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Shopify Development Services

Design and

We offer wide range of services for all kinds of
businesses. We are ready to assist you on every stage
and make sure you recieve the best services ever.

iPhone Application Development

Android Application Development

iOS Application Development

Cross-platform mobile app Development

Website Development

Web application Development

UI/UX Design Services

iOS App Design

Mobile App Consulting

Our process







Even the most groundbreaking app ideas need careful planning and strategy implementation. Together with you we’ll jump into your industry, brainstorm and mind map your idea to develop it into a one of a kind app.

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We create award winning apps!
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Wanted to start running but couldn't force yourself? Try Runon.


We are fascinated by ability to save our environment. Reefill does exactly this.

Ground Central

Our goal was to cut waiting time, so people could enjoy their favorite drink faster.


Cakemix is a great fitness app with beat-based playlists.

Industries we serve

We create incredible apps for both: small startups and
giant corporation - so if you have a great idea and
you’re passionate about it, we’ll be happy to help you
build the app of your dreams.

Transport and Logistics

Enterprise Development

Education and Training

Custom Apps for Marketing

MVP for Startups

Entertainment Apps

Make Your
Dream a Reality

At Messapps, we don’t just develop apps.
We build dreams. Let’s build yours!