when watching TV, as found by a CBS News poll. This indicates that more than half of all viewers are utilizing streaming devices or watching on mobile devices. Streaming devices pull streaming material from platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Disney+, and others and display it on your TV screen. Some of these gadgets provide free content as well as access to other streaming services.

At present, the five most popular streaming devices are Roku, the Amazon Fire Stick, Google (through Chromecast devices and Android TV), and Samsung (Tizen).

  1. Smart watch

The pandemic has certainly pushed consumers to be more health-conscious and seek out features like oxygen saturation and heart rate monitoring. The change in consumer behavior caused smartwatches to grow in popularity last year as more and more models even the basic ones, started offering health monitoring features. Today, it remains to have steady popularity.

Google trends show that smartwatches observe a steady growth

Customers are certainly more concerned now about their health as a result of the pandemic and seek products with features such as oxygen saturation and heart rate monitoring. Smartwatches gained more popularity last year as more models, even the most basic, began to include health monitoring features, owing to shifts in customer behavior. Its popularity has stayed steady to this day. According to a survey by research firm Counterpoint, global shipments of wearables grew by 27%.

  1. Bluetooth headphones and earphones

Over the next five years, it appears that the market for blue tooth headphones and earbuds will continue to grow. This increase is being caused by the removal of headphone jacks in newer kinds of devices such as tablets and smartphones. Most people nowadays also value the ease of going wireless.

Affordable brands like Soundpeats and Soundcore are among the best-selling wireless earbuds on Amazon.

  1. Smart home devices


As the coronavirus persists, most Americans are doing everything they can to protect themselves not only from the outside but also from within their homes.

Consumers now prefer voice control devices for their light switches, doorknobs, and even their phones since it allows them to avoid commonly touched things around the house. Certain smart locks, which can be managed through your phone or a remote, can allow for a touch-free entrance into your home. These special features can provide convenience and may even save energy consumption.

Because Americans are spending more time indoors, security is more critical than ever. One of the many devices that people choose is a security camera and not just any security camera. Modern versions do more than just record; they also feature night vision and motion controls.

Keeping track of updates and additional features on new models can help you give customers the exact product they want when you sell them on your store.

Car Accessories

  1. Car trash can

When people drive their cars, they can accumulate a lot of rubbish in a short period of time, and the best car trash cans can help to avoid any messy situations and keeps cars tidy and clean. It's good to have a garbage can in your car these days because many people are more careful, but not just any old trash can will do. It must be highly robust, able to withstand stains and keep spills contained.

Customers are hunting for a new kind of car garbage can: one that has storage straps that can go over headrests and seat backs; one that can be readily cleaned. Having a collapsible design, additional pockets or a leakproof liner will also be useful.

  1. Car cleaning towels, microfiber cloths

As most car owners go, they will usually have one towel to wash and dry a part of their car and another for a different part. This is because any debris caught from parts like the wheel could easily scratch the car’s paint or windows if the same towel is used.

This means that consumers pay attention to what kind of towel works for certain parts of the car as well. Because of this, you can offer consumers a variety of towels. You can provide them with towels that are only for detailing, only for drying, and ones that are only for washing.

Home office products

  1. Lumbar support, seat cushions, posture correctors

An estimated 80% of Americans are suffering from back problems. With most of us working from home or at an office facing the computer these days, we may not be aware of our posture when we’re focusing on work.

It seems that prevailing back pain has caused a spike in sales for anything that might ease the pain from gel seat cushions, posture correctors, and lumbar support products.

  1. Keyboards and accessories

Nowadays, more Americans are hooked to their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PCs. Some are gamers or hobbyists, not just at work.

As a result, sales of wireless keyboards, mechanical keyboards, and bespoke keycaps have risen steadily. Mechanical keyboards have gained popularity in the last year, as have customized keycaps. Mechanical keyboards are more durable than electrical keyboards, having keys that "bounce back" more effectively. They also do not rely on electrical impulses and can withstand more keystrokes. Personalizing the keycaps has also helped.

Regular wireless keyboards, on the other hand, are ideal for those who already own smart devices but wish to type on a larger screen.

  1. Wrist rest


  1. Home gym equipment

The total revenue for the fitness niche in the United States surpassed $3.5 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to rise at a rate of 4.3 percent each year.

78% of individuals over the age of 18 exercise or want to exercise, according to studies. Meanwhile, 27 percent of the adult population visits fitness centers on a regular basis.

Although not as popular as in 2020, home gym equipment remains steady as more and more consumers seek a healthier lifestyle. Items such as resistance bands, yoga mats, and dumbbells perform well on eCommerce sites.

  1. Fitness apparel (Athletic apparel)

The line between conventional gym clothes and casual wear is fading, especially in light of the current pandemic. Athletic apparel these days allows users to seamlessly shift between leisure and activity, meaning the leggings, sports bras, or shirts they wear can take them from a workout session to hanging out with friends at a cafe.

This is in part due to influencer marketing and the constant release of newer, trendier collections. If you want to go into specifics, fashion searches for yoga clothes increased in 2020, and sales of yoga-related goods on Lyst increased by 42%. While this year, sales of one-piece fitness gear such as bodysuits, leotards, and catsuits increased by 83%. Other popular choices sucha as high waist leggings, seamless leggings, and bicycle shorts are popular with the female demographic.

Shopify stores in the Athletic Apparel category have increased 80% year-over-year in 2021 Q2 and it looks like this trend will continue to rise in the next few years.

Home (Appliances and kitchen tools)

  1. Coffee Makers

While coffee shop patrons have dwindled, people are spending more time drinking coffee at home. It's possible to keep coffee routines when you make your own coffee. Some like quick coffee in the morning; others would opt for subscription boxes or even coffee makers

People now realize how difficult it is to brew a decent cup of coffee as more and more venture into creating their own. And there are quite a lot who are veering into convenience but are not quite into instant coffee. This has caused a rise in the popularity of coffee machines, and today, the market is filled with new types of coffee makers from single-use to drip coffee makers to thermal ones.

  1. Countertop Ice Maker

Big freezers tend to take up too much space because they’re generally bulky and need their own floor space. That’s why they won’t fit in condos or homes with tiny kitchens. This is why these smaller, countertop ice makers are becoming more popular. Countertop ice makers are portable, compact, and lightweight units that make ice every few minutes or hours.

These portable ice makers are designed for countertop spaces which makes them popular among RV campers, condos, or dorm units that have no space for a large refrigerator. It’s also popular with homeowners whose fridges don’t automatically make ice yet. These countertop ice makers showed growth over the summer and it looks to be rising again.

  1. Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Portable vacuum cleaners are little vacuum cleaners that can go into places where larger vacuum cleaners can't. When it comes to serious cleaning, these small vacs won’t be able to replace a full-size vacuum, but they're great for quickly removing dry spills, dust, crumbs, and pet hair.

Today's cordless versions feature more powerful batteries and other features like more ergonomic handles, simpler to empty dust containers, washable filters, replaceable batteries, different speeds, and more are among the other advancements making it popular to use in homes and even in cars.

  1. Electric Kettle

Electric kettles first became popular at the beginning of the 1900s, but the number of households using them has increased greatly in the last five years. Electric kettles have grown in popularity as customers have grown used to convenience and mobility.

The number of searches for and sales of electric kettles has gradually increased over the last several months. In this year, the number of electric kettles sold is projected to increase more than ever in the following months.

  1. Garlic chopper/press

A garlic press or garlic chopper may appear to some as a silly or unnecessary kitchen tool. You can always use a chef's knife, right? You'd be surprised at how much use you'll get out of a garlic press if you want to save time and work in the kitchen. And again, as more people these days want things to be easy and convenient, this is the perfect tool.

Today’s garlic choppers can do so much, they may peel, crush, and mince, making them really multi-functional. All the added functionalities make them popular today.


  1. Cat beds

Each year in the previous decade, US pet market sales grew from $50.96 billion in 2011 to an estimated $99.1 billion last year.

People all around the world are beginning to seek novel and stylish pet furniture to accompany their beloved pets and blend in with their other furniture.

This has caused the world of furniture to change rather dramatically in the past several years. As pet owners have been vocal about their needs for products that can provide their pets a better experience, the furniture sector has been making attempts to meet those requirements with multi-functional yet fashionable products. These days, we can see more aesthetically pleasing pet furniture that can easily blend in with the pet owner’s decor. Material choice is now more luxe going from faux furs or natural, environment-friendly resources.

As of 2018, around 35.0% of owners belonged to the millennials age group on a global level. The rise in spending, along with the overwhelming passion of the millennials age group, is fueling the industry growth across the globe. Generally, domestic animals are treated like family, which encouraged the owners to spend more time on them.

  1. Pet wipes

Pets are gaining a whole new product category via the efforts of entrepreneurs who are no longer only introducing items that have been on the market for a while. One rapidly-developing market is pet grooming, with pet wipes becoming increasingly popular. Pet wipes are simply wet towelettes that are used on pets after they have done their business. Even though pet wipes are a new category, Amazon currently sells almost 300 of them.

  1. Puppy pads

If you've never done toilet training before, then you should know that potty training after bringing home a new puppy may be quite the chore. Toilet training your dog is ideal, however, potty pads can occasionally be used successfully to assist in the process. A leak-proof pad is intended to teach dogs where to go pee because many like to eliminate where they're eating or playing. Because a staggering number of Americans keep pets — including more than 85 million families, according to the American Pet Products Association's 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey — this is important (APPA).

  1. Luxury pet products

As long as it keeps their furry loved ones happy, pet owners nowadays are more prepared to pay more for luxury pet goods, and this is seen in their rising popularity.

There are already small businesses creating "pupsicles," or treats for dogs that look like popsicles. The ice cream chain Ben & Jerry's offers dog treats at certain stores, and other recognizable names like Shake Shack and Starbucks are getting in on the action as well.

Pretty Litter, a brand of kitty litter that changes color depending on the pH of a cat's urine, is one of the most well-known luxury pet goods. The device helps cats by identifying diseases, such as worms, metabolic acidosis, or UTIs, the manufacturer says. The brand is remarkable since it has no equivalent and is not being sold among the pet supplies sold in grocery shops and superstores like Walmart. Instead, they provide their product on a monthly subscription plan.


  1. Shapewear

It may be "bland and boring" in comparison to the other lingerie designs, but new shapewear shipments rose by 143 % in 2018, as opposed to 2017. That's incredible.

The new normal is already in effect thanks to COVID-19. This makes a big difference: you're starting to have more people who are staying home, to feel comfy. As a result, certain categories, such as loungewear, sleepwear, intimates, and even activewear, have seen a jump in sales. Shapewear that can be worn as both underwear and outerwear, or even daywear, is an appealing option. We are in a comfort era now.

  1. Scented candles

Maybe it's TikTok, maybe it's the influx of individuals starting their own little companies in isolation, or maybe it's even people shunning large retailers and going to individual craft-makers instead, but one thing is clear: candle-making is a trending craft right now.

With that is an increase in customers who want to experience these luxurious candles themselves. Many people now bring in scented candles to add a pleasant fragrance to their home or work offices. The scents are said to help in being productive or relieving stress.

Nowadays, even a scented candle can be a status symbol. Scroll through any significant influencer’s post and you may find a Jo Malone or Diptyque candle in their feed. Keep in mind that today’s candles don’t just light up a room, they smell good and need to look good as decor too.

  1. Shower steamers

When people come home at the end of the day, most individuals want to take a relaxing hot shower. Today, you can upgrade your showering experience with aromatherapy. You might have heard of bath bombs or mixing in essential oils in your body wash but these days, it’s all about shower steamers.

Shower steamers are just like bath bombs but are used in the shower. It rests either on the floor or nearby to where you're using your hot water then it releases scents into the air while you bathe.

Shooting for practicality once again, shower steamers have the same benefits as bath bombs but aren’t as time-consuming or too wasteful. Dissolving a bath bomb might take a long time and need the use of more water. Because a shower steamer takes less effort, it is currently a popular option. Plus, bath bombs exclude consumers who have no bathtubs, this can target them and shower owners.

  1. White noise machine

Because more Americans are working from home and saving time on commuting and working long hours at the office, it is probable that many are sleeping more. Some, however, may not, and this is not due to a lack of effort. Some people may be experiencing sleep issues such as insomnia, which can lead them to lose hours of sleep.

This has prompted people to seek out aids that can help them obtain the full 8 hours of sleep, such as sleeping medications, essential oils, and an intriguing option—the white noise machine. White noise machines can generate noises that conceal noisy dogs, radiators, and late-night parties that may make people nervous, irritable, and awake. These devices can also help some people focus by drowning out distracting sounds during the day.

  1. Massage chair

Because of the increased stress, customers are looking for any items that may provide comfort and relaxation. If anything, the year 2021 is all about self-care and making time to unwind.

One of the best ways to unwind after a long day at work is to have a massage, but with COVID-19 still on the loose, people are discovering that a massage chair may be a worthwhile purchase.

  1. Sofa beds

Sofa beds have been around for quite some time. They are now gaining appeal as they serve as a fantastic space saver for apartment tenants and as money-saving furniture for individuals on a tight budget.

Sofa beds have grown in popularity in recent months, as seen by the quantity of inquiry on Google.

Beauty and Cosmetics

  1. Scalp brush

A scalp brush is like an exfoliator but for your head. You're not supposed to brush your hair using a scalp brush from root to tip the way you would with a regular hairbrush but you use it when you’re shampooing. It’s supposed to help with lathering your shampoo as well as stimulating hair growth.

This is one of the many tools that you can opt to dropship or even brand yourself.

  1. Cosmetic organizer

The beauty industry is here to stay and as more consumers try out different kinds of products, therein lies the need to organize their purchases and display them nicely. 

Many makeup organizers today are made to look good on top of vanity tables while some are functional (have mirrors or even lights).

  1. Face rollers

In skincare, facial ice rollers (or other face rollers, including jade rollers) are really popular right now. Their claim to fame is simple: simply roll them over your face to make you look less tired. And consumers love it. Some state that it really seems to give them a slimmed-down, elevated appearance.

There are different types of facial rollers today ranging from different types of material. We recommend keeping track of skincare trends and any updates in the beauty industry to keep up with customers.

  1. Hair detangling brushes

For most women and some men, the process of washing, detangling, deep conditioning, and styling your natural hair can steal hours of your day. From all these, detangling is the worst part. For those with curly and wavy hair, strands can get caught in regular brushes, and even hair ties and get tangled into each other. This is where detangling brushes come in. The brushes help ease the pain and help consumers save time.

  1. Nail polish, acrylics, and tools

Though the past year has been hard and exciting for most industries in general, the nails industry, in particular, faced challenges and thrills. The sharp uptick in nail salons closing and reopening after the introduction of the COVID-19 virus, together with a preference for bare nails owing to the risk of catching the coronavirus, all occurred in under a year.

But, the sector is predicted to increase by 4.5 percent between 2019 and 2024 even so. While manicurists and nail painters are unsure of what the future holds, it’s predicted that DIY nail art will be as popular as salon manicures are, even though more salon services will be provided. It's clear that people still desire nail polish and equipment, although it’s more DIY. Finally, it's worth highlighting that people should use gel nail paints, UV lamps, and nail art equipment.


  1. Crochet materials

In the last year, many individuals have turned to crafts like knitting and crocheting for the first time, in order to pass time, unplug from screens, or relieve worry during the pandemic. A number of small businesses have arisen from craft hobbyists taking advantage of COVID-19, have decided to start selling their creations.

Selling to this niche market can include focusing on materials that they need such as yarn, tools, and patterns. Or if you want to dabble in it yourself, you too can create your own creations.

  1. Disposable cameras

The disposable camera, a device that was popular back in the day, has started to gain more and more traction recently with millennials and Gen Zers.

Disposable cameras are the result of these generations’ fondness for popular culture, particularly the nostalgia of their time. The bright hues, vivid tones, and grained effects of film images bring back memories of photos in a family photo album. The sound of the shutter going off feels like a step back in time, because it is like going back to a time before digital photography.

If you’re interested in selling these, you might consider selling matching accessories, films, and photo albums to expand the product line.

  1. Gardening and plants

Millennials spend over $13 billion in a year on plants, or about $11,000 each. That's more than what they spend on real estate. This trend isn't expected to cease any time soon. Urban millennials, who don't want to have kids or pets and are renting their residences, are buying houseplants at an alarming rate because they want to have something alive to take care of.

As reported by the National Garden Survey, the number of 18-34-year-olds taking up gardening has nearly doubled over the last year. Additionally, the Department of Commerce has noted that since 2016, the sale of seeds, flowers, and potted plants has grown.

  1. Baking tools

At the height of the pandemic, baking was one of several activities that hobbyists used to feel normal. Many people find comfort in eating and cooking something they have already done many times before. Bread, cookies, and other everyday foods serve as an important part of our lives and get us through hard times.

It's debatable if baking started rising in popularity just during the pandemic, as the interest in cooking at home is decades old. One motivating factor is the pursuit of healthier food. The premise is that if you make it yourself, you know what ingredients go into it.

People of all ages want to make food but they especially want to cook or bake those that won’t take as long to prepare. Going for this category means you can go for tools that cater to newbies as well as advanced bakers.


We hope this list is useful to you and motivates you to start your own Shopify business.

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