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Project Name:   DocResponse.com
Platforms:           iOS,  Andriod,  Web Applications, 

The challenge:

Docresponse was nominated the best medical symptoms checker in the world according to a Harvard university study that was recently published.


The solution:

Webinopoly & Docresponse teamed up to create a website that is intuitive, user friendly, fast and would give patients the most likely medical problem list. The unique algorithm that was written was not only easy to use but very accurate and covered a high percentage of what most patients deal with on daily basis. The unique input/wizard methods used on the website and the mobile apps would be performed as it is in the office: asking pointed questions to help in narrowing down the medical problem list. Then the person can read about these problems on the list to get further information about them rather then guessing what their problem is and reading about it. In the end, it would be a better guide for the person to help him or her get an accurate medical evaluation. Finally, this website will guide you with whom to follow up with for further evaluation, if necessary.

Detailed description of work done and how that work applies to the proposed requirement:

Webinopoly created the website & mobile apps for Doc response medical symptoms checker.

  • Responsive website that works on any screen size.
  • Custom online input forms.
  • Backend portal for the online forms, so admin can view forms data.
  • Social media integration.
  • Google analytics integration.
  • Blogging capability with MULTI user functionality.
  • unique ways in selecting symptoms and showing results.


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