Boost Your ROI With Webinopoly’s New Tracking App ””

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Boost Your ROI With Webinopoly’s New Tracking App

With our tracking system, you will no longer be bombarded with emails by customers concerning the status of their orders.

Award-winning web development agency, Webinopoly, has just released Trackify, a reliable shipment and order tracking solution to help businesses leverage delivery to increase ROI & customer retention.

While eCommerce has grown fast over the previous decade, technological advancements have aided eCommerce companies in their rapid growth. However, as the industry expands, so do customers' expectations.

The logistics industry has experienced significant transformations in response to the exponential rise of online stores and rising customer demand, leading to the creation of more cutting-edge solutions.

For businesses looking to increase their return on investment (ROI) and customer loyalty, they can turn to Trackify, a new app by Webinopoly.

Advanced order tracking tools, such as Trackify enable businesses to keep track of their orders and manage them while in transit. This enables companies to fix any issues that arise during delivery and offers customers an easy method to find out where their things are.

With this tracking system, business owners and customer care representatives will no longer have to manage lengthy email chains from customers and staff inquiring about an order's delivery status.

Webinopoly's Trackify program can pinpoint the exact location of a package by utilizing a variety of international carrier tracking companies. All shipments are automatically tracked in near-real-time, regardless of language, carrier, or website domain.

The Trackify software transforms every delivery into a new income stream since it automates every shipment tracking process.


  • Real-time order tracking
  • Real-time package tracking integration for USPS, UPS, FedEx, OnTrac, DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post, Swiss Post, Hermes, NinjaVan, and many more.
  • Detailed In-app Analytics - Filter your shipments even if they don't exhibit a specific problem but are just en route. 
  • Support Shopify native email
  • Locations can be blacklisted (hidden), a very useful function for dropshippers.
  • 10 different pre-developed tracking pages inspired by top brands
  • Change color and content as much as you want
  • Add different promotional banners
  • Add Cross-sell products based on sales

What are the benefits of using this app for a business? Many large organizations use branded tracking pages to develop trust and confidence in their brand by giving customers an easy-to-use, branded tracking and order status website.

The branded tracking page gives these customers enough information to make them feel secure while waiting for their pack. It also gives business owners another way to promote their brand and services.

Apart from providing customers with a good shopping experience, businesses may be able to enhance conversions with the help of this advanced order tracking app. Customers will no longer be sent to a different website such as UPC, USPS, or FedEx; instead, they will be able to check their tracking information on the Shopify store, never having to leave and spending a longer time on the website as a result.

Finally, the app includes all sorts of templates so that brands can choose one that fits and suits their aesthetic. With a professionally designed branded tracking page, Webinopoly's Trackify app fosters trust and brand recognition while allowing customers to monitor their orders directly from the store's page for a seamless experience.


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