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Web Services

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Systems Training

Webinopoly work doesn’t end with system installation at your workplace and final delivery of your project. Our system training will help you and your team to understand the ins and outs of the service we have equipped you with.

To meet your business needs efficiently, all our web projects integrate Webinopoly’sown built-in content management system(CMS) called Patriarch. This system adds efficiency to your online operations significantly and increases your productivity. Depending on the clients’ requirements and business needs, some of our web projects also incorporate third party customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Although these systems are extremely user-friendly and uncomplicated, our clients and their workforce still need some initial training to understand how different functions work and how they can optimise these built-in systems to increase their productivity.

Here’s how our system training works step by step:

Step 1: System Installation/Project Delivery

Webinopoly personnel help you put the required system in place and test-run it for you to be sure it’s working flawlessly. After the successful test-run, we schedule a visits to our client’s workplace for system training.

Step 2: System Training

Webinopoly assigns the client an expert trainer who visits their workplace to oversee the scheduled training session. The training can involve one session or multiple sessions depending on the size of the projects and number of the trainee staff.

In our comprehensive training, we demonstrate with complete audio-visual aids how every single function of our CMS and CRM works and how to maximize the potential of every task these systems are capable of performing. Every trainee is given full attention to communicate the use of the system in the most effective way possible. Webinopoly’ssystem training is more of an interactive educational session where the client and trainees can deepen their understanding of the system by asking us questions and gaining in-depth answers. Whatever queries the trainees may have with the new system all can be resolved on the spot by Webinopoly’s trainer.
An additional benefit of the session is that it sometimes brings the system complications to the surface, these are rectified immediately to make the system even simpler and more effective.

An additional benefit of the session is that it sometimes brings the system complications to the surface which are altered immediately to make the system simpler and more effective.

Step 3: System Support

The intuitive and user-friendly CMS and CRM solutions we integrate with our web projects only need some initial training as we have discussed in step 2. But if the users face any further problems understanding the system, which they rarely do, our system support team provides the required assistance. Our system support team can be reached via e-mail, phone or be visited in person. If the clients or their representative can’t manage to visit us, they can have our support personnel visit them at their convenience.

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