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When you're looking for plant-based milk, there are probably a lot of options available at your local grocery. But here’s a brand that does something different, creating milk out of sunflowers.

We think what makes Lattini stand out is that they are a brand that cares deeply about the quality of its ingredients—and also about the way they are grown.

The company uses sunflowers to create a dairy alternative. According to Lattini, sunflowers are actually healthier for humans and better for the environment than other types of milk.

Sunflowers emit less carbon dioxide than other kinds of milk, and they're safe for those who are vegan or vegetarian because they contain no animal products. Sunflower seeds are also loaded with healthy fats and protein, as well as antioxidants like Vitamin E and copper! So your body will thank you too—and so will your taste buds!

Project Objective

Lattini has always been committed to creating great dairy alternatives from the freshest ingredients. They're passionate about doing things the right way, and that's why they wanted to create a website redesign that reflected their values and let customers learn more about why Lattini is a fantastic dairy alternative.

The Challenges

Outdated website

Lattini's old website was dated and uninviting. Potential customers had to scroll through a ton of content just to get to the products, which wasn't very effective for sales. The design was also not reflective of the brand's values or mission—it lacked vibrancy and didn't reflect the freshness of its product.

Lattin chose Webinopoly for its award-winning digital agency design skills, specializing in Shopify website design and development, as well as eCommerce solutions.


Webinopoly started by gathering information from Lattini about their brand. Webinopoly then developed a website redesign strategy that incorporated its goals of engaging with consumers and increasing sales.

Webinopoly created an entirely new site design that reflected Lattini's values and mission as well as its product. Webinopoly added elements of sunflowers, touches of blue, and shades of yellow with modern design elements to give it a fresh look.

In order to attract more potential customers, Webinopoly also optimized the navigation and website speed so that it will be easier for them to find what they were looking for while keeping them engaged throughout their visit.



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