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3 Ways to Nail Your Shopify Store Launch

So you decided to launch your own Shopify store, congrats! This is a big step and you want to be successful out of the gate, right? After all, you put in the time needed to get just the right look for your store and you likely spent hours finding and developing your product line.

So let's make all of that work pay off by nailing your store launch! But how do you nail a launch?

In this post, we are sharing hard-won tips on how to have the most successful start in your future online business.

Your customers decide your success so it’s really important that you are connecting with your audience and giving them what they are looking for. We have got your back with these simple and effective ways to nail your launch and have customers excited and buying out of the gate.

1. Don’t overwhelm the customer

Statistics prove that the more products you have on your website the more likely your customer is to get overwhelmed and overwhelmed customers don’t buy! Unless you're doing grocery shopping online, fewer products equal more clients purchasing as it means they have less to think about and its easier for them to make decisions.

To maximize fewer products, try to lay your products out in a logical manner that is stylish and visually appealing. Grouping products into categories or putting fewer products on a page and making customers click through product pages can also help to direct your customers to what they’re interested in without creating overwhelm. Check out this blog for concrete ideas on how to get your clients loving your site and checking out!

This is where an amazing design and layout is an easy way to attract customers and get them interested and buying. If design is not your forte than reaching out to a Shopify expert to level up this part of your store will definitely be an investment well spent.

2. Develop social proof for marketing

An expected thirty percent of American retail sales are being driven by Millennials as 2020 approaches. So if you want to be attracting business from Millennials or the next generation, you need to make sure your marketing addresses what is important to these groups! So what is important to these groups? Social proof through user-generated content!

Social proof is a phenomenal powerhouse and seeing your products in action may the final push to checkout that your customers need. This means making sure your social media like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and whatever else your target audience is most interested in, are embedded into your store for customers to connect with an see what others are doing with your products. Check out this blog link for more marketing ideas!

3. Provide amazing customer service

Your customers want to know from the first minute they visit your site that they’re going to be listened to and taken care of. An easy way to do this is by offering above-par customer service.

Customers love having multiple options to contact customer service; this can be done by having phone service available outside of traditional business hours, having a customer service email with a promise to respond in 24-48 hours and/or by having an app on your site that allows customers to direct message customer service with any problems or needs.

Another awesome way to give your customers next-level service is by offering free shipping returns and a great returns or exchange policy. For tips on how to nail your return policy out of the gate, check out this Shopify blog post with 8 resources to get you started strong.


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