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Top Tools To Speed Up The Web Development Process

If you are a web developer looking for tools that you can use to do things ever faster, you should be happy to know that there are a lot of options to choose from. Web development was such a tedious task before, but it has changed a lot because it has been made easier by the wide range of frameworks and extensions. Here are some of the top four tools everyone can use to speed up the development process.
I. WhatFont
For best font options, WhatFont is a very useful tool. This Chrome web development extension gives you the options to choose what font would look best on the website you are developing. This is a better choice compared to Firebug or Chrome Inspector because it is easier to use and it does not need any skills.
II. Font Playground
This is a resourceful extension for both web designers and web developers. This Chrome extension allows you to seamlessly play around with fonts in the Google Font Library, as well as with local fonts. Additionally, you can experiment with font attributes such as text effects, weight and font styles, without having to make real-time modifications, it really comes in handy.
III. CssCop
Another useful web development tool is the FxCop for Stylesheets. This tool evaluates the CSS used for syntax and fitting browser compatibility issues, by utilizing CSS Lint. Also, it is a tool that allows one to personalize the standards followed by CssCop depending on their needs. This means that it is easy to modify the tool’s functionality based on the requirements of the project.
IV. CSS-Shack
For desktop and web users, the CSS-Shack is the best option. CSS-Shack allows you to efficiently make layer styles and enter them in a CSS file. The tool also lets you to do simple or complex tasks any company offering web design Houston has easily. So, if you are thinking of designing a website or if you want to simply make button only, this is the creative and useful tool to use.

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