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10 Things To Improve Your Shopify Product Page

  1. Well written and unique description

A common mistake in writing the product description is just simply explaining the product. Imagine if you were selling it in person, you’d want to be as engaging as possible and for the short time that you have their attention, you’d want to quickly inform them of the benefits of your product. The product description is your way of pitching the product to the consumer. It should be concise, descriptive and written in your brand’s tone (i.e. playful, serious, technical).



  • Describes the style and uniqueness of the product (“stiletto pump with a twist”)
  • Includes the inspiration for the design
  • Gives the product benefit (will make the wearer “guaranteed to turn heads”
  1. High quality product photos

High quality images add to the credibility of your Shopify store. It helps to invest in photos that aren’t simply downloaded and uploaded from the internet. A good product photo shows professionalism and lets your customers know what to expect. As a brand, you can opt to go creative or stick to plain yet well thought out product photos.


Paloma and Co

  • Shows the product (table) against a white background
  • Added a gallery to show different sides of the table
  • Includes a closeup of the finish and texture

Suva Beauty

  • Includes photos of the packaging, product, and in use
  • Photos are clear and though the background is colorful, it is not overly cluttered and it matches the brand
  1. CTA button

A good website design should include a well-designed call-to-action (CTA) button to improve the customer’s shopping experience. The CTA button encourages customers to click and engage with your page. A good CTA button is one that directs your customers to the action you want them to do on your page, and helps improve your conversion.



  • “Add to cart” button is visible as soon as you hover them without disrupting the layout
  • Chat button is at the right end of the screen where they would normally be
  • Promotions appear in the product page as “learn more” that make you want to click
  1. Reviews

Reviews are now playing a crucial part in eCommerce as they help customers in the decision making process. A good way to implement this is to include the total number of reviews and total rating beside or under the product name, encouraging customers to leave a review after their purchases arrive, and add as much information about the reviewer if possible (name, product variant purchased, location, date or photos) to make it more credible.



  • Shows their total ratings and total number of reviews
  • Immediately shows the name and date, followed by a headline, and a snippet of the review
  • It’s easy to find, a button below the product description links to it
  1. Features and benefits

Including the features and benefits of your product will aid your product page. The features are mostly facts about the product such as specs, size, and design. Meanwhile, benefits are the result of using your product. It’s the reason why they should buy because it will help them solve a problem.





  • The features part of the product page show the ingredients and nutrients that the customer gets from each bottle
  • The benefits show how the product is helpful to the customer (i.e. “when you don’t have time” which means they don’t have to prepare anything, they can get all the nutrients and drink straight from the bottle)
  1. FAQ

Not being able to see the item for themselves or ask the seller in person, customers may have a lot of questions that will need immediate answers. The FAQ serves as a complete page that answers all foreseeable questions about your company and your products such as shipping, refunds and returns, how to order, and any features it might have. It will be beneficial as it can help avoid having a number of customers asking the same questions again and again. You can include it at the bottom of your product description as a button that links to your FAQ page or at the footer of your Shopify store where it’s easy to find.


Switch 2 Pure

  • Provides complete details including their address, headquarters and specific details about shipping and delivery
  • Includes information about the products that customers may be concerned with such as how they were manufactured, the ingredients used, and how it is tested
  • It is able to clearly answer questions pertaining to their services and promotions such as membership points
  1. Triggers

One classic strategy to avoid delays in customers purchasing, is to create a sense of urgency. Shopify does this well and is able to integrate it with your stores through various triggers. These can be special offers, limited time offers like flash sales, free shipping or banners and pop-up spin-to-win wheels.



  • Makes use of the spinning wheel which also gets the email of the site visitor
  • The wheel is not too intrusive and the design matches the website
  1. Related items

Adding related items below your product can drive conversions as customers can see similar products they might be interested in or alternatives if the item they’re looking at is out of stock. This is helpful as it makes them browse more and stay longer on your Shopify store.


Bombshell Sportswear

  • Includes related items right below the product details
  • The related items immediately show a few key descriptions like size and color
  • The related item (leggings) is related to the main product (sports bra) and are in the same variant
  1. Payment options

Including a variety of popular payment options makes it easier for the customer to purchase as it lessens any delay and hassle on their part. Shopify makes it easy even for merchants to integrate different payment options. We suggest to check popular payment options such as what credit card are often used, popular payment gateways (i.e. Paypal, Stripe, Square) or what payment schemes you can implement like installments. Having these can aid in a quick checkout.


Feel Goods

  • Has three quick checkout options (Gpay, Paypal and Amazon Pay)
  • It pops up right after clicking “add to cart”
  • Makes it quick and easy for the customer to know how they can pay

Even just a few of these things should help your product page gain more conversions. We hope you find them helpful and if you’d like to get some help building your site, our Shopify experts at Webinopoly can help you.

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