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Rejuvaus is a skincare brand founded by Dr. Gary Cussell. They offer a small selection of cleansers, exfoliators, eye and lip care products, moisturizers, and serums made with the most professional-grade ingredients that have been studied, tested, formulated, and reformulated.

Project Objective

The Rejuvaus team approached us with the idea to build a brand new website on Shopify Shop 2.0 that would house their entire product catalog and offer a good e-commerce experience for their customers to increase sales. Together, we planned multiple customizations to ensure Rejuvaus can meet every one of their customer's needs.

The Challenges

Creating a Unique Customer Experience

Rejuvaus customers are looking for the best skincare products proven to work. Therefore, the team wanted the website to be simple and easy to navigate so their customers could find precisely what they were looking for and provide them with a beautiful and unique experience. The order process is set up so that a customer can choose the best product based on their skin type, then select product options that will help them achieve their specific goals, such as hydration or anti-aging.

Immersive Shopping

Product photos can only do so much. So, with such an innovative brand, our team set out to create a shopping experience that embraces the critical tenet of Rejuvaus: innovation and making a difference. We came up with a genuinely unique product presentation idea to do this.

The Services We Delivered

  • Shopify configuration
  • Shopify Shop 2.0 web design & development
  • Custom theme development & optimization
  • Content strategy
  • Figma mapping
  • Copywriting
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Unlimited revisions and support

The Results

  • +70% increase in conversion rates
  • -20% bounce rates
  • +15% order value


Sleek, stylish, and feminine. We designed the homepage around the concept of Rejuvaus' branding. The light and airy neutral color palette are accented with a pop of color that draws in the eye of any shopper. Our team also added several moving elements, such as a sweeping slider banner. Shoppers are greeted with a featured promotion. As you scroll down, you’ll find the benefits of Rejuvaus products highlighted by monochromatic CTA buttons designed to catch readers’ eyes.


The main menu—we call it the sticky menu because it sits at the top of the page no matter how you scroll down. This gives viewers easy access to other parts of the website. In addition, we’ve incorporated CTAs and clickable buttons throughout each section on the homepage that guides them through the many custom pages.

Cart Sneak Peek

Hover over the shopping bag icon at the top right corner of the screen, and you’ll be greeted with a floating preview of your shopping cart. This allows shoppers to keep track of their purchases without leaving product pages.

Quick and Convenient Checkout

When shoppers are ready to leave the product pages, they can click one of two buttons from the hovering shopping cart screen. These buttons give them the option to view their cart or proceed to the checkout page.

The Product Videos

To give shoppers a unique shopping experience possible, we’ve designed the product pages to show more than your traditional image and video sliders. Instead, when your cursor hovers over a product listing, a video plays in place of the image.

Concerns Resource

The main menu features multiple pages under the “concerns” category. This resource gives shoppers tips and product suggestions based on concerns they have with their skin conditions, making it much easier for shoppers to select products that they need.

Product Pages

We’ve redefined the way consumers view product information on the Rejuvaus product pages. Instead of the usual jumble of benefits and scientific terms, we’ve worked closely with our copywriting team to provide an informative and eye-catching breakdown of the benefits and ingredients in each product.


When shoppers scroll to the bottom of each product page, they’ll be greeted with an array of related products. These are determined by shopping activity and the items in your cart—crafting a more tailored shopping experience.

Checkout Flow

The checkout flow follows a simple 3-step process that begins with inputting your information, followed by filling out shipping information and finally moving on to payment. This simplified checkout process minimizes the time required to complete a purchase—effectively reducing abandoned carts.

About the Client

The about page features a rich gallery of on-brand images accompanied by one-paragraph nuggets of information. The page highlights the humble beginnings of the company and the benefits of its products.

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