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Project Name:   Pupil Performance
Platforms:           iOS & Android, 

The challenge:

The challenges that come with teaching the Common Core Standards as an educator are huge and sometimes overwhelming, and sometimes educators ask themselves these questions:

How do I know that my students are truly grasping a core standard?

How do I keep track of their progress on a particular standard?

Should I revisit a standard to ensure that my students understand it?

How can I easily group students for intervention and/or enrichment?

When states started adopting the core standards educators started tracking student performance by documenting performance on sheets of paper. Schye LLC soon realized that this was an impossible task to sustain as the mounds of paperwork continued to pile up. There had to be a better way…right? This led to the creation of P³ Core and P³ Flex.

The solution:

P³ Core puts all of the Common Core Standards at your fingertips. With P³ Core, you can track student progress towards a particular standard. You can post work samples from a student to a particular standard. You can send comments and work samples to parents with the click of a button. You can view an entire class and their performance in relation to a standard.

P³ Flex tracks student progress in the same way as P³ Core but is unique in that it allows users to completely personalize the app. With P³ Flex, users can break down and define any standard to better accommodate their teaching style. P³ Flex can be used to track more than just standards. It can be used to track behaviors, homework, individual student goals (IEP goals), anything you can think of!

You can easily see performance over a period of time. YES…we are talking easier and more-efficient parent-teacher conferences here folks! Have you ever had an administrator ask you how you thought your class would perform on state assessments? Well, with P³ Core and P³ Flex, you have an answer for them… in fact, you will be able to give them more detail than they could have ever imagined! As one educator to another, we know that teaching to the standards can be difficult, and monitoring student progress is challenging, but our P³ apps offer a real solution to help you manage and track results. We know that you ‘SEE’ it in your classrooms every day. Now you have a better way to ‘TRACK’ it and ‘SHARE’ it.

Project Results Included:

  •  Information architecture
  •  Mobile Apps design
  •  iOS and Android Apps
  •  API integration
  •  Integration with several 3rd parties including authorize.net payment gateway
  •  Project Strategy
  •  Mobile Apps Design
  •  Information Architecture
  •  Art Direction
  •  UI design
  •  Specifications and package
  •  API integration

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