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11 Benefits of Upgrading to Shopify Plus

With Shopify Plus comes a whole new range of potentials. Without these options, you can never quite reach the peak of your eCommerce store. It’s hard to know how well Shopify Plus expands without experiencing it for yourself. In this article, we’ll detail some of the best things Shopify Plus has to offer.

Shopify Plus is a fully managed eCommerce platform that is built for high-volume, high-growth businesses. It’s an ideal solution for large companies with complex needs who want a seamless and integrated experience across the entire business. It comes with everything you need to run your eCommerce business, including inventory management, order fulfillment and shipping options, payment processing, and more. You can also choose from a variety of apps to add functionality to your store.

With Shopify Plus, you get the power of Shopify’s extensive app ecosystem at your fingertips. And even if Shopify Plus may be currently beyond your budget, don’t let that deter you from thinking about the possibilities it can give you.

Here are a few benefits to upgrading your plan to Shopify Plus:

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth

One of the most important parts of running an eCommerce website is ensuring that your store is fast. A slow website could cost you a customer. We all know people can be impatient and if your website takes longer than five seconds to load, they are likely to leave your website without giving it a second thought. With Shopify Plus, you receive unlimited bandwidth, giving your website the space it needs to load faster, and giving your customers what they want.

With Shopify Plus, you are able to scale up as needed so that you can handle large influxes of traffic while still being able to keep control over how much bandwidth is used. This means that you will not be charged based on how many online visitors go through your store or how many files or photos you upload. Your store will also be able to handle up to 6,000 checkouts per minute and a large influx of website traffic.

  1. Script Editor

The Shopify Plus script editor is only available with the plan, and it gives you more control over shipping costs, payment methods, and other functions.

The script editor allows you to create customized tools for your business strategy. If you sell products with multiple variations (for example, size or color), you might want to write a script that displays all variations when a customer selects a single product from the catalog.

With a little practice, you can use this tool to completely customize your business to the smallest of details.

  1. 24/7 Customer Support

When anything goes wrong, you're probably going to want to contact someone right away to assist you.  Shopify is well-known for providing exceptional customer service. You can resolve any issue by contacting customer service through phone, email, or live chat at any time. Furthermore, Shopify includes an extensive collection of support manuals and blog articles you can go through.

However, Shopify Plus is superior. Instead of being referred to the help center, you get dedicated, personal assistance. Because time is money, fixing anything as quickly as possible is often preferable. Shopify Plus offers exceptional customized support, which means that no matter what timezone you're in, someone will be available to you through email, phone, or chat to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have.

  1. Theme Customization

Shopify Plus is the top tier of Shopify's eCommerce platform. With it, you can customize your store more than with any other package. If you're a big brand that wants to stay competitive and unique, Shopify Plus allows its clients to create a website theme that fits their brand's needs specifically by giving them full control over CSS and JavaScript. The upgrade also gives you access to over 100 themes, allowing you to really customize the website to fit your brand.

  1. More reliability

Shopify Plus gives your online store the most reliable service possible. With unlimited bandwidth, you can be sure that your website can handle as many orders as it gets without crashing. The Shopify Plus platform also guarantees that your website will be up and running 99.99% of the time, which is three times more reliable than other hosting providers.

  1. High Traffic Optimization

Shopify Plus offers Launchpad, a powerful sales and marketing tool that allows you to create and schedule events. With Launchpad you can pre-plan everything on your to-do list and instantly roll it all back once the sale or event is over. You can also create multiple events at once, and have them run simultaneously or sequentially. This means you can coordinate your various sales and marketing initiatives in one place.

  1. Success Management

Shopify Plus merchants have access to a dedicated success manager. This person is available to help you with any aspect of your business, from product selection and marketing campaigns to store design and customer service. The success manager will provide you with bi-monthly updates on new Shopify Plus features through personalized emails and phone calls, especially with regard to time-sensitive issues.

  1. Optimized Checkout Page

Shopify Plus offers enterprise stores the ability to totally customize the checkout page. This can be useful when you want to show your customers only products that they've added to their cart, or if you want to add custom fields or forms to the checkout page. 

You can also offer different payment options depending on what country your customer is in and how they prefer to pay.

For example, if you have a store selling products from all over the world, you may want to offer customers from different countries different payment methods for your store.

Shopify Plus allows you to create multiple checkouts for different locations so that customers from Australia can use their local bank account and credit card details when checking out, while customers from Germany can use PayPal.

  1. Workflow Automation

Using Shopify Plus, repetitive, time-consuming operations may be completed in just a few clicks.

Shopify Plus has Flow, an automation tool that lets you manage the backend of your business without having to write any code or develop anything. In addition to automating processes and integrating with other applications, Flow enables you to experiment with a variety of customizations to boost your efficiency.

  1. Automatic Discounts

Creating discounts for your customers or doing it manually is a time-consuming chore for any business that wants to reward customers for their loyalty.

Shopify Plus users, on the other hand, have the option of offering discounts to their customers that will be applied instantly at the time of checkout and in their cart. It's a terrific way to streamline the shopping experience for your customers.

You can tailor your discounted items to your customers and your business. You can create a percentage, set a fixed amount, or do a "buy X get Y" offer.

This makes it easy not only for you but for your customers as well because they don't have to worry about checking out or putting in codes or anything like that - they simply add the item they want and then see the discount applied automatically at checkout.

  1. Multilingual and Multi-Currency

Shopify Plus helps you reach new customers in their native language by allowing them to view your store in their native language. By localizing your content, you can provide a seamless experience for international visitors while making sure they understand the currency they are spending when they purchase from your store.

Shopify Plus allows you to translate your website into different languages. This is a great way to reach new markets, especially if you're selling products that aren't specific to a country.

Shopify Plus also lets you translate product descriptions into multiple languages. This helps customers understand what they are buying better than if they were left with just one language option.

Another feature of Shopify Plus is the ability to set up multiple currencies within a single store. This means that if someone from another country visits your site, they can see prices in their own currency instead of converting them from USD or EURO first.


By deciding to upgrade to Shopify Plus, you let go of all the hassles and headaches when it comes to your online store. You also get access to several exclusive benefits that would be very useful in helping you expand your online business. Shopify Plus is the most extensive version of channel that Shopify currently offers and it can really help you manage your online business more efficiently and effectively.

You can always reach out to your Webinopoly Shopify Experts if you have any questions about getting started, selling your products, or customizing your store's look and feel.


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