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Top 5 Speed Test Tools for Your WordPress Website

Is your WordPress website slow? If yes then you are definitely losing a good number of visitors or customers every day, because nobody likes a slow website. But speeding up a WordPress website is not a big problem these days. There are lots of online tools that can analyze why your website is slow. Based on the report of these speed test tools, you can fix the issues.

There are mainly two reasons why fast page-load speed is important – user experience and SEO.

User experience: If your WordPress website is super fast, people will love your site, and they will also most probably come to your site very often if you have something helpful on your site.

SEO: Google gives higher priority to the fast websites. The fast page-load speed of a site has positive effects on search engine rankings. So if your WordPress website is fast enough, you are going to enjoy the SEO benefits.

There are a good number of tools available for website speed test. This blog post talks about the best speed test tools for your WordPress website available on the web.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights
Google PageSpeed Insights is one of the most popular website speed test tools. It is popular for its simplicity. After performing a speed test, it gives your website a score out of 100. If your website’s score is above 90, it is in an excellent position. This tool generates insights to show how your website performs on mobile and desktop both. The tool gives you suggestions based on the issues present on your website. It guides you well about how to fix the issues. Additionally, it shows how many rules your website has passed. After working on your site, if you still have the issues, learn about the issues and try to fix them. You can speed up your site gradually, step by step. Thus, Google PageSpeed Insights gives you an easy solution to speed up your website.

2. Pingdom Website Speed Test
The Pingdom Website Speed Test tool generates a detailed report about your website’s performance. It gives you lots of information about your WordPress website including performance grade, load time, page size, detailed performance grades with recommendations and a performance history. It also allows you to perform the test from a particular location, such as a particular city in the USA.

3. GTmetrix
GTmetrix gives you detailed insights about your website’s performance and it shows you how to improve it with detailed recommendations. This speed test tool is very useful because it gives plenty of helpful recommendations to fix the issues found on your site.

4. WebPageTest
WebPageTest is another great tool for testing the performance of your WordPress website. It gives you very detailed reports that help you to understand the issues on your website. You can analyze the ins and outs of your website to understand your site’s performance.

5. PageScoring
PageScoring is probably the simplest website speed test tool available on the web. It does not generate a detailed report, but whatever it displays about your website is very helpful. This site simply shows you how much time each component of your website took to load. For example, how long it took for domain lookup, connection establishment to the server, downloads, etc. Additionally, it shows how long it took to load each of the files on the page.

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