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Shopify makes it so easy to start an online store. And the amazing part? There are several Shopify apps ready to help you build your business. But, with the many Shopify apps available, it can be difficult to find the app that will help you boost sales.

We understand that your income can’t improve without the proper tools, so we’ve carried a lot of analysis to find the best Shopify apps to optimize your store.

These applications will help you improve your online store, advertise your goods, reward your buyers, and manage inventory so you can make more revenue.

And, a lot of them are free! Below are the 16 apps you should consider if you desire to optimise your store.

1. Catalog Maker

The Catalog Maker app helps in displaying the images of available products. Thus, customers can go through the catalog to purchase from the range of products.

2. Wishlist Plus

The Wishlist Plus app will allow customers to create wishlists prior to making a purchase. When the customer returns to your site, the wishlist will serve as a reminder of the items to buy. Store owners can view the wishlist of customers through a dashboard. To optimize the store, store owners often create discounts for the products with high wishlist. This approach increases conversion. When the items in the wishlist are available, there will be an increase in sales.

3. Social Photos

This app enables your customers to tag themselves in photos where they are seen using your products. Further, Social Photos creates a gallery of several photos uploaded by your customers. When new customers or visitors go through the gallery, they are often convinced by them. This enables them to make purchases as well.

4. Beeketing

Beeketing app consists of three apps that are all focused on optimizing sales for your store. The three apps include Personalised Recommendation, Quick Facebook chat, and Happy email.

5. ReConvert

Reconvert is an app dedicated to appreciating customers. It is an ideal app for your thank you pages. The further uses of this app include sending birthday greetings to customers and generating purchase surveys.

6. Plugin SEO

When your site has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) issues, traffic generation to your store will reduce. The common SEO issues are in the form of speed, structure, and description. If you wish to forestall having SEO issues, use the Plugin SEO app.

7. Facebook Channel

Facebook Channel is a free app. It works by using your presence on Facebook to increase sale. Customers can get wind of new products when you display them on your timeline.

8. Buy Button Channel

The Buy Button Channel app is customizable. Also, it fits into any area of your Shopify site. Again, this app reduces the purchase process to a cli

9. Back in Stock

This app allows customers to sign up to receive an email notification when an initially sold out product becomes available. Once customers receive the notification, sales in your online store will increase.

10. Shogun

This app remains one of the best Page builder apps. The pages of your Shopify website becomes user -friendly when you use Shogun app. Interestingly, you do not need any prior coding skills to achieve great web designs. When your web design is attractive, your store will get the attention of more customers.

11. Pixc

The poor quality of your product photos can be a reason for poor sales. The Pixc App gives photos of your products a professional look. The clarity of images posted on your Shopify site is sure to increase your sales.

12. OptinMonster

With OptinMonster, you can also join the league of companies that have experienced up to 300% rise in their leads. The OptinMonster app uses tools such as floating bars, pop-ups, welcome mats, and more. It increases sales by displaying pop-ups about your products.

13. Referral Candy

The Referral Candy app enables customers to make referrals. Furthermore, Referral Candy app provides your customers with incentives for the referral made. As a Shopify store owner, you can keep a tab of the referral made through your dashboard. To increase referrals to your Shopify store, the ReferralCandy app works with some marketing tools. The other marketing tools are MailChimp: MailChimp uses email marketing to improve referrals. Adroll: With Adroll, those who have received a referral from your customers will get encouraged to visit your Shopify store. Recharge: Recharge also performs the role of the Adroll marketing tool. But Recharge is ideal for subscription businesses.

14. Shoelace

This Shopify app will help in creating ad campaigns on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The purpose of the campaigns is to encourage those who have visited your site to make purchases. The ad also focuses on making customers continuously aware of your brand. With awareness, customers will return to make more purchases. With Shoelace, there will be a regular creation of new ads to your website. The advantage of this is that customers will know about the products available for purchase in your store.

15. MailerLite

With the MailerLite app, customers will receive product recommendations. The products recommended by the MailerLite app are usually based on an observation of the past purchases made by customers. The MailerLite app further drives sales increase with its unique features such as: Sales tracking

  • Automation triggers
  • Several pre-designed e-commerce templates.

16. Trust

As the name implies, the Trust app creates trust in those who visit your Shopify site. Often, trust occurs when visitors can view the activities of those who visited your store. The likelihood making sales increases if potential buyers can view the recommendation by other shoppers. Therefore, using the Trust app will increase the conversions on your site. The following are the unique features of Trust:

  • Supple designs which you can adjust to suit the need of your brand.
  • Event tracking in real-time
  • Notifications about the activities of people on the site.
  • Store owners can enjoy many free sessions.


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