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Shopify Store Set Up

    • We will create all of the website's pages from scratch.
    • You are entitled to an infinite number of free design changes.
    • The design of this site will be SEO-friendly and responsive.
    • Using a Shopify theme, we'll give you complete control over the look and all of its options.
    • The new theme's ownership and control are unrestricted.
    • Making upsells and crosssells, as well as email captures and other call to action procedures.

Data Migration

  • We will transfer your products from your existing platform to Shopify.
  • Old customer or order data will not be migrated.

Shopify Configurations

    • Flat-rate, price-based, or weight-based shipping
    • Gateway for Payment
    • The sales tax
    • Specify the Shipping Origin Address
    • Define the Box Type
    • Email Confirmation
    • Create a Custom Domain Name
    • Configure Product Categories
    • Include the Facebook Pixel.
    • Insert Google Analytics Code
    • Setup of many currencies and languages
    • Setup of Multiple Locations
    • Installing and setting Instagram, Wishlist, Mailchimp, and any other apps you need.

On Site SEO

  • Create product title and description tags.
  • Ensure that the home page contains appropriate text to aid in search engine optimization.
  • Upload your website to all major search engines.


    • Execute test transactions
    • Shipping Calculator
    • Sales Tax Rates Under Examination
    • Test Navigation Scheme for Mobile Responsive Testing
    • Check your browser's compatibility.


  • How to Insert/Edit/Delete Products
  • How to Manage and Process Orders
  • Go Online
  • Change the DNS to point the domain to the Shopify server.
  • Live sales transaction testing


    • 30 day support guaranteed from launch date

Key Features Of Shopify Store


Unlimited Design Changes


Wholesale/Retail Pricing




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Ecommerce Analytics


Live Chat


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I am more than thrilled with the service, quality and results that Webinopoly provided in building our website, www.imagiframes.com. Moe and his staff were patient beyond measure in building this very complex and large site. Every time I needed advice, help or rework, they responded in an extremely timely manner, always with a great attitude and of course, the most professional of outcomes. I had no idea how beautiful our site would become and I will absolutely highly recommend Webinopoly in the future. Thanks again for everything!

Linda Cecil

CEO - imagiframes.com

I cannot thank Moe and his team enough for the build of our new website. We replatformed from Magento to Shopify Plus and the whole process ran smoother than I could have imagined thanks to the expertise of Moe and his developers. We knew the data migration side of our project would be complex and Moe was able to find a solution for us in order to keep the project moving forward. We are based in Australia and found the communication process simpler than experiences with companies in our own country. I heard back from either Moe or his developers within the day and he worked through weekends and late into the night as a result of the time zone differences. The price was fair. I highly recommend Webinopoly.

Emma Filiponi


Reasonably priced, prompt to respond, and timely in their work. We've utilized Webinopoly for several add-ons and customizations to our Shopify site and will continue to use.

Aileen Kline

Nix86, Inc.

What are the Types of Web Designs?

November 13, 2019

There are many different types of web designs. The type you choose will depend on your needs, but also the type of website you want to create. For example, if you are looking to create a large e-commerce site with lots of products and information, then you will probably want a responsive design. If you are looking to create a simple blog or portfolio site, then a static one-page design may be more fitting.

Below we have listed some common types of web design so that you can get an idea of what each one looks like and how they work:


Illustrative web design is a type of web design that uses illustrations to create a visually engaging layout. The illustrative style is typically used for more creative and artistic websites, but it can also be used for more functional sites as well.

The key to this type of web design is the use of images, illustration and text to create an aesthetic that is both eye-catching and easy to navigate. The images can be used to show off products or services, tell a story or simply be decorative. While illustrative web design does have some limitations in terms of functionality, it can still be used effectively on many websites. Check out our examples below.


Minimalist design is all about having an aesthetically pleasing website that doesn't distract the user from what they came to your site for in the first place—to buy something or get information.

This type of design is usually simple and clean, with little to no clutter. It might have a few elements that are bright or colorful, but there won't be a lot of noise on the page. You'll also see fewer images than you would in other types of web design, and those images will often be used as background images instead of being placed front-and-center on the page.

See some examples of minimalist web design below.


Typography web design is a form of web design that involves the use of typography to create a unique visual experience. It can be used in many ways, such as telling a story, showing products, or simply connecting with your audience.

Typography web design is one of the most popular types of web design because it allows you to use different fonts, colors, and sizes to make your website stand out from others.


A single page web design is one where all the content of your website is located on one page. This means that if you click on any link on your website it will take you to another page with more information about something on your site. You can also see this as an alternative to having multiple pages for each topic, and instead using one page for all topics.

There are many reasons why people choose to use this type of web design over other techniques such as multi-page websites or responsive ones (where content changes depending on what device your visitor uses). One reason is because it makes things easier for search engines like Google which don't have as much trouble finding all the relevant information they need from a single page compared to a multi-page one where there might be duplicate content across different pages - making it harder for them to understand what each page contains.


Flat design is one of the many types of web design. It's a minimalist approach to design, and it minimizes the use of color, texture, and depth. Flat web design was popularized by Apple in the early 2000s, and it has since been adopted by many other companies.

Flat web design relies on typography and simple shapes as its main visual elements. It also uses minimal animation effects, which are typically subtle and used sparingly to enhance user experience on the page.

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