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If you are a web developer you have to keep a keen eye out on which content management system to use. You have to prioritize your needs when developing websites to get a successful outcome for the design you have worked to implement on.

WordPress and Joomla are open source content management system platforms that are fully customizable (ask a professional at Apple Tech Designs) and help in forwarding blogs and extension data whereas both of them can be expanded using plug-ins. Their installation into servers is easy and straight forward. Their uses can overlap each other in various ways but both of them still have variations that make them different from each other.

WordPress came into existence earlier than Joomla and it is rather more popular in the current statistics. The popularity scenario of both these systems differ from Joomla having 30 million downloads and Word press having 140 million although each of them is free of cost.  A person using Joomla needs a much vast set of skills than WordPress to pull of every move of web development.

Joomla lets you create websites, portals, homepages and other applications indicating that it gives you the power to control and it is easy to navigate through its system as it is easily understandable. Joomla’s strong application framework makes it easy for developers to create innovative add-ons that extend the power of Joomla into unlimited directions. It has two types of templates but if you find other to add on they are made by third party developers and you can easily add them to the template directory.  Joomla’s principles are based on complexity but it is its strength that lets you work on a deeper level with much more command on the web sources.

WordPress is much more user-friendly and people pick up on it quite easily. WordPress has a logical structure but that doesn’t mean that you can’t alter templates on your own or get help from a professional at Apple Tech Designs. WordPress also has the multi-lingual capacity like Joomla but it can be managed by comparatively lesser plugins. The upgrades of WordPress are not that frequent so you have to use the older version for quite a while. Design mode for word press differs from Joomla as some of the basics added on to the posts have to be changed from the origin. It supports easy publishing and distribution of content.

Each management system has its own strengths and weaknesses but in the end it depends on the fulfillment of the users’ needs and successful interaction with the system.

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