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20 of The Best Shopify Product Bundle Builder Apps in 2021

Shopify is genuinely one of the best eCommerce platforms out there, but when you’re new to this space, it can be a little overwhelming. A lot of Webinopoly’s clients choose to go with Shopify and their experience? Wonderful. But when you’re done building your store and start to grow it a little more, you start to get customer feedback, and you will probably want to make some changes.

As you know, in online shopping, customer experience is king. With the vast number of Shopify apps out there, it may be hard to know which ones you actually need and which ones will benefit your customers. Some business owners opt for just the basics and leave it at that. This is all fine and dandy, but if you want to take your business to the next level, you want the best apps out there. Apps that provide your Shopify store with value, delights customers, and drives sales.

We’ve chosen the best apps to do just that. And not just any apps, but product bundling apps. 

First of all, what is product bundling?

Product bundling is a marketing strategy in which multiple products are bundled together and offered as a single unit for a single price. This approach persuades customers to purchase additional items.

Why you should use bundled products on your website

Product bundling raises the perceived value of a product in the minds of customers. In addition, this contributes to a better purchasing experience because who doesn’t love a good deal?


  • Allows for you to have higher order values
  • It makes it easier for customers to discover new products
  • By bundling, it makes it easier for you to predict product demands
  • It helps you sell more products
  • It can also be a way to sell less popular products, especially those with large profit marg.ins

So, which apps for bundled products do we recommend?

  1. Bundles by PickyStory

Price: $9.50/month with a 14-day free trial | Shopify Link

First on the list is PickyStory, a bundling app that will help small and large-scale businesses increase sales with every store visit. This app does precisely what you need it to do and includes auto and custom bundles that allow Shopify business owners to do more. It helps you to bundle your items and create combinations while keeping your inventory up to date and doesn’t disrupt it, an issue that can usually be so frustrating. PickyStory is great because it allows you to build pre-defined bundles or allows your clients to personalize bundles based on their preferences. Furthermore, it allows you to present bundled items as a single offering on a different page to capture the customer's attention.

If you want to upsell bundles at discounted prices on any page, offer Frequently Bought Together, or let customers mix and match bundles, then this is the app for you. This app does it all.

Key features:

  • Auto & Custom Bundles: Create pre-defined bundles, or give customers a choice to build their own bundles (Mix & Match, Buy X Get Y, Volume Discounts, and Quantity breaks)
  • Bundle as a Single Product: This lets you display the bundle as a single product on a dedicated product page. It also keeps your inventory auto-synced.
  • Shop the Look: Using stylish lookbooks, cross-sell “Shop the Look” sets. Use Shoppable Galleries, Buy the Look sections, and upsell buttons to increase sales.
  1. Bundler ‑ Product Bundles by GoldenDev

Price: Free Plan and Premium Plan at $6.99/month | Shopify Link

This is an excellent option for businesses looking to increase sales through the use of bundle discounts at a reasonable cost. You may create a mix of best-selling products and less-popular ones and give a bundle discount. Bundler helps you improve your average order value and sales. 

It is one of the few Shopify apps that offer bundle discounts on subscription items that are auto-charged. Another benefit is that you can advertise bundles with funnel popups, which display a popup with the promoted bundle when a client adds at least one product from that bundle to their basket.

Key features:

  • Bundle builder or Mix&Match functionality: Create a Mix and Match bundle to allow your customers to build their own bundle based on your requirements.
  • Bundle variants from the same product: You can create bundles on a product level or variant level. Product level bundles will have a dropdown to select a variant, while variant level bundles will treat each variant as a separate product.
  • Compatible with subscriptions: Bundler can apply bundle discounts even on auto-charging subscription products! You can use bundle discounts on initial or all orders.
  1. Vitals: 40+ Marketing Apps

Price: $29.99/month | Shopify Link

Vitals: 40+ is a powerful app that combines 40 applications into one, providing you access to about every feature you can imagine, including bundles. It allows you to provide discounted upsells and bulk discounts. For Shopify business owners who don't want to spend money on numerous applications, this is the software to use.

This app’s great because it comes with several valuable features, like product reviews, a currency converter (for over 160 countries), and the ability to connect with social media sites to increase brand awareness and reach more prospective consumers.

Key features:

  • Build trust and social proof: Vital gives you features like Reviews, Trust Badges, Sales Pop-ups, Instagram Feed, Whatsapp & Facebook Chat as well as import AliExpress Reviews or from other apps to help you build customer trust
  • Get better conversions and revenue: Volume discounts, Pre-Orders, Countdown Timer, Cart Reserved, Facebook Pixels, Stock Scarcity, Pop-ups, Shipping Information, and more are all accessible here.
  • Improve customer experience: Multi-Currency Switcher, Visitor Replays Tabs, Instant Search Bar, SEO Alt Tags, Cookies Bar, Wheel of Fortune, Free Shipping Bar, and more complementary features to give your consumers the most fantastic shopping experience possible.
  1. Bundle Products and Discounts

Price: $7.99/month (Starter), $12.49/month (Advanced) | Shopify Link

This app by Thimatic is another popular app that helps you increase your sales by allowing you to sell several products simultaneously. You can set up a separate page for all your custom bundles, where potential customers can quickly add products to their cart.

It allows you to replenish your stock by selling less popular things alongside your top products. Flexible layout options allow for presenting product bundles in an appealing manner. With a few clicks, you can build an unlimited number of unique packages and discounts. 

Key features:

  • Bundle Page: You may build a page that lists all of your store's custom bundles. Custom bundles may be added to the cart with one click.
  • Build a Box (Mix and Match): This allows you to create a bundle of non-selling products and related products with a single click. Allow customers to choose what products to include in their box.
  • Add Bundle in anywhere: Display multiple bundles anywhere (i.e. Cart Page, Home Page, etc.)in your store by just adding a single div into a particular page template.
  1. Product Bundle Volume Discount

Price: $8.99/month (basic), $16.99/month (advanced), $39.99/month (professional) | Shopify Link

This app helps you make unlimited bundles to meet your specific needs and incentivize customers to buy more. It allows you to construct an endless number of bundles to meet your specific needs and encourage repeat sales. You may discount numerous products and offer them to customers in a matter of seconds. We love how this app combines the advantages of upselling and cross-sell tactics to boost customer traffic, sales, and all that good stuff. Additionally, it also lets you customize the look and feel to match your theme. 

Another great feature is the advanced analytics report that gives you pertinent information to improve your setup and provide customers that A+ shopping experience.

Key features:

  • Quantity breaks or Volume discounts: Create unlimited price tiers for products based on how many products which a customer buys. Increase average order value by rewarding bulk orders
  • Promote product bundles on any store page: This allows you to increase chances of selling more products by displaying your product bundle on product pages, homepage, landing page, or dedicated bundle pages.
  • Advanced analytic report: Get the insights you need to improve your bundle product’s performance. This lets you understand how good or bad your bundles are.
  1. Upsell Bundled Products

Price: $19.95 (Basic), $28.95 (Priority Support) | Shopify Link

Upsell Bundled Products makes shopping easy by being a bundling app first, and second, as an app that tells customers how much money they save when they buy products. Customers will also be delighted at how quick shopping is with just a click. 

Also, there are no restrictions on how many products and collections you can create or how they may be designed.

This app guarantees that you will make money during the trial period. If not, a 30-day extension is granted.

Key features:

  • Fully customizable: This app lets you have an unlimited number of bundles with the same product, set up a discount price or fixed price for every single bundled product, and lets you customize any part of the bundle widget
  • Compatible with any theme: Their tech support integrates the app to your Shopify store for FREE or they refund the app cost
    • 100% Quality Guarantee: The developers give you an additional 7-day free trial if you encounter a problem in the app during the free trial period. They will extend your free trial period if the app hasn’t paid for itself within two weeks.
    1. Product Bundles: Fast Checkout

    Price: 7-Day Free Trial, $9.90/month | Shopify Link

    This app allows you to provide different types of discounts bundles and upsell to clients to boost your revenue. It is also improves the customer experience because if they choose to upgrade and buy a bundle, they skip the cart page and go directly to the checkout. This innovative method reduces cart abandonment and increases sales.

    There are several sorts of discount bundles available. For example, you may give a specific discount on three categories of products, free delivery when a specified amount of products are purchased.

    Key features:

    • Unlimited Discounted Bundles: Encourage customers to buy more by offering them some savings. You also have the option to create unlimited discounted bundles. 
    • Unlimited BTGO Product Bundles: Create unlimited BTGO bundles and upsells. Offer any product for free or free shipping to your customers when they buy certain products.
    • Direct to Checkout. No Cart page: Increase conversions and reduce abandoned carts by taking your potential customers directly to the checkout page.
    1. Bundles by Gazebo

    Price: $14/month (Shopify Shops) $29-$199 (Shopify Plus) | Shopify Link

    Another great option, Bundles is a wonderful way to improve sales and sell numerous products to your consumers. You can sell customers combinations of products or give them bigger savings if they buy more. This app also helps manage your inventory.

    This app lets you create product tiers so discounts for five products and 10 products might be different. This helps you to reward consumers that buy in bulk and so offer you greater order values.

    Key features:

    • Inventory up to date: Keep your inventory up to date when selling product bundles, kits or sets.
    • Easy inventory syncing: The most easy way to sync inventory for bundles, sets or multipacks!
    • Sell more: Sell more items through bundles or multipacks.
    1. Bundle Bear

    Price: $19.99/month| Shopify Link

    Shopify owners who just want product bundles, bulk discounts, or price cuts would love this app. Bundle Bear makes it simple to build product bundles and discounts. It helps give your customers more for less. Customers will appreciate the incentive and the increased order value. Besides the product photo, this app displays bundle savings. With this feature, consumers may choose variations for the product they want to buy in bulk.

    Key features:

    • One click to discount: Invite customers to buy more with product bundles and tiered pricing. Set up bulk discounts for storewide products or specific ones. 
    • Tiered pricing special features: With just 1 click, customers can add multiple products to their carts. No discounts? No problem. You can either show different tiers per product or offer no discounts at all.
    • Customizable: The bundles on this app look great on Shopify stores. You may opt to pre-select options or highlight them to offer consumers an added incentive. The volume discount layout of this app is designed with a mobile-first mindset. The app design may be fully customized to match any brand's colors and fonts.
    1. Frequently Bought Together

    Price: 14-Day free trial, $19.99/month | Shopify Link

    One of the best things about this app is that it can be set up in minutes. Plus as you know, the ‘frequently bought together' feature is one of the main reasons Amazon is able to boost order values and earnings. It's one of the primary reasons they're so successful. This app lets you do the same and is the reason it is one of the most-rated Shopify apps out there.

    Another good factor is that it is very easy to maintain. This is thanks to app's algorithm that identifies which products are bought together and readily displays them to your customers. This leaves you with little else to do. The sophisticated AI also allows you to offer your customers a discount if they buy the recommended bundle. Additionally, even if consumer preferences change, the app will recognize this and propose new products to complete bundles. This unique feature keeps your relevant and is also an efficient way to upsell.

    Key features:

    • Fully customisable user interface: The styles are automatically tuned for the most popular Shopify themes. You can change all colors, sizes, etc. and select the position of the widget in the product pages, choose to show ratings and review stats from the most popular review apps in the Shopify App Store effortlessly
    • Multiple recommendation algorithms: The app’s AI analyses the previous purchases in your store database through data mining algorithms and produces a memory graph with the recommended products that are usually added together to the shopping cart. You can also choose to do manual recommendations and create your own bundles. If there isn’t enough data, there is also an option to randomize bundles.
    • Bundle Discount Upsell: An automatic discount can be also applied to the bundles, either globally or individually, effectively using the app as a discount upselling widget. 
    1. Bold bundles

    Price: $19.99/month (Basic), $29.99 (Premium) | Shopify Link

    BOLD is one of the best Shopify bundle apps that you can use for creating custom bundles and for setting up BOGO discounts (Buy One Get One). The app also helps you match related items with each other, helping you sell more than one product with every order. It also helps your customers see how much money they can save once they choose a bundle that suits them.

    Key features:

    • Multiple Bundle Discount Types: You can either discount by a set percentage, or make the bundle a set price. 
    • Smart Automated Bundles (AI): BOLD’s Brain AI helps propose smart bundles for your business. Brain can provide bundle suggestions based on data and activate them with a single click.
    • Easy Inventory Tracking: Bundles makes advantage of Shopify's inventory management system to allow you to sell bundles without having to create new variations for each bundled combination.

    1. Products List Variants Viewer

    Price: 7-Day Free Trial, $7.99/month | Shopify Link

    With this app, you can easily display all product variants directly on collection pages. Customers may even add the chosen variation to their basket without having to visit the product page.

    Give your customers a faster way to shop by allowing them to add their favorite product bundle to the basket directly from your product catalog. 

    Key features:

    • Add to cart button for all products: Encourages customers to purchase and lessens the steps taken to the checkout page by having the add to cart button ready for all products in your collection
    • Faster way of shopping: Help customers save time and allow them to add their favourite product variant to cart directly from your catalog.
    • Provide more info about products: Let customers know about variants or combinations of variants of your products in your collections by giving more info
    1.  Advanced Bundle Products

    Price: Free plan, $9.99/month | Shopify Link

    Advanced Bundle Products is user-friendly designed to increase sales by encouraging users to add related items to their cart. The app achieves this by presenting a set of related bundled products on a single page, enabling users to select a single item from the bundle and specify the number of independent products inside a bundle.

    • Optimized Inventory and Shipping: The app does not produce product duplicates when creating a grouped product. This means that products can be grouped without affecting inventory tracking or shipment. You should also be able to easily adjust the quantity of each product both on product and shopping cart pages.
    • Bundle Product Customization Capabilities: With the app, it is possible to let the customers specify the quantity of standalone products within the grouped product, add custom CSS styles, customize text, and allows shoppers add a chosen product to cart.
    • Mobile Friendliness: The app is optimized to work on mobile devices and tablets making it easy and seamless to use
    1. Bundlify

    This is one of the most flexible bundle apps on this list. It lets you give discounts to customers whether they get a bigger bundle or a smaller one. Plus, they can easily use, add and remove the bundles as they please. When a customer views a product, they will see bundled products below it, along with a “add to cart” button for the complete package. The bundle will be added to your cart in one click!

    This app helps making shopping easy and convenient for your customers which is key in boosting sales. If your store utilizes variants, the customer may select them and their photos and pricing are instantly updated. With one click, all products are put to the shopping basket. 

    There are also a few additional benefits that makes this app unique. You can choose to schedule bundles so they will only be available at specific times, which is great if you want to do 1-Day only or 1-hr only kinds of promotions.

    Key features:

    • Quick and easy to use: Choose products that you would like to bundle together, add discount rules for these products, and it's done.
    • Convenience for customers:  By using variants, customers will only need to select the variants they want and all products will be added with a single click.
      1. Bundable

      Price: 14-day free trial, $18.50/month | Shopify Link

      This app is a great tool for bringing products together. Bundable is a simple solution to increasing sales and average order value. It helps your customers personalize their bundles. The app makes a page automatically as you add new bundles which you can easily add to your navigation and leave it to the customers to start customizing.

      Key features:

      Key Features:

      • Notes: Bundles can be set to allow your customers to leave notes for their family members, friends or loved ones.
      • Time-saving features: It has simple implementation and responsive design that’s easy to use
      • Simple Installation: Upon purchase, Bundable is easily accessible from your Shopify merchant dashboard. You won’t need to code anything.
      1.  Bundle Builder

      Price: Free, $25/month (Shopify), $75/month (Shopify Plus) | Shopify Link

      Bundle Builder enables you to guide your consumers on a trip through your products, but yet maintain full control. By attaching discounts and restrictions to your bundles, you can direct your consumers to the most profitable pathways while still giving them the freedom to pick.

      Key features:

      • Set tiered discounts: Make customers spend more to save more. Tiered discounts help encourage customers to add more to their baskets
      • Sell subscription bundles: Offer customers the option to buy one-time purchases, discounted subscriptions, or both.

      • Use with third-party apps: Bundle Builder is designed to work with third-party services, including fulfillment and dropshipping.

      • Integrate your theme flawlessly: Configure the layout, and we do the rest by seamlessly integrating the bundles into your theme.

      1.  Sales Rocket

      Price: 7-day free trial, $9.99/month | Shopify Link

      Installing several applications on your Shopify store slows it down and raises your expenses. Sales Rocket offers 40+ applications packed into one powerful app to speed up your shop load times and save you money on app expenses. It has fantastic features like as conversion accelerators, scarcity and urgency clocks, lead generators, and more.

      Key features:

      • Reduce cart abandonment: Useful features like Get-It-By Timer, Shipping Bar, Checkout Boost, Cart Reserved, Cart Favicon, Skip To Checkout, etc. help Shopify store owners avoid this problem
      • Multiple discounts and pricing options: Increase sales with volume discounts, quantity breaks, tiered pricing, frequently bought together, related products, upsell & cross-sell
      1. Wide Bundle

      Price: 14-day free trial, $14.99/month | Shopify Link

      The WideBundle app lets you change the appearance of your variants to create incredible offers directly on your product, discounts, bundles, upsells or quantity breaks and increase your Average Order Value. he offers appear above the add to cart button helping to reduce the number of actions the customer has to take and increases your conversions.

      • Increase your AOV with BOGO: Increase the AOV of your products by making offers, bundles, bundle products , volume discount and upsells to your customers.
      • Discounts and multiple variants available: Allow your customers to add more of the product with different variants for each by creating bundles, upsell and discountsundles, bundle products , volume discount and upsells to your customers.
      1.  MBC Bundles

      Price: 7-day free trial, $9.99/month | Shopify Link

      MBC lets you to create attractive, high-converting bundles similar to the likes of Amazon that help you grow sales on autopilot—all you have to do is set up the app once, and you'll notice a massive rise in AOV.

      Key features:

      • Bundle as a single product: Simplifies the whole shopping experience for your customer
      • Pay only when a bundle is bought: You only pay for revenue generated by MBC Bundles
      • Customizable Product Bundle: You can set the conditions to fit exactly your needs
      1. Fast Bundle

      Price: Free, $5.99/month (Basic), $19.99/month (Pro), $39.99 (Premium) | Shopify Link

      This app makes the process of creating a bundle simple and quick. Even if you're new to e-commerce, it's a simple process that won't leave you puzzled. It offers an excellent support team, which is ideal for any Shopify owner.

      Key features:

      • All features are free to use: This app does not charge you until you use the app for a significant amount of time. Until then, all features will be free.
      • Zero coding required: Simple and easy to use, and fully compatible with most-used Shopify themes.
      1. Selly


      Price: 15-day free trial, $29/month | Shopify Link

      Selly is built especially for Shopifiers to increase sales in many ways. When clients feel great after adding their initial purchase to their cart, Selly will then show more up-selling goods. These are based upon your sales history which the AI selects automatically or manually.

      Key features:

      • Give the right people the right plan all the time: You can give different discounts for specific groups of customers such as VIP or loyal ones. You can also place different discounts for different landing links, and schedule discounts in advance, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
      • Gamified motivator: You may encourage consumers to continue shopping using a progress bar for them to meet their cart objective. The promotion is implemented automatically if clients meet the objective.


      And there you have it! We hope that this list helps you to make the right decision and has helped you find the perfect app that matches your needs and budget. Good luck and get growing!

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