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Web Services

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Project Name:   colbertballtax.com
Platforms:           Web, 

The challenge:

A Tax preparation business firm with over355 locations in 28 states needed to market more efficiently and effectively within the highly competitive market place, while simultaneously streamlining the complexity of their digital operations. Distributing information and products through a network of financial intermediaries, the firm was widely perceived as a thought-leader due to the quality and insight of its products and services. But much of the value of this intellectual property was locked in papers and other document formats that made digital distribution in personalized configuration impossible. Likewise, they were challenged as more and more clients tried unsuccessfully to interact with their content and investment management tools through tablets, smartphones and other digital channels.

The solution:

Webinopoly teamed up with colbertballtax.com to build not only a front end website that would show the brand and the image of the company but also a complete backend portal that automated their whole internal processes.

  • Responsive website that works on any screen size.
  • Custom online forms.
  • Backend portal to control the content of the front end website.
  • Social media integration.
  • Google analytics integration.
  • Blogging capability with MULTI user functionality.
  • Custom input forms
  • employee portal that manages all internal processes
  • automation of the sales process by creating a custom CRM system.


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