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10 Unique Blog Examples from Successful Shopify Brands

Blogging for your business has become a staple in eCommerce marketing strategies as it has many advantages to boost your business. Blog posts can give you more opportunities to appear in search engines and also lets you generate more indexed pages. 

A well thought out blogging strategy can boost traffic, give you an additional channel to promote and discuss new products or services, and help build customer relationships. Research shows that blogging may even earn you 67% more leads than those who aren’t blogging.

If you haven’t started on your blog, it isn’t too late yet. Read on for some tips and examples from some of the most successful brands to get inspired.

Here are some successful Shopify brands with unique blogs:

Monthly visits: 1.10 million

Top articles by total engagement:

Kith is a lifestyle brand and a progressive retail establishment specializing in streetwear apparel such as footwear and clothing. 

Knowing that this is a fashion and lifestyle brand, they center their blog articles on informative pieces on collaborations, new collections, and activations or events.

When you insert keywords such as “kith” and “bmw”, the abovementioned articles appear first on Google showing that they’ve beat out other websites and stayed on top of their SEO game. Their articles include info about their collections which helps the brand share their story and audiences get to know Kith more.

    Monthly visits: 735,000

    Top articles by total engagement: 

    Pura Vida (pure life in Spanish) is all about enjoying life’s little pleasures, slowing things down, and living life to the fullest. It started when the founders came across two artisans whose colorful string bracelets captured the simple beauty of Costa Rica. 

    Pura Vida: Rainbow Macrame DIY

    The brand appreciates art and creativity while exuding positivity and laid back vibes. This is apparent in their blog posts as well where they share creative outputs like coloring pages, positive digital artwork, and DIY projects to foster a community. Pura Vida’s blogs are more intended to entertain site visitors but also seek to provide value.


  1. Omaze

    Monthly visits: 3 million

    Top articles by total engagement: 

    Omaze is a fund-raising company that offers donators a chance to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences like meeting or dating a celebrity, a dream vacation, cars, or tuition fees. They are a for-profit company so they take some percentage of every donation, taking some for marketing and then supporting charities with the majority of the funds.

    In line with their offers, their blogs hype up dream vacations while also highlighting the charities they work with., as well as the experiences of the past winners. This helps build their credibility as a brand and business and also provides potential donors/customers information on what they do and how they work.

  3. Skinny Dip London

    Monthly visits: 297k

    Top articles by total engagement: 

    Skinny Dip London is a trendy lifestyle brand mostly known for its phone cases but has since expanded to apparel, accessories, and home items. More than just selling a brand, they do collaborations with icons that are known in young pop culture like Barbie, Spongebob, and Disney.

    Reflecting millennials and the Gen Z lifestyle, Skinny Dip’s blog, Essential Reading Material centers on pop culture references, events, and trends which increase their relatability with customers and the shareability of their articles. Including topics that are based on current events can help their website appear on search engines and also ride on social media hot topics.

  5. Bodega

    Monthly visits: 500k

    Top articles by total engagement: 

    Bodega is a retail store that curates streetwear apparel such as clothing, footwear, and accessories. Everything on the website reflects the brand image and aesthetic from the design to their copy.

    Bodega: A Closer Look: Bodega x New Balance x Racer "All Terrain"

    The brand amplifies the lifestyle of their target market and shares relevant content on streetwear trends, artists, collaborations, and key events. This fosters a sense of community as well as increases their brand’s credibility, and online presence. Bodega’s content connects its audiences with artists and performers that the audiences may get inspiration from or aspire to be. They also share content that talks about their collaborations which lets them expound on each releases’ story.

  7. Brooklinen

    Monthly visits: 940k

    Top articles by total engagement: 

    Brooklinen delivers home essentials with the goal of bringing high-quality items at a fair price by cutting out the middleman. The brand emphasizes its simple, beautiful, and high-quality products by supporting it with a simple yet striking website, well written and descriptive copies, and appealing product photos.

    Brook Linen: 5 Areas in Your Home You’re Forgetting to Clean—And How to Tackle Them

    Brooklinen’s blog is a separate and well-updated page that highlights the products by writing about content that is informative to their target audience. As they are in the business of comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing home essentials, content is written for those who are interested in or are looking to try home decorating, home organization, and lifestyle tips. The topics used by Brooklinen appeal to Google searches  as it uses phrases or keywords that people may be searching for.

  9. Glorious PC Gaming Race

    Monthly visits: 940k

    Top articles by total engagement: 

    Glorious is a gaming lifestyle hardware company marketed towards gaming enthusiasts and professionals who want to upgrade their gear at reasonable prices. The brand sells PC gaming accessories such as keyboards, ergonomic mouse, mousepads, and headphones.

    Glorious uses its blog to promote sale events, promos, and new releases. A lot of their blog content is focused on detailed posts regarding their products such as this limited edition gaming mouse. As their target audience are very nitpicky when it comes to their gear, providing all the specs and information is helpful as this can affect their purchasing decisions.

  11. Lively by Vital Proteins

    Monthly visits: 330k

    Top articles by total engagement: 

    Lively is a wellness brand focused on selling supplements that promote health, fitness, and natural beauty. They want to help people live a fuller, more vibrant life by providing sustainably-sourced nutrition products.

    As such, their blog content shares tips and ways to elevate one’s wellness routine, information about their product and how to use it, as well as recipes wherein customers can use their supplements. The blog entries provide value to their target audience by sharing information and tips they might need if they are looking to get healthier. Lively’s content is shareable and can help them appear on Google searches without overselling their products.

  13. Dr. Squatch

    Monthly visits: 1.80million

    Top articles by total engagement: 

    Dr. Squatch is a men’s grooming brand that wants to change the way men approach hygiene by offering healthy, natural and affordable products.

    Their blog aims to educate, inspire, and entertain their customers who they call a “Squatch Man”. The blog posts vary from grooming tips, listicles, inspirational content, as well as wellness. Dr. Squatch knows their target market very well and is able to create engaging articles that are able to inform and entertain, and are relatable to them.

  15. Raycon

    Monthly visits: 1.50million

    Top articles by total engagement: 

    Raycon is a wireless audio company that claims to use cutting-edge audio drivers and wireless chip-sets that should boost one’s daily routine by providing crystal clear sound. The brand’s messaging is targeted towards those who are aspiring to be bettergo-getters, early rises, and performers. 

    The blog, “The Drop” is where Raycon emphasizes its branding and messaging. There are categories that focus on “culture & lifestyle”, “celebrities and influencers”, “product & design”, and a specific category that connects them to their customers, “powered by you”. Raycon knows what its customers want and gives it to them. The content found on their blogs helps to emphasize Raycon’s branding while also providing value to their readers (customers).

    What can we learn from these brands?

    Brands can attract a bigger audience or gain traffic by offering their website visitors education, inspiration, and entertainment through blogs. As such, both the brand and the potential customer gain some benefit. 

    To summarize,

    Your blogs should:

    Your blogs should not:

    Add value. Provide content that your target audience will want to read. It should gain either by educating, entertaining, or inspiring them.

    Oversell the brand. You already have the product pages to sell the products. Instead, you could redirect them there but don’t make your blog a sales pitch.

    Have clear goals. What do you want to get out of blogging? Your content can depend on what your goals are such as if you’re trying to gain traffic, promote, or sell more.

    Consist only of product photos. Complement photos with good brand storytelling. A couple of photos is not enough so tell the audience something that can captivate them.

    Build your brand. Elevate your brand by giving it a voice. This is where you have the freedom to do some storytelling to connect with your consumers.

    Be too disorganized. Avoid having random articles that have nothing to do with your branding or brand story. 

    Be consistent. Post at least once a month to keep your blog active and for previous audiences to keep checking.

    Having a blog allows your brand to tell its story which helps build your brand identity. It can create a community of people who identify with your brand’s culture. When your brand stands for something that your customers can identify with, it makes them engage and discuss your brand which may provide you with more visibility, positive brand recall, and maybe even more sales.

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