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Project Name:   Standing Desk Converter
Platforms:           Psd to HTML,  Shopify, 

The challenge:

Founded over a decade ago on the core principle of offering high-quality, American-made products at an affordable price, our company has been growing ever since and has no plans of stopping any time soon. We started out as a small workshop and are now a thriving corporation that is constantly growing and committed to offering Standing Desk ConverterTM quality products and countless innovative furniture designs to an ever-growing customer base.

The solution:

One of the primary goals was to give https://standingdeskconverter.com/ a more modern and consistent look. Using a responsive approach, our consultants created a design signal that is clean, yet visually rich. Creating responsive grids delivered a highly usable experience at all screen resolutions, including tablet and mobile devices.
Restructuring the site and reorganizing the content was a major task, with multiple services,  help resources, and  site structure and presentation were completely retooled to better serve their customers and potential customers. A responsive content strategy prioritized information based on device, without losing the rich, full-site experience.
Project Results Included:
A responsive Website that scales perfectly at any screen size and allows for touch interaction on mobile devices.
CSS3 transitions where appropriate.
High resolution icons for devices with retina displays.
Major breakpoints at 480, 767, and 958, as well as several minor breakpoints for an improved experience.
Standardized layout and look and feel across all areas of the site.
A modern, clean design to better identify Standing Desk Converter Mobility as a leader in the shipping industry.
Well-organized content for improved find ability and brand positioning as an authority.


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