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19 of The Best Shopify Store to Inspire Your Own

Shopify presents 1 million plus independent businesses from a wide range of industries and owners from all walks of life constantly create their own version of transformation via commerce.

Congratulations! You have accomplished the most challenging part – you’ve developed a product, purchased the domain name, identified the manufacturer, and your inventory is all set to go.

Unfortunately, one thing is still yet to be accomplished, the establishment of a functional and good-looking Shopify store. 

A Shopify store is not just the way to present your products to your targeted customers, but the ideal place where you can generate sales as well.

Believe me, or not, people always see all those glitters as gold. This is especially true for websites, food, clothes, people, and actual books. Online stores are especially in a similar line of fire. In case you want a successful e-commerce business, you must  ensure your design is attractive, neat, and eye-catching.

An outstanding Shopify store should possess the following key features:

  • Should look highly presentable. This Simply means that the information should be easy to understand, and your products neatly showcased with world-class professional photos. This is where a great theme comes in handy.
  • It should navigate well. This means that it’s easy for your website visitors to readily know where they can find the feedback to their questions, where they can contact you if needed, and where and how simply they can purchase items. 
  • It is set up for SEO. It is in everyone's domain that we write for users and not robots. Nevertheless, SEO still plays a crucial role in a Shopify site. We won’t detail SEO tips in this article, but visit this site for detailed information about possible ways to optimize your store for search.

In any case, you are just getting started, the simplest way to understand what makes a good Shopify store is to navigate through the examples of those doing it best.

This can give you the required spirited efforts to set up your store and your eCommerce strategy as a whole. For instance,

How many touchpoints do you need to realize a purchase?

Which pages will you effectively run remarketing ads on?

What photos are most essential, and should thus be shared on social media?

The above are all aspects of your e-commerce strategies that can help you realize a great Shopify store.

And if you're seeking design inspiration that will transform your Shopify store from drab to fab, you are in the right place! 

Below are some of our painstakingly selected favorites and why we feel attached to them so much.

19 Most Successful Store to Inspire Your Own

They Include:

  1. Tailor Stitch
  2. Happiness Abscissa
  3. Burga
  4. Skinny Teatox
  5. Helm Boots
  6. BioLite
  7. Pop Chart Lab
  8. Luca and Danni
  9. Harris Farm Markets
  10. So Worth Living
  11. Great George Watches
  12. Choose Muse
  13. Brilliant
  14. Holstee
  15. Kylie Cosmetics
  16. Ugmonk
  17. Popcorn
  18. Negative Underwear
  19. Fashion Nova
  1. Taylor Stitch

Due to the magnificent creativity displayed by the Tailor Stitch  website, the inner child in me is deeply engrossed in love with it. When you hover over a product, a jacket, for example, dramatically flips to an image of a model posing with the jacket on a motorcycle.

Better still, Taylor Stitch leaves nothing to chance as it almost instantly calls more exquisite attention to its message than its products with, "Three well executed eye-catching Ingredients" written across the majority of the images you see on the homepage. The flipper side of this highly converting website is that it makes high-quality clothing, and at the same time aims to reduce waste and help the environment by creating clothing with recycled, or better still, 100% natural products.

This is especially true when you visit their website eyes won't miss interacting with their environmental efforts, and I believe your guess is as good as mine that this is a distinguishing factor for most buyers when they come across the site. 

  1. Happiness Abscissa

One thing we want to make clear is that most of the websites we mention here have passed through explicit research and thorough vetting, so, they have clean, straight lines.  That being said, Happiness Abscissa  is amazingly unique. It exposes its playful side by displaying a layout with bright abstract images, and even products drooping from various angles.

Its uniqueness is especially shown by its logo, which is a flexuous  "Ha." This alone greatly draws the viewer's attention. Wonders shall never end! They yet again use Ha in a sentence without defining the word, further stimulating viewers' curiosity. From this, you can draw a conclusion that they hardly take themselves too seriously, affording the viewer a rare cheerful as well as a fun experience.

  1.  BURGA

Burga trades in trendy and stylish accessories like phone cases, leather goods, and drinkware. One of the most outstanding features of their online store is their uniquely personalized User Experience (UX): if for instance, you click on the website via your smartphone, it will pick up on the model and automatically filter and display the cases, specifically those that resonate with you.

  1.  Skinny Teatox

You will readily be lured to make a purchase on this amazing website if by any chance you happen to visit it.  This is probably because they are more often than not having a one-day flash sale you won't expect to miss. Well, their heedful and Skinny Teatox homepage immediately evokes your greatest concerns ("Is this natural? Yes. Will it surely work? Yes."). Besides, they use peaches -and-cream colors with extremely exquisite icons of bikinis and mugs to convey a fresh vibe.

As we have taken note with a few other Shopify websites, Skinny Teatox assiduously displays its products on the homepage with a simple "buy now" call-to-action. For a company that isn't too rigid to figure out ("All Natural Detox Weight Loss Tea" is fervently written beside the company name in search engines), you agree with us that it is sensible enough to offer the viewers what they want upfront.

  1.  HELM Boots

What immediately catches your attention when you click on Helm Boot's  website is their immaculately displayed mission, "Our boots give men power from the ground up, confidence to take steps they've never taken before." We might have just bought some boots, but yes, we confirmed the reality of their mission as we also felt engrossed with confidence, bravery, and the feeling while in there. 

The website looks extremely stunning, and you can find everything on the homepage, which is artistically designed to convert viewers at different stages of the buyer's journey and assuage doubts as you scroll.

  1. BioLite

You might be too meticulous when it comes to attention to trivial details. BioLite's product images on the website nonetheless, are enough to make everyone want to purchase something (they look 3-D and glowing, and some even look wet from the rain!).

Being that  BioLite's major selling point is to ensure enhanced humanitarian impact (the products bring affordable energy access to places in India and Africa), their first impression on the homepage is their slogan, "Gear That Brings Energy Everywhere." This readily appeals to their target audience. Additionally, the navigation bar at the top is tactfully twisted in such a way that beside each product title, there exists little black-and-white cartoon drawings of the product.

  1.  Pop Chart Lab

This site is absolutely tantamount to one of the vintage and fashionable prints they sell. It's as well been organized into various categories depending on a viewer's browsing preference.

To begin with, Pop Chart Lab's  Shopify store is equipped with scroll-down navigation with sub-categories starting from, "NYC" to "Kids" to "Hip Hop" to "Wine." Besides, they have a carousel with the majority of their top prints on display. Just beneath the carousel, they offer "wholesale," "gift guides," and "scratch-off" assemblies, for viewers who are finding it hard to discern what they want. Funnily, the shop still manages to appear simple, despite its massive array of a wide range of print products, which is no easy feat.

  1.  Luca and Danni

There's something habit-forming and unique about an eCommerce store that makes impressive shifts as you scroll down. The Luca and Danni  page gives you exactly that. It is highly interactive and stunningly pleasant to the eyes. In fact,  as you scroll down, the magnitude of some images increases while others get tinier, boxes of bracelets open up around images, and some images accompany you down the page. It is needless to say that it can be very tricky to offer numerous movements while at the same time remaining coherent. Nevertheless, Luca and Danni triumphantly accomplish this. 

Furthermore, there's a very "zen vibe" to the entire layout, with images of palm trees and cactuses, and carefully crafted persuasion with language like "brighter days: shop soil to sky," and "find what speaks to you."

  1.  Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Markets  is a family-owned company, and that's clearly shown on its home page. It's casual, playful, and a joy to spend time on. It has text that resembles a child's handwriting and colorful drawings of various fruits (there exists even an adorable drawing of a bee with animated wings!). 

It is also fitted with calls-to-action sound laid-back, like "What's nature been up to?" 

This highly coveted sight is so genuine to an extent that you can't even imagine that it is the effort of a single family to have built it!

  1.  So Worth Loving

Though not always the case, sometimes being elusive pays off. It might not be healthy to hide your products from the viewer. However, it can equally be a very smart move if your product hardly makes sense without understanding the backstory. That being said, with So Worth Loving's site, you aren't permitted to even see the t-shirts for sale until a third of the way down the page. That alone can already give you a hint of their slogan, a little bio from the founder, Eryn, and a full narrative about how the site began.

The site twines into personal touches, with handwritten-looking quotes, scribbled-across images, and very common-looking images of people posing in t-shirts. This is an impressive example of knowing your audience enough to break the rules 

  1. Great George Watches


When you happen to visit the Great George Watches  site, you will bump into what looks like their first impression, "Made with Swiss parts and 100% square," on their homepage.  As you scroll and read along, you will come across another suspicious statement,  "Think outside the circle," Don't be bothered as these terms are just unique strategies Great George Watches use to convey the messages to customers and visitors on what they do.

By stressing what makes their product unique before even revealing the product, Great George Watches catches the attention of the viewers. Courtesy of its well-refined and polished look, with black-and-white photos and an attention-grabbing red call-to-action button, this site has become a darling to many.

  1. Choose Muse

This is another impressive sight that you should consider relying on to inspire your own store. It incorporates a complete-display video of a man wearing headphones and using Choose Muse's product right from the homepage. The video begins playing instantly (very different from offering a play button option), which is especially attention-grabbing. We in most cases only think simple is better when it comes to design, but Choose Muse proves everyone wrong, integrating compelling designs with a ton of images and text, while still at the same time preserving a clean and enjoyable viewer experience.

  1. Brilliant

With websites dealing specifically with Maths and Science, Brilliant  is unbelievably easy-to-navigate. It has large, colorful, and stunning block buttons to choose the math concept you want to learn. This shop is also a clear fabulous example of using a call-to-action button brilliantly: there's an extensive "sign up for free" button proportionately displayed in the top right, and then another at the bottom of the page after you've scrolled beyond the information you need.

The site lacks a navigation bar, but better still, it uses the web page to answer all the questions a viewer might have.

  1. Holstee

Holstee fantastically designs its site in tiers based on a client's initial level of interest in the product. For starters, you will readily be greeted with the text, "We help you along your journey to living more fully and mindfully." Having satisfactorily gotten the message, you are free to click "Join Today" right below the text. Alternatively, you can proceed to the homepage to find pain points this product reduces, and thereafter read a "Holstee Manifesto," have a look at Membership benefits, go through testimonials, and finally find publications Holstee's been featured in.

Additionally, throughout the page, there is a wide range of calls to action, such as "Choose a plan that's right for you," and then, in the end, "Become a member today." 

In conclusion, this site is very ideal in that it gets more and more convincing and in-depth as you scroll: no wonder they use their initial homepage as a rare start-to-finish marketing pitch.

  1.  Kylie Cosmetics

Being one of the most followed accounts on Instagram, Kylie Jenner's Cosmetic brand is one of the biggest brands using Shopify today. Her site is neatly arrayed in a distinct girly-girl vibe, with a bubble-gum pink background exposing her lip kits and gloss.

Kylie's  site is also immaculately organized for her audience: strategically, the lip kits, her best-known items, are shown first on the homepage, with "top sellers" below that. Funnily enough, we didn't feel overwhelmed looking through the various cosmetic products like we had initially thought we would, and what really mesmerized us about Kylie's site is the amazing, colorful layout. It is obvious it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but we assure you that it strongly appeals to her target audience.

  1. UgMonk

Jeff Sheldon tactfully begins the "About" section on his Ugmonk website with a relatively easy question: "Why was it so difficult to find fresh, high-quality, unique items in a modern aesthetic?"

This impressive Shopify site is convenient, simple, and fresh, and exhibits UgMonk's clothing, workplace items, bags, and prints in the similar modern aesthetic style he came up with while designing his unique products

  1.  Pipcorn

Popcorn is fully aware that when you meditate about popcorn, the first concern that rings in your mind are, "is it healthy?"  

As a result, their homepage features a very simple slogan: "Most tender, crunchy, delicious popcorn … and it won't destroy your teeth like the ‘generic' stuff." 

After all, the best websites are aware of their target audience's primary concerns, and Popcorn isn't left behind either as they have highlighted this by how they have craftily described the taste of popcorn and the kernels in teeth, and they can sell them on those solutions upfront.

Furthermore, If you keenly look at their "About Us" page, you'll realize that Pipcorn's products are also non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and whole grain. 

Despite the fact they could have easily incorporated this into their slogan, they chose to exempt it in favor of tackling our major concern: Does it taste good?

  1. Negative Underwear

Negative Underwear  is crafted with an aim of helping women feel confident in their own bodies. They sell intimates that are fully functional, sexy, and comfortable (no push-up pads here). Having successfully been launched in 2014, Negative was able to raise revenue by 150% in just a few years. This website also has an essential design with available products popping up with just a short scroll down the page. We are also deeply attached to the fact that social proof  Negative includes right under their hero image.

  1. Fashion Nova


We are happy to introduce to you Fashion Nova, the world’s leading quick-to-market apparel and lifestyle brand, which has even outdone brands such as Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Gucci. We believe with no doubt that this is enough to earn it a spot on our list of best Shopify stores. The brand's homepage has in-depth navigation, making it easy for visitors to find exactly what they're looking for. We also love that the whole homepage is a tenacious call to action for the brand's current promotional offer. 

Moreover, Fashion Nova usually partners with influencers to promote their products on Instagram.

  Final Thought

It doesn't matter how many industries, or the type of products you sell. These 19 Shopify stores should provide the inspiration you need to move forward, and eventually design a stunning eCommerce store of your own.


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