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Shopify is the hub of many e-commerce stores. Some benefits of running a store on Shopify includes mobile responsiveness, ease of setting up a store, security, AND fast loading speed. It is for these reasons that individuals and corporate brands opt for Shopify. That said, the theme of an online store plays has an impact on the level of traffic and sales the store generates. In spite of the enormous role played by themes, only a few themes are available at no cost on Shopify.

Perhaps you own a store on Shopify, and you desire a change of theme. Or you intend to launch your online store, but you have no idea of how to create an attractive theme. Whatever the case is, if it relates to building a free theme for your online store on Shopify, this article for you.

Below are 18 of the best Shopify themes available for free in 2019

1. Pop

Pop themes are ideal for stores involved in selling a few quantities of products. An example is a fashion store that sells a few fashion wears from certain brands. Pop has a sidebar-navigation, and to the disgust of many, it features no search function. Creating a custom search function for your theme curbs this demerit. The colors are also attractive.

2. Supply

The supply theme is suitable for stores of all sizes. This is regardless of the number of products available for sales. Supply theme enables customers to access to different categories of products. They can also view products with top sales. Also, Supply features navigation and search function.

3. Beauty

Beauty is also known as simple. Beauty theme is ideal for the sale and promotion of beauty items. One of the features of beauty is widgets. You can deactivate and reactivate the widget at will.

4. Fashe

Fashe theme is ideal for showcasing fashion stores. It features a slideshow header and fixed navigation.

5. Boundless

If you intend for the items in your fashion store to be well promoted, consider the boundless theme. Boundless is not limited to fashion stores. The mobile and desktop templates are attractive. For example, a boundless homepage features a large slideshow, which makes the promotion of any product easy. Along with the slideshow, there are photo collections that lead to the array of products.

6. Star

Star is a flexible Shopify theme. Some of It features includes: Google Maps, links to social media along with share buttons, product reviews to state a few.

7. Snowdevil

Online stores that sell sports items often use Snowdevil themes. Among other features on Snowdevil website are the multi-columned menu, promotional widgets, and navigation.

8. Minimal Vintage

Vintage items like wears and artwork fit into the minimal vintage theme. Stores that are not involved in the sales of vintage items opt for the minimal vintage as well. You can customize a minimal vintage theme to suit the need of your store. It is also user- friendly.

9. Annabelle

Annabelle welcome it users with a large page slider. The slider directs customers to the product categories. Other features you will encounter on Annabelle are the homepage and product design page. There are also contact page, social media, and currency management.

10. Fleur de lis

If you sell floral items, then Fleur De Lis is the best theme for you. Fleur De Lis is a single page template. Usually, available products are outlined in rows, which allow customers to be in tune with the activities in your store. This is possible with the custom feature that displays new products.

11. Brooklyn

Brooklyn theme is best for stores involved in the sale of trending wears. It features includes a header slideshow that displays various products, a slide-out cart, a grid that serves as a gallery of products. It also has a welcoming video on the homepage that focuses on your brand and products.

12. Minimal

Minimal theme has a series of styles. There is a style for fashion, another for music and yet another for vintage shops. Minimal has a slideshow that showcases large images of your products. It also features image zoom, which helps to showcase each detail of your products. The minimal theme homepage features an industry video about your products.

13. Narrative

The narrative theme is suitable for stores intending to sell a few products. This theme helps tell the story of your brand and products visually. A significant feature of this theme is the vertical slide show, which displays products and blog updates.

14. Venture

Venture is a perfect theme to showcase outdoor products. With the header module feature, stores can introduce themselves. The venture is ideal for stores with wide ranges of products. Its homepage features promotional banner. The promotional banner displays discount options, and it is also used to promote some products.

15. Debut

The design on the debut theme does not speak much. It has the semblance, of a business website. At the top of the debut homepage, you can introduce your business and display your products. It is possible with the header slider feature of the theme. It also features buttons that link to social media platforms.

16. Jumpstart

Jumpstart is best for businesses involved in crowdfunding campaigns. No wonder it has crowdfunding features. Some of it features are the goal tracker that displays contributors; the homepage features creative videos for making fund requests.

17. Sport Store

As the name implies, the sport store theme is ideal for sporting products. It has product banners and social media buttons. Sport store is unique for it sidebar of product categories among other features.

18. Focus

The design of the focus theme is minimal. But it does not stop it from displaying large images and the zooming function.
Most of these free themes serve unique purposes. You can enhance your store by settling for one that is built with the characteristics of your business.


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